Blogging With Baby #2

blogging-with-babyThis is my second Blogging With Baby post (you can see the first one here) – a short recap of my life as a reader and new mom all in one.

Life has been fun around here for the last two months. It’s amazing how quickly we assimilated to a life as a family – it’s like it’s always been this way and I can’t really imagine going back (not that it’s possible, but you know what I mean). It took me a while to realize that I needn’t do everything by myself – or do everything in one day. But I’m lucky because I have a supportive someone in my life who reminds me of these things and helps out. <3 I’ve been going on lots of morning walks, admiring the beautiful foliage and stretching my legs while the baby sleeps in his stroller.

I’ve been reading quite a lot – since it’s the only intellectual thing I’m doing, I have a feeling the amount of books per month I’ve read hasn’t really diminished. But it’s true that I’ve mostly been reading lighter stuff (loads of romance). I’ve read a couple of really great books, too (Vicious!!!! and Eleanor & Park were clear favourites).

But I’ve noticed that I simply can’t handle stories where bad things happen to babies and children. I’ve always been kind of sensitive to such themes, but now my brain sort of shies away from them, shutting down (I can’t explain it, I just block it) and I sometimes have to put the book away for a while – there’s this scene a couple of chapters into The 100 where there are some babies in incubators or something and I reached that point, took one look at the kid who was napping in my lap, and decided to give it a rest for a while.

In other book-related news, I signed up for The Classics Spin so my brain doesn’t turn into mush from all that romance. :) I also feel like it’s time to begin studying again, but I feel it’s going to involve a lot of butt-kicking on my part to get me into the right mood.

* * *

How has life been for you? Are you enjoying autumn?

I’d love to hear about your non-bookish pursuits as well! :)