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daughterI first heard of Laini Taylor when her book, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, was offered to me for translation. I work as a freelance translator and this was my first “high-profile” book – I read it and fell in love. I was so glad I got to work on a book so magical, you have no idea what a difference loving a book makes (imagine re-reading a book you don’t particularly like at least five times…).

Daughter of Smoke and Bone made an impression on me because of the wonderful writing and very, very loveable characters. I hurt and marveled right along with Karou and I could feel the world Laini Taylor built. Her prose is so rich and beautiful!

I continued to work on the series – the first series I translated in its entirety! – and I enjoyed it immensely. Laini was even nice enough to answer my question when I hit a translation problem (something to do with the genders of Thiago’s lieutenants, if I remember correctly). Days of Blood and Starlight picked up the story of book one with more depth and darkness and Dreams of Gods and Monsters was an epic – if somewhat too-colourful – conclusion (you can see my review here).

If you’re new to Laini’s work, this series is where I’d start. It’s a gorgeous YA fantasy and you’ll love it.


lips-touch-laini-taylorBut! I also read her collection of three tales, Lips Touch: Three Times, and I liked it very much. I don’t read short stories or novellas very often because I like longer reads (I adore series), and these three stories left me wanting more – I wanted to follow the characters and see what happened to them. Oh, well. (I have the other edition of this book but this new cover is so pretty!)

She also has a middle-grade series (or is it just two parts?) called Dreamdarkbut I haven’t gotten to it yet. Someday, I hope!

Laini’s been hinting at a new project for several months now and I can’t wait for it to be revealed! I think it’s some sort of historical – and probably fantasy – novel but we’ll see! :)


Find Laini on: Twitter. Her website. Pinterest.

Have you read any of her novels? What did you think? 

Which author would you recommend to someone who loved her stories?

I’d love to hear from you! :)


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  • Omg, that’s your job?!! YOU TRANSLATE BOOKS?!! Okay, you are officially the most coolest person of ever. x) *flails in awe of your talents* Also: YES. I love Laini Taylor. I wasn’t such a fan of book 2, but I was absolutely knocked down by the beauty and wonder and intense creativity of book 1. I’m about to read the final book this week, actually! SO EXCITED. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Heh, thanks, Cait :) I do love my job. It’s pretty much what I wanted to do since I was 14 so I’m very, very lucky to be able to do what I like so much.
      What bothered you about Book 2? I thought Book 3 was a bit long and convoluted at times but I found it to be a pretty satisfying conclusion to the series. I’m looking forward to your review!

  • I gotta say, translating Daughter of Smoke and Bone – now that totally rocks.

    I enjoyed that trilogy, glad to hear Laini Taylor’s got another project coming up. I’m curious about more of her work :)


    • Thanks, Mogsy :) I loved working on this trilogy, and it was my biggest commision so far. I’m hoping for an exciting new thingy that’s possibly in the works but I’m not sure about it yet.
      Yeah, I’ll definitely be reading Laini’s new book/series/shopping list ;)

  • Maraia

    THAT IS SO COOL! I can’t believe you got to translate this amaaaazing series. I loved all three books (although, yes, the end was not quite what I was expecting), with the second one *maybe* being my favorite. I usually don’t go for paranormal series, but the gorgeous cover of Daughter of Smoke and Bone drew me in, and I never looked back. The only author I can think of who’s a bit similar to Laini Taylor is Susan Ee. Have you read Angelfall? I don’t know, it’s still not really on the same level.

    • I think the first book was my favourite. It was just so magical – and perhaps less dark than book 2.
      Ha, Angelfall is a great recommendation, but I’ve already read it! I liked it very much, though World After was a bit less amazing. But I’m definitely buying and reading End of Days as soon as it comes out! WHICH IS SOON!
      By the way, do you also blog? I can’t find a link or anything (sorry for semi-stalking you but I like to check out my readers’ blogs!).

      • Maraia

        Yes, that’s true. I think Ziri is what makes me love the second book so much.
        Yes, I can’t wait! I’ve heard that the last 1/4 of the book is terribly rushed, but I’m still looking forward to it.
        Haha, I actually don’t blog. I follow a lot of blogs and love being a part of the book blogging community, but so far I haven’t started my own. I like the idea of it, but it seems like so much work, and I’m afraid that reviewing books would take the joy out of reading for me. For now I’m just on Twitter and Goodreads!

        • That’s great – most of my followers are book bloggers themselves. Well, you can add me on GR, if you’d like (the link’s on the right), I’d love to follow you back.

  • I am so ridiculously jealous that you got sent DoSaB to translate as a job! I could only dream about such things, but that is a very cool way to get books to read and amazingly lucky to get such a good book as well.

    I’ve seen hints about a new project from her too, but that could mean anything I will expect nothing until I get an official reveal, either way I am totally reading whatever she does ever! I’ve not read her Dreamdark series either, I might have to give it a chance but I am a bit wary of middle-grade books simply because sometimes I need something a bit more from my books, they can be really hit or miss for me.

    • Yeah, translating this was pretty cool. I’m hoping for more similar work in the future!
      I heard that the Dreamdark series is unfinished – like she was supposed to write book 3 but never did (don’t know whether it was her decision or the publisher’s). And that it leaves things unresolved – this is why I’m reluctant to start. And middle grade is not something I usually read, either! I think I’ll wait for her next thing, whatever and whenever that will be :)

  • Anya E. J.

    Oo yey, I’ve been waiting to see what Taylor will do next and hadn’t heard any hints yet! I first discovered Daughter of Smoke and Bone randomly by pulling it off the library shelf when I needed an audiobook and then of course becoming completely addicted!

    • I bet the audiobook version of this series is wonderful! I keep hoping they’ll make that movie – though it will be nearly impossible for me to be satisfied with the cast if that ever happens. I’ve spent SO MUCH TIME with these characters (reading and re-reading each book at least 5 times when I was working!) so I have very specific images of them all. :)
      Yeah, I’m hoping for a historical fantasy with her next novel!

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