Top Ten Tuesday: Beach Reads

top ten tuesdayIt’s been a while since I did one of these! Top Ten Tuesday is a hugely popular meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish – go check out other people’s lists! :)

This week, we’re listing the top ten beach readsfor me, this means something lighthearted and not too chunky (In terms of page-count, I still like reading physical books despite owning a Kindle and have you ever tried holding a 900-page book above your head while lying on your back? Ouch.). I picked some books that I’d enjoy even when my brain was slightly cooked from the summer heat.


  1. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. This whole series is great but I still love the first book the best – meeting Stephanie and her crew for the first time was a blast.
  2. White Cat by Holly Black – this is a new favourite – it’s YA urban fantasy and perfect for devouring in a single sitting. It’s dark but funny and I can’t wait to read the sequel.
  3. Wedding Season by Katie Fforde – your perfect chick-lit. If you’re a fan of the genre, this one is a must.
  4. beach street bakeryLittle Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan – ditto! She has a new book coming out in a couple of days and I can’t wait!!! (My review.)
  5. Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Ok so this list of fluffy reads wouldn’t be complete without an Armentrout title. I think this is my favourite – and I can’t wait for the sequel that’s supposed to come out sometime later this year (I think!).
  6. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper. Her novels have the worst covers ever but I love her sense of humor. It’s chick-lit at its finest, full of banter and sexyness.
  7. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger. This was one of those surprisingly cool YA contemporaries. I didn’t really like the movie but the book was funny, refreshing, a bit sad and real. You can read my review here.
  8. ScarletUS.inddScarlet by A. C. Gaughen. For some medieval thievery and slow-burn teenage romance, please consider reading this little gem. I’ve yet to read Lady Thief and Lion Heart but you can find my enthusiastic review here.
  9. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. Ok so you’ve probably all read The Rosie Project by this point but if there’s still someone out there who hasn’t: this is cool. Really. You won’t regret it.
  10. Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis – or really any other Shalvis book. Hers are the perfect contemporary romances and I just love the small-town settings. If you’re into heart-warming, sexy stories, this is for you (for more gushing, see this and this).


What will you be reading this summer?

What books would you recommend to me? 

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • I really loved the Duff!! I read it before it got super famous so yaaay, hipster me. ;-) I still need to read more of Kelplinger’s books though, because I wasn’t a fan of Midsummer’s Nightmare BUT I STILL NEED MORE. Her characters are epic. xD I totally agree with not reading 900-page books while out and about, but I’ve never actually read on the beach!

    Here’s my TTT!

    • I haven’t read anything else by Kody Keplinger – I saw this Lying Out Loud thing but I’m wary of characters who lie all the time because I can’t help but think: “STOP LYING and all your troubles will cease.” (I’m terrible at lying so I try to avoid it whenever I can.)

      Ok so maybe I don’t really read ON the beach (like 5m from the sea) but I tend to spend my days at the seaside lying in the shade, reading, which basically amounts to the same thing :)

  • Thea Wilson

    Wonderful list, I haven’t read any of those books but can see the appeal I totally agree about the whole 800 page big book scenario but must admit that I do do it myself…. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell please step forward! Luckily I read it in the Maldives and it was a more luxurious holiday so I could easily sit in a comfy chair in the sun and read it so aching arms and hands for me!

    My TTT – Thea @ Gizzimomo’s Book Shelf

    • Oooh, luxury holidays in the Maldives + a great fantasy book sounds perfect! Lucky you :)
      You should definitely give some of these a try :)

  • I really wanna read Scarlet. I must fit that onto the list… somewhere!

    • It was a fairly quick read even for me so I think you’d blast through it in one evening for sure :)

  • I loved One for the Money as well! Janet Evanovich is so talented; I love the character of Stephanie Plum. I’m excited to read The DUFF! Happy reading! :)

    • Welcome to the blog, fellow Evanovich lover :)
      Yeah, Stephanie is wonderful – but so are the side characters. I got to book 11 last month (after a bit of a pause) and it was so much fun reconnecting with all the crazy people Stephanie has to deal with on a daily basis!
      The Duff was really great, give it a try!

