Fresh Mountain Air

In the beginning of August, we spent a couple of days in the Slovenian mountains. It was meant to have been a whole week, but the weather was so miserable, we packed our bags earlier than planned. We still went for a couple of nice walks (no high-altitude hiking for me, as I really couldn’t handle the mountains with my 8-month-pregnant belly) and I want to share some pictures with you!


We went to see the springs of our longest river, Sava, which are called Zelenci. It’s a beautiful, quiet place where the turquoise water bubbles up peacefully from the ground in pools surrounded by marshy grasses and forest.


There are wooden walkways for visitors so it’s possible to get right to the springs themselves, and a wooden observation tower to have the best possible view.


The river then flows onward down the valley, to be joined by numerous other streams and little rivers that flow from the mountains.

* * *

We then went to Tamar, which is one of the valleys that bite deep into the highest part of the Slovenian Julian Alps. It takes about an hour from the starting point in Planica, where the ski jumping competitions are held every year, to reach the end of the valley.tamar1

We had really good lunch there and then relaxed on the meadow, making friends with the local butterflies (my husband’s blue t-shirt was especially attractive to them).


* * *

Finally, we went to Bled, which is perhaps the best known little town in Slovenian mountains. (These photos were taken with a phone, so forgive the quality.) It’s famous for its island in the middle of the lake – people get married there and ring the church bell for luck.


The thing cherish the most about Bled are the cream cakes, the pride and joy of Bled tourism. I ate mine too quickly to take a photo. So sorry about that.


There’s a castle overlooking the lake as well – but we saved that for another time. The rain chased us into the cream cake bar, not that I complained. It was very nice to spend a few days in the fresh mountain air.

* * *

Where did you go during the summer?

Share your thoughts, posts and photos – I always love seeing new destinations and travel ideas for the future!

  • These pictures are so gorgeous! I really would like to go there. The east of Europe really gets less credit than it deserves. More people should got there! I went to the Provence, in France for 10 days with my bf. We went camping for the first time and it was quite an adventure. I really recommend (if you ever go there) to visit the Papal Palace in Avignon. It is majestic!

    • Kaja

      Oh, thanks :) Yeah, Slovenia is pretty nice, it’s a perfect one-week getaway, I think, and not *too* expensive.
      I’ve been to Avignon some years ago, actually, but I have Provence in general on my go-to list because I remember it’s gorgeous!