This coming New Year is the first that will come to pass since I’ve started this blog in May. And while I’m very satisfied with how it’s been evolving, I’d like to sign up for a couple of challenges – not so much in order to read more books but to do more social stuff and connect with other bloggers. The book blogging community is wonderful and I’d like to use this chance to find more cool blogs to read. I’ll be completing this post with one on New Year’s resolutions, I think.

All of the challenges are meant for the entire year, so I have lots of time to fulfill them all. They might sound like a lot, but I think they won’t be too much as there’s bound to be some overlap and I’m not choosing the highest categories for each of them. I won’t be setting a Goodreads challenge with a number of books, I’ll just try to complete these:

* * *

(Unless you are Snow White)_thumb[3]The Fairytale Retelling Challenge 

Hosted by Mel of The Daily Prophecy (rules on her page!). The goal is to read fairytale retellings in whichever genre / age group you desire. I’m aiming for the Magic Mirror level (5-9 books) but I might re-evaluate my goals a few months later.

* * *

flightsoffantasyThe Flights of Fantasy Challenge

This one is a no-brainer for me given how many fantasy novels I read anyway. The challenge is hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly and the basic rules are pretty simple! I’m setting a goal of 24 books – I think I can manage that! :) There are additional options with books recommended by the hostesses (is this the right word here?) and they look great!

* * *

Re-Read ChallengeThe Re-read Challenge

I’m always saying I should re-read some book or other, and I actually re-read a lot. This challenge is hosted by So Obsessed With and Belle of the Literati and I feel like it’s perfect for me. I’ll use this post as a sort of guideline, but I may re-read other books. I’m going to set a tentative goal at 12 books, so I should read and write a review for one book each month, allowing me to keep up with the other bloggers who will participate in the challenge.

* * *

dusting-off-the-shelf1-e14189491207621Dusting Off The Shelf Reading Challenge

This challenge is great because I’m a compulsive book buyer (I suspect a lot of us are) and I never manage to read all the books I buy, because there’s always something new and shiny to get to. It’s hosted by Emily at Books & Cleverness and is pretty forgiving with details and rules. These are some of the titles I’ve had on my shelves for over a while now and really want to read in 2015:

  • My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher
  • Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
  • Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin
  • Looking for Alaska by John Green
  • The City and the City by China Mieville
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
  • The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
  • Le Combat d’hiver by Jean-Claude Mourlevat
  • Tomorrow when the War Began by John Mardsen
  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

These ten titles are something of a guideline, but I’ve got other books languishing around that I might read and add to this category. Again, a goal of 12 books sounds good.

* * *

Apart from these three challenges, I’d like to read more classics (from this list, for example, at least 5 novels), and finish more series – I’m terrible at this.

* * *

As some of these might overlap, I think these challenges are doable in one year. We’ll see if I’m too ambitious by the same time next year! :)

* * *

Are you participating in any challenges?

Or are you a mood reader and want to read whatever the hell you want?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Welcome to the fairytale challenge :D I’m participating in the Flights of fantasy, because next to fairytales, that’s my favorite thing in the world. And I’m also doing the re-read challenge. I re-read 11 books this year and I definitely have some other books I want to revisit in 2015. Good luck and happy reading :)!

    • Kaja

      Thanks, Mel, and thanks for hosting your challenge! It’s great that you’re also doing the other two – I really like your reviews and I’m looking forward to reading them.

  • Yay, thanks for joining the Dusting off the Shelf challenge!! I can’t wait to get reading all of those poor, neglected books! ;)

    • Kaja

      Yes, me too! I’m glad you’re hosting the challenge – I really like the idea of doing this together.
      Happy holidays!

  • These sound like great challenges! I don’t like to go overboard with challenges, and I’ve already signed up for several, but there are three here I might add – the fairytales, the fantasy, and the re-reading challenges. I read all of those anyway, and the first two could overlap some with the TBR Pile challenge I’m already doing. Thanks for introducing me to them, and best of luck to you!

    • Kaja

      This is exactly why I chose to do these – I read the books anyway and I’d like to meet the participating bloggers :) Which are you doing?