strunjan-seasideWe spent two days at our seaside, in Strunjan, last week. We don’t often go to the Slovenian coast, opting instead for Croatian beaches, which are, admittedly, prettier than ours. The weather was great, 31°C (88°F) and slightly windy so it was actually rather cool in the shade. The water was cold-ish but refreshing and clean and we strolled to the top of the cliffs to enjoy the afternoon sun (HOT, especially when pushing the stoller uphill) and the view over the Gulf of Trieste.

strunjan-cliffsIt was our first time staying at a hotel with the kiddo and we liked it very much (especially since it was also a break from all the cooking and cleaning we have to do each day!). The food was good, the nights colder than in the city, and the mosquitos managed to avoid the kid and only feasted on A. and me.

strunjan-sunsetBut best of all, I think, was the fact that I unplugged from the web a bit, only checking my Instagram account (I’m an addict, what can I say?). I read a lot, but also just enjoyed hanging out with my two favourite people. As much as I love my computer(s) and internet, it’s sometimes great to put it all away and just be.


Do you like to unplug from time to time?

Or are you fused to your smartphone and computer?

What are your plans for this summer?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Konstantina Papazoglou

    This is so great! I like to unplug from time to time, even from my mobile phone. I’m hoping to travel somewhere with my boyfriend this summer, we don’t know where yet. I can’t wait :)

    Aeriko @ http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.com

    • Thanks! :) Yep, unplugging is great. I think we’ve become too dependent on technology and it’s great to get away from all that sometimes.
      I hope your travel plans turn out great! :)

  • Those photos are beautiful. I love to unplug. Especially form social media. It can be a bit exhausting, can’t it?

    • Thanks, Quinn!
      Yeah, and I’m not even super-involved on Twitter or anything, I’m not following THAT many people and I still can’t always follow what’s happening.

  • GORGEOUS pictures!! ♥ Wow. I like to unplug too, especially social media, it takes on a life of it’s own sometimes and it feels good to put all that aside and focus on real life :)

    • Yeah, I could spend forever just browsing stuff on Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram. I have to force myself to put it all away and do some real work! :)

  • Wow, look at those gorgeous skies…


    • Yeah, the weather was really nice :)

  • That sounds wonderful. I love getting away sometimes, not that I am addicted to my computer and the internet, but when I have access to it I find myself getting distracted by it too often so it is nice to have a break. And your pictures look lovely, I don’t know if it’s the brit in me or the fact I live in the middle of the country so don’t often see the see, but I love going to the seaside, even though I’m not a big fan of the sea.

    • Mm, I love going to the seaside, too. There’s something soothing in watching the water and listening to the waves (a lake works sometimes, too). I kind of wish I could live by the ocean/one of the big American lakes – it’s one of those book-inspired fantasies for me :)

  • Maraia

    That sounds lovely. I’m glad you had a chance to spend some time just with your little family. It looks like your coast is plenty beautiful. :) (I only went to Zagreb, but I didn’t like Croatia nearly as much as any of the places I went in Slovenia. It didn’t feel quite as friendly.)

    I’m pretty addicted to my phone, but it is nice to take occasional breaks. I haven’t gone totally Internet and phone-free in a while, though. I did have limited access over the past week while I was in Virginia, but I still looked at a few things here and there. On one had, it was really nice, but on the other, now I have SO MANY BLOG POSTS TO READ and it’s kind of stressing me out. (A very silly reason to be stressed, I know.) It was much easier to unplug before I got into the blogging world.

    My summer trips revolve around memorial services, unfortunately. We just had one for my grandpa in Virginia, and next month I’ll go to Connecticut for a second one (also for my grandpa, as well as his sister). Fortunately I’ll get to combine that trip with a visit to my favorite relatives in New York. :D Do you have any other trips planned?

    • Hm, I’m sorry you didn’t like Croatia as much! I like Zagreb, but I prefer the coast, that’s true – it’s really beautiful and I hope you get the chance to visit it someday.

      Ugh, don’t get me started on the missed blog posts… I had something like 160 unread posts on Bloglovin’ this week and I’m still not done reading and commenting. Why do we do this to ourselves? :/ But I love this blogging world most of the time so it’s worth it, usually :)

      I’m sorry about your grandpa, Maraia. I hope the services will be nice!
      New York – the state or the City? :)

      We’re planning on going to the Croatian coast as soon as the weather clears up a bit (after an intense heatwave we’ve been having a cooler week – which is appreciated but not really great for sunbathing) and then A. will have 2 weeks off at the end of July/beginning of August so we’ll see what we’ll do then. I’m hoping for a bit of exploring – perhaps somewhere in Italy within driving distance for a couple of days.

