Spring Love

white-magnoliaI love spring. It’s my favourite season and this year, I’ve been even more impatient for it to come.

raindrops-spring-greenWinter was weird here, all freezing rain and piles of dirty slush and gray days. It bothered me that I had to bundle myself and the baby up like bears before leaving the apartment and some days I couldn’t go out with the stroller at all because 20 cm of frozen snow isn’t really easy to drive through (you’d think our capital city would arrange for sidewalks to be shovelled but no – they drive the snow off the roads onto the sidewalks).

ljubljana-springI also didn’t get to do all the fun wintery stuff that I like – skiing and sledding and all. But I did enjoy quite a few good books and cozy evenings at home, which is cool, too.

white-flowers-woodsThis is why I’ve been walking around as much as possible this past month or so, enjoying the warm days. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these already, because they were all taken with my phone (I may also have caught an UFO on the photo if you look closely at the next one…).

gradisko-jezero-springI love the warmth the spring brings – it’s perfect because it’s not too hot (summers sometimes feel suffocating, at least in the city). I adore the baby green leaves on the trees, the wealth of colour from the flowers, the birds chirping in the bushes. When I see my kid taking it all in for the first time ever, it feels even more special.



What is your favourite season? What have you been doing this spring?

I’d love to hear from you! :)


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  • That is so totally a UFO. I accept that. x)

    So beautiful! i love the one of the river/canal. omg, you live in a really pretty place!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Thank you for agreeing with me. I’ll start a UFO watching station now and monitor their activity in the area!
      Ljubljana is pretty, yes, I love spring- and summertime because the city center feels so alive!

  • YES^^ That’s a UFO alright! XD

    GORGEOUS pictures all around Kaja! I love Spring too and this past Winter was crazy intense for us so like you, I’ve been looking forward to Spring more than usual. We had tons and tons of snow, like the Winters from my childhood. It was actually kind of crazy O.O And then we finally got a week or so of warmer Spring weather and this week it’s been snowing/slushing again, freezing cold and grey, grey and more grey. This pictures were just the pick me up I need. Spring WILL get here :D

    • Wow, where do you live? I’ve seen news coverage for the great storms this winter in the US/Canada but here we didn’t really get much snow – maybe two big snow days which resulted in piles of dirty grey snow but they’re luckily all gone now!
      And yes, spring will come to you, too! :)

  • Maraia

    You sure do live in a gorgeous city! I visited Ljubljana at the end of February a few years ago, so not quite spring, but I still loved it. Thanks for sharing your pictures. (Also, can I just say how much I love the name “Ljubljana”?)

    I don’t know if I could pick a *favorite* season, but I do love spring. Days that would feel freezing in September are gloriously warm and wonderful in April. We’ve only had a couple days like that so far this year, but the weather report for the end of this week and weekend looks perfect!

    Definitely a UFO, by the way.

    • Everyone agrees on the UFO :)
      Oh, you visited Ljubljana? Where are you from? Eh, the end of February can sure be a miserable time here (any anywhere on the Northern hemisphere, really).
      I think that after winter we’re all so eager for some sun we’re out and about even if it’s actually cold, whereas in the autumn we’re quite fine with staying in and getting cozy :)

      • Maraia

        I’m from the US, but I went to Ljubljana during semester break when I studied abroad in Germany in college. I actually lucked out with the weather, because although it quite warm, it also wasn’t freezing. I remember it being very sunny and everyone sitting outside at cafes along the canals. There was definitely ice cream involved. So all in all, I can’t complain! As you said, everyone is so happy to FINALLY see the sun that it doesn’t matter if it’s a little chilly.

        I also took a day trip to Lake Bled, which was nice, but I think that’s one that would have been better without the chunks of ice floating in it. ;)

        • Oh, cool! I spent three months studying in Munich :)
          Lake Bled is beautiful in spring/summer and I can imagine it’s no fun when it’s cold. Did you know people go swimming in it in the middle of the winter? It’s this whole event, much like those ice swims they do in Russia on New Year’s Day. I have never participated in any but I know a guy who goes every year.

