My January

januaryThis is my monthly recap post for January. You can check what I did in December here.

January was a weird month weather-wise here: most days were warm and unpleasant so everyone I know is ill and I haven’t seen my friends for what seems like forever (they’re avoiding me so my kiddo doesn’t get sick, a gesture I support, but it’s still kind of lonely).

Reading-wise, I’ve been on a New Adult binge which may or may not be a bad thing. We’ll see. These Kindle deals are killing me. My favourite read of the month was Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, which was a total surprise because I only *liked* books 1 and 2, but didn’t *love* them. Well, I love HOF and can’t wait for Queen of Shadows, which is coming out in the fall. Stardust by Neil Gaiman is a close second, though, another new favourite. Two great books in a month is a good number, I’d say, so I think I started the year off right.

Other good reading choices from January include: Poison StudyThe Dress Shop of Dreamsand Say Yes to the Marquess.

In personal news, our baby boy got his first two teeth this month (two at once – they bothered him immensely). We’re starting to feed him pureed vegetables, too. He’s great and I’m enjoying every day while simultaneously craving more sleep all. the. time.

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What I found around the web (link love):

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What I added to my shelves:





Aw man… I told you I went on a NA bender but this looks REALLY bad even to me… I’m setting a new rule: no new books until I read at least five books I already own (either purchased or ARCs) and no new books in February that I haven’t had on my tbr/wishlist for at least 3 months. We’ll see how that will go!

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What I wrote about:

Wow, this month was really productive! I usually write less posts. Go me! :)

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How was your January? Did you do anything interesting?

What was the best book you read this month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • It sounds like January has been a pretty good month for you, even with people getting sick. I get on binges, too. I like NA, if I’m in the mood. I haven’t read Inspire yet, but I picked that one up recently (and totally forgot to include it in my book haul – I do that ALL THE TIME!).

    • Kaja

      I wasn’t too impressed by Inspire. It’s just so tortured and serious… Sorry if that ruined it for you, but I’ve seen very good reviews as well, so it depends on whether that’s your thing or not. I was expecting something similar to Armentrout’s Wicked, which is SO MUCH FUN and I was disappointed because of that.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • 2 great books IS a good thing. Glad January was a good one- and those Fantasyland posts are fun. Hope you have a great Febraury as well!

    • Kaja

      Thanks, Greg! :)
      Yeah, sometimes a month goes by and you realize you’ve only read some average books. I’m hoping for a good reading year!

  • Great books! I also got The Novice, and after my last disastrous YA read, I’m really hoping this one will knock it out of the park. It looks very promising, so I’m optimistic!

    • Kaja

      What was the disastrous read? :)
      Yeah I have high hopes for it as well, it looks like a good start of a series. I might read it closer to the pub date, though.

  • “I’m enjoying every day while simultaneously craving more sleep all. the. time.”

    Oh, boy, do I remember that stage! But they’re so delightful (except when they’re teething. It’s hard to be delightful when you’re in pain. Poor baby!)

    You had a great reading and blogging month. I love Stardust, and I enjoyed The Dress Shop of Dreams. Maria Snyder is on my TBR list but I have no idea when I will get to her books. Thanks for the links, too – to reviews of yours I missed, and to the fun things you found around the internet.

    • Kaja

      I think we have another tooth coming – woke up 3 times tonight and was up at 5am so I’m a bit off today. I think they’re always delightful (right? right?) – except I’m not looking forward to teenage years. But we’re a long way from there, so that’s a relief ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • HA, I’d love it if we’d get some warm weather in Canada! Good luck with the teething little one, I’ve heard that can be a bit of an adventure. Hopefully he isn’t in too much pain! Try to sneak some naps when you can!

    I’m glad you liked Poison Study! I have got to get caught up with my Sarah J. Maas books, and I’m hoping to read The Novice as well. You should check out the film version of Stardust – it’s really different from the book but it’s a lot of fun! Oooh good luck with the mini-book buying ban! I’m embarrassed to say that I often fail spectacularly at them, but I’ve been doing better recently.

    Oh, Jamie. *swoon*

    • Kaja

      I can’t wait for Outlander to begin again. I mean, I’ve read the book so I know some tough shit is coming up but still. Claire & Jamie have great chemistry even on screen, they really hit the jackpot with the cast here.
      I saw Stardust back when it first came out so I only remember bits and pieces – I wrote my review this week and decided to force my husband to read the book and then we’ll re-watch it together :) Not that he’ll complain too much, he likes Gaiman.
      Yeah, I really only gave Sarah J Maas a chance because her books got so much hype around the blogosphere, but I’m really, really glad I did because Heir of Fire is great. If you’re in search of new book boyfriends, look no further ;)

  • I read 21 books in January, I was amazed by how well I did. The best being hmmm Vision in Silver, mostly because I’m just in love with that world and characters.

    Not buying or acquiring new books for every five would be too difficult for me, but I am working on reading down books I’ve always had or meant to read.

    • Kaja

      21 books is a *really* good reading month! This series, The Others, sounds great! I’ll check it out, thanks for the recommendation!
      I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my own restriction about book buying, but we’ll see!