My September

my-septemberAs you may have read, the beginning of this month was marked by the birth of our first son! In the light of this event, the whole month has passed in a bit of a blur. Having scheduled posts in advance was a very good idea, but I’ve managed to write up some new things as well. In case you missed it, you can read my August recap here. (Image credit)

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I have become hooked on two TV series in the past month – I’ve been watching them during the quieter afternoon hours when the baby is usually asleep. These are Once Upon a Time and Outlander – I’ve been binge-watching the first and waiting impatiently for the second. Casee from Literary Inklings does a *wonderful* recap of each Outlander episode – her reviews are always worth reading!

The best read of the month was undoubtedly Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King, the review of which you can find here! I really liked it! I also finished Outlander, which was epic and I really didn’t want to get spoiled by the series.

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What I’ve been writing about:

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I added fewer books to my bookshelves this month (not that I needed any more, mind, my TBR is piling up alarmingly), but I’m very excited about these!

tomorrow-when-the-war-beganI won a giveaway!! Jirrine of Jirrine Reads Fiction celebrated her two-month blogoversary with a cool giveaway of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began. And I won! Yay! Congrats for the blogoversary again, Jirrine, though by now, I guess your blog’s much older! ;)




I also bought these two lovelies: a paperback of The Prince Who Loved Me, the newest Karen Hawkins historical romance (if you love historicals at all and haven’t read Hawkins yet, you *most definitely* should do so immediately) and a hardback of Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White – I haven’t read any of her books yet, so this one was a spur-of-the-moment buy.

illusions-of-fate the-prince-who-loved-me







We also got some children’s books for the baby, so maybe I’ll feature some of those on the blog, even though the recipient is currently much too young to be able to hold, let alone read those books on his own. I still read them to him, even though he probably doesn’t understand me yet, but I’d like reading to be a part of his life from the earliest stage.

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I haven’t been a good commentator/link collector this month, so I’m skipping the Link Love section of the recap this month. I’ll be back next month with lovely new stuff, I’m sure.

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How was your September? Did you read or buy anything interesting?

  • We recently discovered Once Upon a Time ourselves and are really liking it- but are way behind. Now we have some catching up to do… which should be fun. Happy watching!

    • Kaja

      I’m waaay behind as well and now that I saw that Season 4 is starting, I’m really afraid I’ll see some spoilers! I should probably stay off Twitter :)