DSC_0021Last week, we spent four days at my parents’ weekend house. While it rained one day (YAY for Ikea and new stationery!), it was sunny most of the time, so we took long walks and I took photos. I didn’t even do anything to these photos (I’m trying to learn about photography and photo editing but it’s a process…). Some were taken with our Canon camera and others with my phone. This first one is a view of the Gulf of Trieste from Via Napoleonica, an old road that offers magnificent views and a shelter from the wind even in the middle of the winter (or so we’ve been told).

DSC_0005After one stormy night, the skies were washed clean and the clouds were amazing.

DSC_0028Look, a bear! (Or possibly a weasel.)


They’re so fluffy!


I really appreciate my husband. He kept the kiddo occupied while I played at being a photographer. (I mean, I obviously appreciate him for so many things but I can imagine stopping constantly can be a bit frustrating…)


I love the burnt summer grass, the colours are pretty.


That bottom one looks like a macaron/hamburger.


And this is the lovely view from Vremščica, a hilltop near my parents’ house. We could see for miles and miles around, the air was very clear. We also found delicious wild strawberries and saw some donkeys and sheep!



Do you get fascinated by the skies sometimes? 

Have you been taking any (day) trips this summer? 

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Greg Hill

    Great pics! I like the first two and the last one especially. I also enjoy staring at the clouds sometimes, very relaxing. Looks like a beautiful area…

    • Thanks, Greg! :) Yeah, cloud-watching is soothing and it makes me realize how small we are and my problems seem a bit smaller! It’s a gorgeous region, that’s true.

  • Gorgeous pictures! Wow, I scrolled back through them like 3 times XD I LOVE the shade of blue, the views of the ocean, the sun, the clouds and the golden fields ♥ Thanks for sharing Kaja, what a spectacular area for a getaway!!

    • Thanks, Micheline! :) I was really inspired by the blue skies and the sea, I really changed my way of taking photos because I instantly thought: this will make a good blog post ;)

  • I love photo #5 with the stalks of grass and the sun shining down! Gorgeous day :)


    • Yeah, it was so clear and warm but not too hot, perfect for a walk.
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  • That bottom picture is incredible! Ooooh, it looks so peaceful there, and the sky is so big that it could practically swallow you up.

    • Thanks :) Yeah it was peaceful, that’s true. We got up early enough that we didn’t meet a ton of people on the path, either, so it was a very nice hike. I gathered a bunch of summer flowers for my mom, too, they were beautiful.

  • Maraia

    These pictures make me want to twirl around in a field with my arms wide open like Maria from the Sound of Music. :D My favorites are there second one (that water!) and the one with the sun through the grass. They definitely don’t need filters. I’m glad you lucked out with the weather on your trip.

    I’ve always loved looking at the sky. As a kid, I would spend every plane ride staring out the window, concocting stories about living in the clouds. I think there were creatures resembling Care Bears involved, but I can’t quite remember. I also enjoy looking for shapes in the clouds, because everyone seems them a little differently.

    Today I went black raspberry picking along the path were I normally take walks. It’s not an official patch, just wild bushes scattered here and there, but I still managed to get maybe a cup and a half worth of berries. Yummm. It’s the first nice day we’ve had in a while (sun and low humidity), so I wanted to take advantage of it. :)

    • I get dizzy if I twirl (3 twirls usually suffice to make my head spin nauseatingly). It’s terrible because I can’t go on merry-go-rounds or anything! But yeah, I get what you’re saying :)

      You know, I made up stuff like that, too, but I liked forests more than open ground and always imagined elves living among the trees (I still try to imagine that if I’m walking through particularly beautiful woods). Ahh have you seen that cloud-watching scene from Up! (the animated movie)? *sob*

      Mm, berries :) I prefer strawberries and blueberries to other berry types (in Slovenian, they aren’t really related by name. In English, the name makes it sound like they’re all interchangeable but our names are different. Jagoda for strawberry, borovnica for blueberry, malina for raspberry, robidnica for blackberry. Now you know more about berries in Slovenian than you did before you read this, HA!) ;)

      • Maraia

        I hope you’ll make little elf houses with your son when he’s older. Lothlorien was always one of my favorite parts of LOTR. :D And yes, that’s such a good movie!

        Awesome! Now if only I knew how to pronounce them, haha. Which reminds me. How is the “j” in your name pronounced? My dad said it’s probably like an English “y” (yes, I asked him) because of Y/Jugoslavia. Blueberries might be my favorite, with strawberries a close second. I always like the *idea* of other berries more than I do the actual eating of them, because they’re never as sweet as I think they’ll be. EXCEPT my mom makes the most incredible raspberry pie, which is in my top 5 favorite desserts of all time. I don’t really think the names sound interchangeable in English, but I guess that’s just because I grew up with them.

        • Ahh yes, theehouse fun is definitely happening once he’ll grow up a bit. We live in an apartment in the city so we’ll have to do it at my parents’ house but yeah, we’ve already started planning it. I think my brother will have a lot of fun making it – he’s an architect :)

          Yep, j is like y in Slovenian – jagoda sounds like YAH-god-ah :)

          • Maraia

            Oooh, please tell me he makes epic sandcastles whenever you’re at the beach. I LOVE making them, but usually I stick to drip castles. :D

  • Your parents’ weekend house is obviously in fairyland, it is sooo gorgeous there! I love the view looking out over the bluffs. Your photos are always so awesome, don’t worry too much about photoshop! I’ve used it for making infographics and stuff (but never photo editing) and it’s SO CONFUSING. But maybe I’m just dumb. ;) Good on your husband for giving you some solo photographer time. I bet your little one was having a great time with all the grass and dirt, haha!

    • It is pretty nice. They’re planning on moving there once they retire but they already spend most of their weekends there and we (my brother and I) divide the remaining weekends between us. :)

      Nah, these photo-editing programmes are made by the devil, seriously. And every time I see a tutorial promising something like “Learn to Edit Your Photos in 5 EASY Steps” my first reaction is “LIES!!!”

      Yeah, the kid loves rolling around in the dirt, I think most kids do :) I remember my brother when he was little (I’m 2 years older than him), he was always digging up earth worms and making them “homes” (little holes in the ground) and forming “families” of them. The problem with this: I’m afraid of worms. Like ew-panic-ew-gross-ew-squeal afraid. He enjoyed tormenting me a lot!