Review of “Seduced by your Spell” by Lois Greiman


Seduced by your Spell (Witches of Mayfair #2) by Lois Greiman, published by Avon Books in 2009.

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Source: public library.

To London society, they were nothing more than a group of well-bred ladies gathering to gossip about the bachelors of the ton. But the women of Lavender House share an uncommon gift that will lead them to days filled with danger—and nights of desire.

She is the most ravishing creature in all of London, known for her demure smile and angelic demeanor. But Madeline Fallon, Lady Redcomb, is no mere blushing beauty. Blessed with a remarkable and mysterious talent, she is determined to discover the truth behind the recent kidnapping of a young girl. Though it means risking her own life, she will not be stopped by any man—even the haunted, handsome Jasper Reeves.

Sworn to keep the secrets of Lavender House, Jasper joins Maddie on her investigation, claiming his only concern is her safety. But his motives are not pure. Engulfed by desire, praying for passion’s sweet release, he would do anything to be near the enchanting Lady Redcomb. He has been bewitched—seduced by her powerful, perfect spell. (Goodreads)

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My rating: 2.5/5

At first, I had a slight problem getting into the story, but that was mostly because I failed to notice that this was the second part of the series. I am used to historical romances in series, but even if I don’t read them in sequence, there’s usually enough information to place any separate book into the overall storyline.

I liked that Madeline is stubborn enough to set out on her search for the missing girls despite the reluctance (and downright obstinacy) on the part of her “handler”, Jasper. While her powers were more vague than I would have liked (I didn’t entirely understand them, I have to admit), she was very resourceful and courageous when she went on her mission.

But I didn’t like Jasper too much, I’m sorry to say. First of all – how could he not help the love of his life? I know he meant to protect her and tried very hard to do so throughout the story, but I just … I don’t know. I felt he should have done more. I didn’t entirely understand the missions Maddie was supposed to do for the Lavender House and I didn’t feel like Jasper’s role as Maddie’s keeper was any reason to treat her like he did.

I also felt like their romance wasn’t all it could have been. Sure, they’ve been secretly in love with each other for years and they appreciate each other’s minds and souls as well as bodies. But their actual getting together seemed like they had zero control over it – and not just in the typical I can’t keep my hands off you manner. Maddie’s unexplained powers force them together and I really missed the seduction, the slow buildup that some romances so aptly portray. Here, they just fell upon each other ravenously without quite knowing what they were doing, and later regretted it.

So yes, this was an entertaining, light read – and if that’s all you require from a historical romance, you definitely should give it a try. But I prefer mine with a bit of feeling and structure. But, as always, it could just be a taste thing.