Things I Love About Reading


Today, I want to talk about the little things that I love about reading books. I did a similar post here, but this one is more general and not about the story/characters/setting as much as about the act of reading itself, it that makes sense. These are the things I appreciate, the things that will always make me pick up a book and read in search of another great story. It’s a small list of current favourites.

I love 

  • a book that makes me laugh. I rarely go for the straight-up humor (Janet Evanovich’s books are one notable exception) but I particularly like finding unexpected jokes in books that are otherwise of a more somber nature.
  • that gut-clenching moment when I feel a character’s heart breaking. This may sound sadistic but it’s such an integral part of romance (not just the romance genre but any romance in any book. It also isn’t limited to romantic love!). It’s the feeling that – if the writer does a good enough job – twists my insides and makes me ache for the poor character.
  • that wonderful moment when happily ever after finally happens. I’m a big fan of happy endings. I dislike sappy stories but a well-done romance is something I’m constantly craving.
  • a book that is so compelling I want to read one more page even if I’m almost falling asleep. This sometimes results in my having to re-read a few pages the next day because I can’t remember what’s happened right before I finally stopped reading, but I love a book that just sucks you in.
  • the moment when I realize that I’m the last person awake and my husband has fallen asleep while I was reading. This happens very rarely because I usually fall asleep quickly but sometimes a book will keep me up (Half the World was one of them).
  • characters that feel like friends. I think this is the reason why I love reading series so much – I get to meet the same cool people again and again.
  • a book that I still think about weeks, even months after I finished it. I have terrible book amnesia, mostly because I read a lot, but some books stick with me (The Handmaid’s Tale is one I’ve been recommending to everyone I know – it’s not as well-known in Slovenia as it is in the English-speaking world).


Why do you love reading? 


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  • Oh man, you listed everything so perfectly, I can’t think of any other things to add to your list! Needless to say, I LOVE all of the things you shared here as well ♥ I think my favorite would be when you’re still thinking about a story weeks and even months after you finish it. That’s the best feeling ever :D Reading truly is amazing! Love this post^^

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    • Thanks! :) I think it’s worth reading dozens of (mediocre) books if you then find the perfect one that stays with you, right?

  • Yes, I love all these things. Although I like any book that can make me laugh, whatever time of humor it is. And I love that Happily Ever After. It always gets me. And sometimes I do want that heartbreak feeling. Not all the time, but sometimes.

    • I like the heartbreak the most when I’m pretty sure there’s a heart-mending moment coming along later in the story (combined with the HEA). :) I like sad books sometimes but I like them better when there’s some hope involved.

  • that gut-clenching moment when I feel a character’s heart breaking

    No, no, that’s not sadistic! In fact, it’s a testament to the author’s skill if he or she can strike me like this. Most of these in your list are spot on, because what I love about my favorite books is the emotional impact and how they make me feel.


    • Whew, that’s a relief ;)
      This is well put (the bit about emotional impact) – I guess we read books to experience things we wouldn’t experience otherwise. Reading about my own life (and emotions) would be kind of boring…
      And yes, only good authors manage that!

  • That moment of heartbreak though. When a great character discovers they’ve been betrayed it just *does* something to me! My heart beats very quickly and I definitely get that twisted insides feeling. I would add snarky banter…because is there anything better than the progression from enemies, to grudging respect, to lovers? I think not! Plus banter always results in a few good laughs.

    • Oooh YES to the snarky banter! :) I’m glad you remembered this one. I agree, I love a good enemies-to-lovers story (but only if it’s good – I don’t like the ones where the boy is an asshole and the girl likes him anyway).
      I wish I knew how to banter in real life. I usually think of all the good replies once the conversation is long over!
      That twisty feeling is a sign that I’ve found a great story!

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