My September

As most of you know by now, my September had a fantastic start as our second son was born on September 1st, which is also Kiddo’s birthday. Seriously, it was kind of odd – both of them were due on August 25th and both were exactly a week late. We didn’t plan it this way – […]


A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean

I’m a big fan of Sarah MacLean, so I had a preorder out for this one for a long time. I was so excited to read it! I loved the first book of the Scandal & Scoundrel series, The Rogue Not Taken, though for some reason I never reviewed it here on the blog. *shrug* A […]


Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

This is the review for the fifth part of the series so you can be sure there will be spoilers for the first four books. You can read my reviews for the previous parts here: 1+2, 3, 4. If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that my relationship with Maas’s books goes up […]



Hello and welcome to another discussion! As usual this year, I’m linking this to the Discussion Challenge – which I won already, by the way (my goal was to write at least 13 discussions and I passed that last month)! Go check out the other posts – there are always great bookish discussions to be […]


Where the Wild Things Bite by Molly Harper

I’ve read a number of Molly Harper’s books – yet I read them all before I started blogging, it seems, so I never reviewed one on the blog. Well, in case you’re new to her work, Molly Harper writes really great paranormal romances that are actually laugh-out-loud funny. I haven’t read her Jane Jameson series (at […]


Challenges and Resolutions Update #2

As the year has passed well into the second half, I thought it would be a good time to check what progress I’d made on my challenges and resolutions for 2016. In May, I bemoaned my lack of progress and felt kind of bad that I wasn’t doing as good as I’d thought I would be. But […]