Tough Travels – Named Weapons

tough travelsI’ve been looking for another feature for the blog since Thursday Thoughts have gone on hiatus for a while. I try to come up with discussion posts and personal tidbits, but I really like memes with a small number of participants, because this means that everybody checks out everyone’s posts (in theory) and I get to “meet” new blogger people. I’ve also been looking to incorporate more fantasy into this blog as I’ve been reading loads of romance (I need some dragons to balance out all the hearts, in other words). Without further ado, this is my first Tough Travels post – I might not participate every week, but we’ll see.

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This is a weekly feature on Fantasy Review Barn. Nathan chooses a topic from The Tough Guide to Fantasyland and participants are supposed to make a list of occurences from the wonderful world of fantasy. YAY LISTS!! I’ll try not to be too obvious in my choices but I haven’t read any really obscure fantasy…

This week’s topic is: NAMED WEAPONS – the weapon should be a) named, b) famous, or c) sentient. Here goes.

  1. stingSting from The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. HA! What happened to not being obvious?! There’s a number of named weapons in Tolkien’s work, of course – even the Ring could be counted as one – but Sting is really cute. Plus it was used to kill icky giant spiders. (Image credits)
  2. Oathkeeper from The Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin – again, I could have chosen Ice or Needle, but I really like Brienne.
  3. The Wicked Sisters from The Lies of Locke Lamora – these are Jean Tannen’s deadly hatchets. I love how lethal Jean is despite being a big softie. I also have to reread this series. Twice.
  4. Riptide/Anaklusmos – the pen/sword from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I think this would be my weapon of choice (if I knew how to wield a sword… which I don’t), as it transforms into a pen. Handy, right? It fits into your pocket – but it would be kind of dangerous if it was summoned accidentally while still in said pocket.
  5. The Sword of Gryffindor from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I like that it doesn’t belong to any one person and that it can be called upon for help by true, brave Gryffindors!

I’ve tried really hard to think of weapons that don’t fall into this sword category, but apart from the One Ring, I really can’t come up with any. I’ll probably read all your wonderful lists and smack my forehead and go curl under my desk in shame, but there you have it.

I remember all sorts of poisons, though, but I don’t think any of them count as famous. Fitz from Robin Hobb’s novels was quite a master poisoner… Can a person count as a weapon? Probably not the point here, otherwise I’d have to make another list of cool assassins. Maybe some other time?

kissBut I should perhaps mention the one weapon that always works against evil, or so Grimms’ (and Disney’s) fairytales would have us believe: a true love’s kiss. Ah, yes. *sigh*

(Image credit)

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Can you think of any non-sharp famous weapons?

What are your favourites (sharp or not)?

  • Great list, and great opening choice with Sting – you could do an entire list based just on the named weapons of Tolkien.

    • Kaja

      Yes, exactly! I would have to google the names of the swords, though, I can’t keep up with all the characters, much less the weapons. Not to mention the fact that some have more than one name…
      I guess the wizards’ staffs would also count as weapons there!
      Thanks for stopping by, Bob! :)

  • Yay for new Tough Travellers! Welcome! Sting, such a classic. I suspect that one will be one a ton of lists this week! And of course, you gotta respect true love’s kiss – all romance fans know that one! :)

    • Kaja

      Thanks for the warm welcome, Danya :)
      I like Sting – especially in The Hobbit, where Bilbo is such a non-heroic hero at first but finds his courage after all.
      And yes, I suspect that the true love’s kiss won’t be featured on other, less girly sites, but I have to be true to both aspects of this blog ;)

  • I would have accepted people who were used as weapons, Lynn did that too and it didn’t even cross my mind. I am glad you picked Oathkeeper from ASOIAF, I really loved her chapters the second time I read the series thus far much more than I did the first itme.

    • Kaja

      Wow, rereading ASOIAF… I still have to finish the last book, I got stuck and couldn’t move forward. I’m scared the tv series will spoil the story for me so I have to twckle it before April!
      Thanks for the comment, Nathan! :)

  • Riptide! I wanted to include him, but I already had two swords. I wanted to include him, but my list already had two swords. Same reason I skipped over Eragon’s Brisingr.

    • Kaja

      Riiiight, Brisingr! Totally forgot about that one. I never realized how common named weapons actually are in fantasy until I started thinking about them – and seeing all the participants’ lists! I guess it’ll be this way with every topic I do for Tough Travels :) I like it very much!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love that you got Sting. I’m a bit of a Tolkien freak so I have to try and get a mention in for this every week. Oh, by the way, welcome! So rude dear!!
    And you got the Sisters – I did a little air punch and danced a jig to imaginary music. Again, I’m a bit of a Jean Tannen fan! I would have had to leave the country if I didn’t get the Sisters!!
    I’m trying to think of a nice none sharp weapon – btw poisons should count! I just didn’t think of them.
    Nope, can’t think of anything! Mind is a blank – so just the usual state of play for me.
    Lynn :D

    • Kaja

      Hi, thanks for the welcome :) I really like this meme, I’ve seen it on Nathan’s blog every week and I kept putting it off but now I’m glad I started.
      I’m a Jean fan as well – well, to be honest, I’m a Lynch fan and let’s just leave it at that! I can’t wait for Book 4.

  • I thought about putting a LOTR sword on my list but skipped it. We have several LOTR swords in our house. I actually don’t have Sting! I should’ve added a picture of my swords on this week’s post.

    • Kaja

      Wow, do you collect swords? Other weaponry, too? Do you know how to use them? I’d be useless with a sword…

  • Welcome New Traveller! Great picks, I had Wicked Sisters on my list, too.

    For non-sharp named weapons, Drunken Dragon had the Elder wand from HP. :)

    • Kaja

      Thanks for the welcome, Lisa! :) You’re a very nice bunch of Travellers!
      I saw the Elder Wand, yeah, and also Thor’s hammer – but I wonder why it’s mainly swords that get named, not other weapons…

  • This is an awesome topic. I love named weapons- usually swords, but you’re right why does it have to be swords all the time? I thought of Anduril from LoTR but didn’t even think of Sting – good one! Ice From Song of Ice and Fire would be a good one too- and I like the sound of Riptide.

    • Kaja

      The other bloggers participating in the meme thought of wands from Harry Potter and Thor’s hammer, so there’s that :) Swords are just traditional weapons in fantasy, so there’s more of them, I guess.
      Another blogger did a whole list just on the swords from The Song of Ice and Fire, Martin has so many ot them!