Liebster Take Two

I did the Liebster award a while back when I was nominated by Adelyn, but I recently got nominated again by Anna, who runs the lovely blog Cool Girls Read Too. I won’t be doing the whole nominating thing again, but I thought I could answer Anna’s questions becasuse they are fun and I always like to share random personal tidbits here on the blog. Check out her Liebster post, too, she’s got some great answers herself!

If you’re reading this and thinking “Hey, I’d like to do this, too!” then please do, by all means! You can use the questions from my previous Liebster post and be sure to send me your link – I’d love to know more about my readers!

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These are Anna’s 11 questions:

  1. Why did you create your blog? Do you have any other blogs? I created Of Dragons and Hearts so I could have a place to put my rambles about books. I read a couple of book blogs and I was intrigued by the idea of a community where talking about books daily is not only acceptable, but expected – I felt like I didn’t have enough of that in my life. I chose to write it in English despite the fact that my mother tongue is Slovenian, because the book blogging community just isn’t this big here and I wanted the whole experience. As for other blogs – I wrote one (in Slovenian) when I was studying in Munich for three months, so it was a sort of a diary/travelogue so my friends and family could keep up with whast I was doing, but I no longer use it.
  2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Well, if I was in a charitable mood and wanted to help people, I’d take a healing power, but otherwise I’d love to know how to fly – it would be a wonderful feeling, I think.
  3. Do your family and friends follow your blog or do you keep it a secret? Heh, a good question. You’d think that at 28, I’d be more comfortable with sharing what I write with the people who know me, but I haven’t exactly been advertising the fact that I write a blog. My husband reads it, though, and I guess that’s the most important fact. I somehow like the anonymity of the internet, even though I use my real name and picture on the blog.
  4. Are you cautious of what you write on your blog? Do you worry about offending people? Well, yes. I like to think I’m a polite person in “real life”, so I try to channel that attitude here as well. I never lie about disliking a book, for example, but I’ll never be nasty about the author or scornful towards those who mighy have a different opinion. I have some beliefs and standards that might offend other people, but I try not to brow-beat anyone into believing anything they don’t want to. But this IS a personal blog so I might sometimes write something that rubs some people the wrong way, but I’d never be purposefully insulting.
  5. If you had to recommend one book to a friend right now, what would it be? Ugh… ketchup-clouds1Today, I’d say… Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher (my review), but my answer would probably be different tomorrow. :)
  6. Your top three book crushes. Aww, just three? ;) I’d say Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice should definitely make the list, then Ziri from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy… aaaannnd… Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch’s amazing Gentleman Bastard sequence. These are the first to come to mind.
  7. Do you read books from many different genres? What genre would you never read? I think I read diverse books, but it is true that my choices tend to gravitate mostly towards either fantasy or romance – those are my favourites. I do, however, read some contemporary novels, sci-fi, dystopia, historicals, and sometimes magical realism. But I would never willingly pick up a horror story – I also stopped watching horror movies because they give me nightmares.
  8. What book/series do you want to be turned into a movie/series the most? I would go with Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle as it has a great story and characters + a wonderfully built world. But Laini Taylor’s series is a close second. And perhaps Lynch’s books? :) I would want to do the casting though, nothing ruins a movie/series faster than a wrong choice of actor. I was really glad of what they did with A Game of Thrones – I think the cast there is amazing (as is their budget…).
  9. Who is your favourite female character and why? Umm, this is a tough one. I was elizabeth-bennetthinking about Hermione Granger, of course, but I finally decided on Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and PrejudiceI like her because she’s independent, stubborn and very forward-thinking for her time. She’s my favourie Austen heroine. I like how proud she is, but she can still admit when she’s wrong. I like that she grows in the story – I hate characters who have no personal development.
  10. How many books do you read a week? Well, that largely depends on what I’m reading. If I’m on a historical romance bender (these happen quite often), I can read as much as four titles a week, I’d say. Those 300-page YA fantasy novels also fly by fairly quickly. But if I’m reading some 900-page high fantasy or… I don’t know, anything else, really, I have a slower rate.
  11. When a book is really hyped up, does it make you want to read it more or less? Hmm… Well, I want to read it so I can see what the buzz is all about, but I’m simultaneously afraid to do so, because I have really high expectations and don’t want them crushed.

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So, these are my answers to Anna’s Liebster questions!

If you have yours, I’d love to read them! :)

  • Great answers Kaja! I’ve never met someone who said they would choose the power to heal others, you must be one of the most selfless people I’ve ever come across! XD

    I really need to read the Kingkiller Chronicles, my friend told me about it ages ago and I’ve yet to! It seems totally amazing!

    Hope all is going well with your new baby boy! :D

    • Kaja

      Oh, well, I don’t know about being selfless – I just think healing would be a very practical, sought after ability! :)
      You should definitely read Rothfuss, he’s the best.
      And kiddo is doing great, thanks! :)