Author Addiction: Victoria (V. E.) Schwab

author addictionIt’s the first Monday of the month and we’re back with Author Addiction! This is a monthly feature here on Of Dragons and Hearts and on A Fool’s Ingenuity, a blog which you should definitely check out because Becky is the best. You can also see my previous editions on Jennifer L. Armentrout and Sarah J. Maas.

April is freebie month so you can pick your favourite author, write a post of appreciation (see guidelines here) and leave a link in the comments so we can check it out! :) Don’t forget to use #authoraddiction on your social media if you participate!


I chose Victoria (V. E.) Schwab!

I discovered Victoria’s first novel, The Near Witch, through Laini Taylor, another amazing author whose books I translated into Slovenian. She mentioned something about reading The Near Witch and loving it and I decided to give it a try. It was strange and magical and haunting and I enjoyed it very, very much.

viciousI went on to read The Archived, which I reviewed here (I still have to get The Unbound). I was enchanted by her smooth style and great wordbuilding – especially considering the fact that the novel is relatively short compared to other YA fantasies.

I then discovered Victoria’s Twitter acount, which is awesome, and that was it for me. She seems like this young, funny, real individual who talks about deadlines and cake and studying. I saw that she was waiting for the publication of Vicious (my review), her first adult novel. It easily made my top 5 list of 2014 and I’d say it ranks among the best books I’ve read in a very, very long time. I enjoyed her clean writing, the characters, the pacing – it was one of those books that is just right. I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t already. This is the book I’d start with if didn’t know her work at all.

darker-shade-magic-schwabA Darker Shade of Magic, her latest novel and the beginning of a new trilogy, blew my mind (my review). Victoria is a super-talented world builder and I can’t even begin to describe the ease with which she sucked me into her four Londons and the subtle magic system. Her characters are brilliantly rounded and flawed but so, so loveable. Also: another gorgeous cover! She has the most talented cover artists… These two are the UK editions but the US versions are cool as well.

To be honest, I’ll probably read anything she writes from now on. I love fantasy in general (this whole blog is a testament to that), but really good, un-epically-epic-but-still-amazing fantasy is so hard to find. I know she’s currently editing ADSOM #2 and writing Monster, a young adult fantasy about monsters (go figure). Eep! She’s set the bar really high now so that could prove to be a problem but I firmly believe each book will be better than the last! :)


Have you read any of Victoria’s books? What did you think? 

I’d love to hear from you.


Find Victoria: Twitter. Webpage. Blog. Tumblr. Pinterest.


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  • I didn’t realise she’d written so many books! I need to pull my finger out and get reading! Love your post though, I definitely feel motivated to get reading. I don’t know why but I keep putting off reading A Darker Shade Of Magic, but I may have to remedy that soon. I loved Vicious and her writing was amazing so I don’t know why I’ve not read more of her books.

    • Yeah she also has this middle grade series called Everyday Angel or something, it looks like an at-school story and maybe a bit on the fluffy side? I have no idea because I haven’t read it yet but I might do that soon.
      I love her work because even though she writes in the general fantasy genre, each of her books I’ve read so far is SO DIFFERENT from the others! She has such creative power.
      I really like doing these posts, by the way, I feel like I’m too focused on individual books/series too often, always trying to read the next big thing, but it’s actually great to look at an author’s opus as a whole. :)

  • I’ve only read Vicious – but it’s sure made me curious about the YA books she writes under her long name. And I’ve got to get A Darker Shade of Magic, of course :)


    • I saw the audiobook comes out later this month.
      Vicious was so cool. Her ya novels are… a tad tamer than her adult novels, which is to be expected, but I liked them nevertheless.

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