          • Maraia

            Munich is beautiful! I was in Freiburg. And no, I didn’t know that, but wow, you couldn’t pay me enough to jump in a frozen lake, haha.

  • Nice pics! Spring’s been slow at arriving around my parts, but slowly the trees in my yard are getting their leaves back :)


    • Aren’t they the most beautiful green colour? I’m afraid I’m starting to sound like a total hippie, going on about flowers and baby green leaves but I love seeing nature wake up.

  • Slovenia is GORGEOUS! Seriously, your photography has made Slovenia a must-visit place for me. I had no idea there were canals – is that a canal? I don’t even know. Whatever it is, I like it! :) Spring in Canada is depressing unless you live in British Columbia, which is the other side of the country from me. Right now it’s about 6 degrees celsius and everything’s still brown….sigh. But once the weather’s a bit better I’ll take my book and a blanket to the park and read outside!

    • That’s a river, it’s called Ljubljanica :) No canals here. I mean, the river was split in two in the 19th century because it kept flooding the town so a part of it goes around a bit but it’s like most European cities, I think – people built their settlements on rivers :) Venice & Amsterdam are the only canal cities I can think of right now…
      Well, I’d love to experience a Canadian spring once, too. I think you probably appreciate it more once it comes, right? It’s like people living in LA where it’s always warm and they’re all sad when they can’t go out in their flip-flops 2 weeks in January each year…
      But the colder weather has its perks – NO GIANT BUGS. Ha. Since we experienced GIANT insects in Malaysia, we decided never to live in a place where the temperatures never drop below zero so the cold kills of the worst of the critters! :)

      • Wow, that’s very cool! I feel like I neef to read a book of Slovenian history now. Any recommendations?
        Too true. We’ve got Spring weather now and it’s gorgeous. Looking forward to sitting on the balcony and reading a book in the early morning (coffee will of course be involved).
        Hold up – you lived in Malaysia?! I think you may be…the most interesting woman in the world. ;) Hehehe. Was that for work?

        • NOOO I only travelled to Malaysia. Three weeks were more than enough to experience giant bugs, thank you very much. I’ll have to hand over that interesting title to someone else ;)

          Don’t read books about Slovenian history. Please. :D Ah, history was never my favourite subject in school, so I’m not the most enthusiastic about it, even when the subject is my country.
          We had a pretty colourful history but there are so many wounds still open (especially WW2 which basically divided the nation in what amounted to a tiny civil war of a tiny nation…). It makes me sad sometimes that it still influences us even after 60 years – I suspect this year will be rather painful to read about in our news…

  • Call Mulder and Scully! Love the pictures and spring. I like fall too but I think Spring’s the best. What a lovely city you live in!

    • You know, I never watched X-files. When they aired them here I was so young and I hated horror/scary stuff even then. I remember trying to watch one episode where there were some weird bugs that crawled under a person’s skin and I never watched it again. *shudder* Did you watch it? My husband constantly laments my inability to get X-files related references :)
      Ljubljana is pretty nice, especially this time of year! :)

      • It’s one of my top ten shows. I did a complete re-watch early last year and did a bunch of really long rambly, fan-gushy posts about it one the blog, lol. I’m a little inconsistent with scary stuff – I don’t like reading horror but I like watching it. Not sure what the difference is – maybe with reading keeps you in the scary stuff too long? Anyway, X Files isn’t always scary and is frequently quite humorous but you can never be sure what’s coming. My love for it is mostly about the characters and their relationships though I love the stories too.

        • Hmmm… Have you watched Supernatural? Is it more scary than that? Because I could handle that – barely. I might give it a try :)

          • I do watch Supernatural (Team Dean all the way)! I think if you can handle Supernatural you can handle the X Files though there are isolated episodes that are a bit creepier. Actually in my re-watch of X-Files I realized that Supernatural definitely owes a creative debt to it.

          • I used to be Team Sam before he started DRINKING BLOOD (or whatever the hell that was) but I’m firmly Team Dean now :)
            Ok, thanks for the info – I’ll see if my husband is willing to do a re-watch with me! :)