  • Love your picks, I’m shocked my TTT doesn’t include an Armentrout book, but then I tend to like fluffy contemporary reads for my hols. And they always have to have a summer theme if at all possible. Also, I saw you read White Cat, isn’t it a great book. I read the first one at the beginning of this year and I keep meaning to pick up the second book, but I’m trying to clear some other books off my shelves first.

    There are a couple of books I might have to check out on your list though, I haven’t read that Katie Fforde book or the Jenny Colgan one and they are such me books that I don’t know why. I’ve got some time off coming soon I might lie in the garden and pretend it’s a real holiday.

    • Well lying in the garden and having a day off sounds wonderful – I’m planning on doing just that on Friday when my mum will be able to watch the little one and she’ll coo at him and cook him lunch and I’ll probably just SLEEP for the whole afternoon! :D

      Katie Fforde is a weird author for me – I absolutely LOVED some of her books but one or two others were just not for me. It’s always an English countryside setting, I think, with little cottages and lots of flowers (this is my idealized idea of England, you see) ;) Colgan has more substance, I think, but they’re both great!

  • Lauren

    I loved White Cat – I still need to read the last book in the series. Scarlet also sounds like a book I definitely have to read!

    • Scarlet was delightful – I love a good retelling and this one has a great twist! :)
      Yeah White Cat was great, I’m so glad I found this series :)

  • The Naked Werewolf cover isn’t THAT bad. Surely you’ve seen worse… (I had to go look it up, though, I love terrible book covers)

    • Ok, this sounds like a challenge :) Have you seen the other covers in the series? Or the Half Moon series covers?
      Fantasy novels, surprisingly, often have really wonky covers (I’ve seen some for Robin Hobb’s books that would probably turn me off buying the books, as would some of Robert Jordan’s).
      Do you count “bodice-ripper” type of romance covers as bad? I usually try to hide my paperback copies in my lap if I’m reading them in a cafe or on the bus! :)

      • Oh you have to let me introduce you to….

        And I can’t watch Game of Thrones on the bus because I’m embarrassed of all the gratuitous nudity…

        • Wow, thank you for making this … er … interesting introduction :D My life will never be the same.

          Ugh, yes, watching GOT in public would be weird! I mean, nudity can be beautiful if it’s tasteful but this is HBO (I really don’t think I’m a prude but both GOT and True Blood sometimes prove too graphic for me – both in terms of naked butts and gore).

  • Love your list. Barely heard of any of them I will most definitely have to check them out!

    My TTT:)

    • You should definitely check out some of them – there’s something for everyone on the list (I hope!!) :)

  • Oh man, I have not read any of these. Still, even though they’re not my genre, I’ve heard great things about Evanovich’s series. They seem like great beach reads!


    • Well, White Cat is kind of similar to what you feature on your blog – it’s urban fantasy. And I think you might like Scarlet, even if it’s historical YA, not fantasy.
      As for Evanovich – it’s my go-to series if I want to laugh and cringe when reading about Stephanie’s clumsy criminal hunting (she’s a self-taught bounty hunter in a criminal-infested neighborhood). It’s great.

  • I love everything about this list! Molly Harper’s books are the ultimate beach reads, since they’re light and fluffy but also clever. HTFWANW is one of my all-time favourites – when Mo decides to just up and leave her life and move to Alaska?! That’s how all beach reads should begin, haha. Urgh Animal Magnetism is just…so good. Sexiness, cuteness, AND a vet clinic? Jill Shalvis knows her audience. OMG WHITE CAT! I adore Holly Black, and I love the Curse Worker books! Actually, this reminds me that I need to finish the series…add it to the list, haha. The Duff was a big surprise for me as well; I read it in highschool when it first came out (pretty much the only time I was ahead of the trend!) and it really struck a chord. Your enthusiasm for One for the Money and Scarlet make me want to read those two so badly! I’ve heard good things about Janet Evanovich, and one of my favourite mystery writers is often compared to her. “The Spellman Files” by Lisa Lutz has that mad cap, hilarious PI vibe going for it. I definitely recommend it!