      • Maraia

        I hope I do, too! Clearly I need to go back to Slovenia as well now that I know someone there. ;) My favorite part about Zagreb was actually the Museum of Naïve Art. Have you been there? I have a pretty low tolerance for art museums, but this one was amazing!

        ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY? That makes me want to hide, haha. It is worth it though, I agree. The only problem about being behind on commenting is that a lot of people only seem to reply if you comment on the same day or day after a post was published. Have you noticed that?

        Thank you. The one in Virginia was wonderful – a bunch of people eating my grandpa’s favorite food and sharing wonderful stories about him. (A bunch of his former colleagues were there, and one woman said how he always hired, promoted, supported, and listened to women. That was my favorite thing to hear.) The one in July will be completely different, because all of his siblings are super Catholic and conservative. It’s going to be a full mass. *shudders* I may sneak away for that part.

        Your trips sound wonderful. I hope you’ll take some pictures to share. I miss living in Europe, where everything’s so close.

        • Slovenia shall welcome you if you decide to come over again ;)

          Oops, I hope you’re not referring to me – I always try to respond to my comments, regardless of when they pop up. I have e-mail notifications set up! :) (Look at me, all organized and stuff). Yeah, I know some bloggers don’t reply to all comments and I don’t know what to do with that, really. Ok, I understand this with fashion and lifestyle bloggers who literally get hundreds of comments each day (and most of those comments are meaningless) but in the book blogging community, it just seems like bad form. I stopped commenting on some blogs because I never saw their reply and they never commented back or anything.

          Ah, a full mass. Never a good thing if you’re not super Catholic ;) Yeah, I tend to stay away from those, too. I think every family has one branch that’s completely different from the others! I know my family is considered weird by my father’s relatives because we’re total heathens (or so they like to think).

          • Maraia


            No, not at all! I know you’ll respond, even if it’s not right away. Terri from Reading by Starlight is the same way – I know she’ll eventually respond, it just may take a while, which is completely understandable. I guess I shouldn’t judge since I’m not a blogger, but if people take the time to actually comment something meaningful, it would be nice to respond to them. I’ve stopped commenting on a lot of blogs for the same reason. I especially hate it when the blogger asks a bunch of questions at the end of the post but then NEVER RESPONDS. False interest drives me crazy.

            Hahaha, that sounds just like my branch. Liberal and godless – the horror!

          • I think “ask random questions at the bottom of your every post” is written in Blogging 101 somewhere so everyone does it. I try to keep randomness to a minimum and I’ve gotten into some pretty cool debates chatting with people who’ve answered my questions.

            I really don’t understand bloggers who don’t reply to comments. This is probably my second-favourite thing about blogging (the first being writing the posts themselves)! I’m thrilled that a) I have actual READERS (omg when did that happen?) and b) that I’ve apparently written something interesting so they’re responding. How cool is that?! :)

          • Maraia

            I love your questions! I really don’t care how random the questions are, as long as they’re real ones and I’m not talking to myself when I respond to them. I mean, there’s no way to even tell if the blogger reads the comments if there’s no response (even though everyone swears they do, hah), so it’s just an empty gesture and a way to increase comments. Ughhhh.

            It IS cool! (Your blog is one of my most highly recommended, by the way.) I love commenting on other people’s blogs, so I also don’t understand why people don’t respond on their own. I enjoy reading posts, of course, but I enjoy the resulting conversation even more. If your post isn’t interesting enough for you to walk to talk about it, you’re probably on the wrong track. ;)

  • I have no plans for the summer, sadly. Summer is the busiest time of the year at work, so taking time off during the summer months is not at all a good idea. Maybe when Autumn settles…

    I don’t see myself as fused to my smartphone or my computer (compared to other people my age, at least) but I probably could disconnect from technology a little more. I really would like to escape from work and technology for a while and live. Like…really live. (and then blog about later, of course!) You know?

    • What do you do? :) I like travelling in the autumn, it’s off-season so everything’s cheaper and the tourists disappear and the weather is mellow… Yep, planning an October trip now ;)

      Ahh, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Four years ago, when I graduated (Jeez, FOUR years?!), I went to summer camp (yeah… I’m a Scout) where we had no electricity and the mobile phone service was really bad (we camped at the Slovenian-Croatian border; this was pre-smartphone for me). So I was away from all the technology for two whole weeks, making only occasional phone calls to my boyfriend and it was *amazing*. I wish I could do something like that again but I think that if I unplugged for two weeks, people would send a search party for me…

      • I’m a bookkeeper for a moving company, and our busy season starts right as school let’s out and starts to calm down around October. Accounting is not something I thought I would be doing as I sought my degree in English, but it works…for now ;)

        What kind of trip are you planning for October? I’m really hoping this year I’ll be able to escape north during the Autumn months (although, that might actually be pretty expensive because admiring the Autumn colors is pretty popular in my neck of the woods).