Hello, lovely readers!

I am back after this rather long and unexplained silence … I have good news! I have finally finished the Slovenian translation of Laini Taylor’s Dreams of Gods and Monsters, which clocks in at 600+ pages and was a massive undertaking. It took quite a bit of time and energy to finalize everything, so I had ZERO time for anything else. I’ve been living like a hermit for two weeks and sleeping 5-hour nights, which isn’t really good, considering I’m 8 months pregnant… But I’M DONE! So summer can officially begin (a month late, but nevertheless)!

During this time, I’ve been trying to keep up with all the awesome blogs I read and started thinking a bit more about what I want my blog to be. I have to admit that I find it a bit embarrassing that I fell so easily into this ARC-envying, meme-churning hole of book blogging – and I now realize that this isn’t really why I started this place in the spring. I wanted to talk about books that I liked, connect with like-minded people and have fun.

Instead, I registered for Netgalley and tried (and failed, because of the size of my blog and my non-US/Can/UK location) to get my hands on as many ARCs as possible, trying to compete, quite unreasonably, with established bloggers who have been doing this “job” for years and clearly have a much wider reach then me. I also tried to connect with people through memes, though my Stacks of books always ended being woefully small.

I realized that the blogs I actually enjoy the most are those that feature little-to-zero memes and focus on good books – with thoughtful reviews – and discussions instead. Here are some that never fail to amaze me (the list isn’t complete by any account, these are just the first that come to mind):

So I think it’s time to change things around here. I don’t mean that you won’t see another meme here – because you will, if I like the topic or find the discussion interesting (Thursday Thoughts hosted by Ok, let’s read! are especially interesting to me because they offer nice prompts for debate). I will also brag shamelessly about the books I get if I’m really excited about them.

But I won’t allow myself to feel pressured to review ARCs – this practice has only resulted in my reading several very mediocre and some dowright bad novels that I wouldn’t have finished at all if I wasn’t feeling obligated towards the publisher who kindly granted my request. I won’t do memes that don’t inspire me, because uninspired writing yields bad posts that nobody really wants to read. If that means it will take me longer to connect with the community, so be it! :) I will also not post 7 times a week (probably not even 4 times, but we’ll see), as there is no way I will be able to keep up such a schedule once my little one is born. It would mean stressing myself out and hurrying with the posts – again resulting in mediocre content. I don’t want this. I want my readers to come to this place because they always get quality stuff.

Finally, I might do other, non-bookish posts as well. I love travelling and cooking, I’m becoming a mom soon – which will undoubtedly change my life in ways I cannot imagine yet – and I am a person who does more than read. So I want this blog to be a more faithful representation of what I’m really like, because I realized that I find non-personal blogs unsatisfying – I feel like I cannot connect with the person behind the blog if I don’t know anything about them, and I’m less likely to trust their opinion about books, too! I respect bloggers who dare to share – I don’t mean going into embarrasing detail, but giving their readers a glimpse of their private lives.

I’m really happy I figured this out and I hope it will work for meand for you, dear readers, who will, I hope, continue to frequent this place and interact with me. :) (Also, kudos if you’ve actually read this ramble through to the end!)