    • Mo is probably my favourite Harper character still. This was the first Harper book I read and I fell head over heels :) It’s one of the reasons I’d love to travel all over Alaska one day (in the summer, of course!) :D

      YES Shalvis can do no wrong! She has a new series coming out at the end of June and I can’t wait! I don’t know what it is about small-town romance that gets to me but I love it.

      I have SOOOO many series to finish it’s embarassing. I keep starting new ones, though, I’m hopeless. At least this one is published in its entirety (right?) so I won’t have to wait for the rest to come out.

      Ahh yes, The Spellman Files. I read the fist book and liked it but I never got around to reading more. Maybe I just satisfied my craving for mystery and crazyness with Evanovich’s books. This series IS a commitment (20 books so far I think?) but it’s great for a quick palate-cleanser between other more serious books.

  • Benish

    I haven’t really read most of these books, I head Scarlet is really good though :) I read The Duff recently and it was just a disaster for me. I preferred the movie which actually had a really good message in the end as well. Wonderful review <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    • Really? I didn’t like the movie as much, but perhaps it’s because I read the book first and liked it :) Well, no book or movie can please everyone :)

  • Scarlet has intrigued me a LOT but I saw a few early terrible reviews and so had moved it down the list. If you really love it though…. Holly Black is also an author I’d really like to try sometime soon – your comment that she has a good sense of humor piques my interest even more. My impression of her books was that they were quite dark, leaning towards horror. Did I make that up? Probably:).

    • Huh, really? Bad reviews of Scarlet? This must have been before I started blogging :) I get why people might dislike it – the language is a bit strange, for example. But it was a good fit for me!
      Um about Holly Black – don’t get me wrong, White Cat IS pretty dark but Cassel’s a great character and full of sarcasm. No horror in this one, though, because I’d probably stop reading it if there was a hint of it :D (I’m a huge chicken when it comes to this). I heard The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is pretty scary – I have a copy at home because I won it in a giveaway but I’m a bit scared of reading it to be honest.

  • I just read Wicked. I liked it. I think the sequel will be really good. Great post!

    • Ooh, yes. I’m glad you liked it! :) I loved Tink and the banter and how sexy it was. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I am not sure what I will read this summer, although I am making a list of fluffy, fun reads. But I guess it will be as always- it depends on the mood.

    I loved How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf, so fun. :) DUFF was pretty shocking for me. Too much sex and bitchy heroine. I didn’t really enjoy it much. I didn’t read the rest of your list. (Sorry)

    My recs of fluffy reads for the summer is anything by Ilona Andrews, Lisa Kleypas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Julia Quinn or Katie MacAlister. They are the queens of fun fluffies for me. :)

    • Fun fluffies!! Those are a must-have for summer. I’ve read some books by all of these except Katie MacAlister, so I need to check her out because I really liked the rest of your picks! Julia Quinn is one of my favourite historical romance authors.

      By the way, have you read anything by Karen Hawkins? I love her historicals.

      • Katie MacAlister is most similar to Molly Harper. It’s light and fun. I love her paranormals more, but her contemporaries are also good.

        Lisa Kleypas is my favorite hr author, but Julia Quinn is strong second. I love it how she connects her novels and old characters make new appearances. And how she uses same jokes multiple times. Like with those horrible novels – pecked to death by pigeons. :D

        I don’t remember reading anything by Karen Hawkins. What is your rec? Where to start?

        • With Hawkins, I’d start with her Duchess Diaries or perhaps with the Hurst Amulet series. They’re both great. I love her sense of humor.

          Ooh, I’ve been looking for someone like Harper! Thanks for that :)

          • Thank you for the recs, I’ll check them out. :)