Mini Reviews #2: The NA Edition

Sooo, I’ve been on a new adult romance bender the last month or so (with some adult contemporary romances thrown in to shake things up a little o_O). This is a desperate attempt to make sense of the mounting pile of books to review – and I don’t really want to do a separate review for each one of these. These are not my favourite novels. I do like the new adult genre, it’s just that these weren’t a good fit for me. I’ll be honest with you: the “buy now with one click” feature on Amazon and the Kindle deals will be the death of me (or my bank account). You can check out my first batch of mini reviews here.

* * *

return-armentroutThe Return (Titan #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, published in February 2015 by Spencer Hill Press. Goodreads. Author.

Source: purchased (e-book).

My rating: 3/5.

My mini opinion: I’m a big fan of JLA, especially her paranormal romances (both YA and NA), but this one fell short of my expectations. I really wanted to love it, but I guess I’d be more inclined to like Seth if I’d read the Covenant series, because this is a spin-off (but The Return can be read as a standalone). In any case, shit hits the fan when Titans are released from Tartarus and Seth has to protect Josie, one of the few demigods left alive (she’s Apollo’s daughter). I expected something along the lines of Wicked, where Ivy is a kick-ass heroine, but JLA fell into the helpless virgin + manwhore macho trap again, so I couldn’t really connect (it’s also less hot). It was a fast-paced read and I’ll probably read the sequel out of pure curiosity!

 * * *

rush-me-allison-parrRush Me, Running Back, and Imaginary Lines (New York Leopards #1, 2, and 3) by Allison Parr, published by Carina Press. Goodreads (1 2 3). Author.

Source: purchased (e-book) – all three.

My rating2.5/5 (for all three of them).

My mini opinion: Damn, I have no idea what possessed me to read not only one, but three books about American football players when I don’t know anything about the sport apart from the fact that the ball looks funny (seriously, this is not a popular sport here. Hockey ftw.). Anyway, the romance is passable, the football references vague enough that they’re bearable, and the banter is cool. Not my favourite series in the world but it was cheap for Kindle and I needed some fluff (which I got).

* * *

boomerang-noelle-augustBoomerang (Boomerang #1) by Noelle August, published in 2014 by William Morrow Paperbacks. Goodreads. Authors.

Source: puchased (e-book).

My rating: 3/5.

My mini opinion: This was probably the best of the batch apart from The Return. It’s full of banter and bad decisions, and features a girl (Mia) who actually goes after her career and doesn’t slut-shame, so YAY for that (but she’s a bit privileged and spoiled, so that’s a downer). Ethan is adorable and scruffy, and I liked him quite a lot. The main problem for me was the ubiquitous lack of communication between the parties involved: talk to each other, people!!! Talking would have saved them from all the angst. But then the book would have about 15 pages, so there’s that.

* * *

frigid-j-lynnFrigid (Frigid #1) by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout), published in 2013 by Spencer Hill Conteporary. Goodreads. Author.

Source: purchased (e-book).

My rating: 2.5/5.

My mini opinion: Ahhhh WHYYYY, WHYYYY do we need another manslut/virgin book? Gah. These two get snowed into a beautiful ski chalet alone (because their friends get snowed in elsewhere…) and she loses her virginity to him (he’s her best friend but of course they’ve been secretly in love with each other FOREVER and he felt she was too good for him and she felt she wasn’t pretty enough) while a couple of mountain redneck psychos try to kill them because he’d slept with one girl too many. Eh. The sequel, Scorched, is coming out in a few months and I’ll probably cave and read it anyway because it seems that JLA is my crack.

* * *

inspire-carmackInspire (The Muse #1) by Cora Carmack, published in 2014. Goodreads. Author.

Source: purchased (e-book).

My rating: 1.5/5.

My mini opinion: Apparently, Greek mythology is all the rage this days? I admit, I fell for the pretty cover (it’s been known to happen to me – I’m starting to suspect that my love for the cover is inversely proportional to my love for the story – all those horrible fantasy covers are proof to this theory). So this book is terrible (but go here for a 5-star review; I’m not sure we read the same text though). The unhealthy behaviour displayed by the two protagonists, the instalove (This is an actual quote: “I’m terrified. I can’t lose him. We’ve only known each other a month, and have been seeing each other officially for a little over a week, but he’s already imprinted on my heart.“), the obsessiveness, the clinginess… And THE ENDING of this thing is… I have no words to describe it beyond the fact that I groaned and wanted to throw my poor Kindle across the room.

* * *

Untitled-2When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill (Liz Czukas), published in February 2015 by Ballantine Books. Goodreads. Author.

Source: purchased (e-book).

My rating: 2/5.

My mini opinion: Eh. Why do I even bother. Here we have a situation where two virtual strangers (Joss and Matt) decide to have “sorbet sex”, which is a palate cleanser after a bad breakup, so they make good new memories. While this might be a good practice for a month or so, seven years signals a problem to me – they actually start relationships with other people so they can break them off and jump each other afterwards. I wanted to write a full review on this one and vent a little, but it’s really not worth it. I wanted fun and fluff, and rainbows, but I was disappointed. Go here for a 4/5 review of this book and here for a 1.5/5 one (this one is great!).

* * *

WHEW! Now this is done and I can make peace with my impulsive, unnecessary e-book purchases. The writing of this post was very therapeutic for me…

* * *

Have you read any of these NA titles? What did you think? 

Do you have any good NA recommendations for me? 

Come, let’s discuss and rant together! :) 

  • So many books here and now you’re affecting whether I want to commit and buy a couple. I’ve been eyeing up The Return for about a week, I might read it, I’ve not read Covenant series though, so I might read that first then decide. I’ve also been contemplating buying When Joss Met Matt because I need a trashy read like that in my life and I’ve heard some positive things, or a enough that I’m willing to give it a chance.

    I get what you mean about Rush Me, I love sports in books, I know vague bits about American football after my trip to new Orleans, because my stepdad is a Saints fan and football season had just started when we visited so it was EVERYWHERE! I also have a thing about sports, hate it in real life, but give me characters to connect to that like sports and I suddenly become a passionate fan cheering for the team, it’s a thing. Boomerang I enjoyed just because it was more of a refreshing red compared to have the NA books I’ve read, it is still very much the same kind of book, but somehow the writing stands out a bit more, making the cliche story that bit better and bearable for me.

    Anyway, good list of books, some of your reviews probably should put me off reading, but I live for reading these kind of books, regardless of how stupid and cliche they me be, I sometimes treat romance books as my palate cleanser because they are so inoffensive you can easily read one and move on to another book with no book hangover to ruin things.

    • Kaja

      It’s not necessary to read the Covenant series before The Return but I guess that fans of C enjoyed R more than I.
      Boomerang was cool, I agree it’s better and different from the rest.

      And I completely agree – reading romance is so uncomplicated! But with NA there are some recurring themes (slut-shaming, for ex) that I dislike… I’m still searching for my perfect NA read but Wicked by JLA comes pretty close! I hope the sequel will be as good as book 1.

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