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It’s the first Monday of the month and we’re back with Author Addiction! This is a monthly feature here on Of Dragons and Hearts and on A Fool’s Ingenuity, Becky’s wonderful blog. You can also check out my previous editions with Sarah MacLeanLaini TaylorVictoria (V. E.) Schwab, Sarah J. Maas, and Jennifer L. Armentrout. This month, we picked Tessa Dare, a second historical romance writer in row!

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week-wicked-tessa-dareSo how did I find out about Tessa Dare? I won A Week to be Wicked in a giveaway and decided I couldn’t possibly start a series in the middle, so I promptly read A Night to Surrender and fell in love.

In the following months, I read most of everything that Dare ever wrote (even a novella, which is something I rarely do because I don’t particularly like novellas, but what can I say, she writes great heroes and heroines!), but A Week to be Wicked remains my favourite. Minerva Highwood is smart, self-conscious and funny – she’s like a historical romance (and adult) version of Hermione Granger. She’s an archeologist and is trying to get published but women weren’t supposed to publish academic papers on dinosaurs back then so she enlists the help of Colin, who seems to be a complete scoundrel but is actually just a bit lost. Their romance is as slow burn as a romance in a romance novel can get and they’re just perfect together.

when-a-scott-ties-the-knot-tessa-dareLet me tell you, Tessa Dare can really write steamy scenes, too. More often than not, I cringe when reading about two people having sex but she makes it seem beautiful and hot without being cheesy.

I’m really excited about her upcoming release, When a Scot Ties the Knotthe third book in Castles Ever After series, because I liked Romancing the Duke very much but Say Yes to the Marquess fell a bit short of my expectations. And the cover for this one is surprisingly sweet, isn’t it? You can still see the guy’s abs, though. ;)

I’d recommend Tessa Dare’s novels if you’re a fan of Julia Quinn or Sarah MacLean – I like to think I’ve read enough historical romances to have formed a definite taste for smart, decisive heroines and non-assholy heroes. Dare usually delivers both with a bow on top.


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Have you read any of Tessa’s novels? Which one is your favourite?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean are among my favourite HR authors so clearly I need to be reading more Tessa Dare! If I’m not mistaken I’ve read one (maybe two?) books by her. It’s too bad that Say Yes to the Marques didn’t live up to your expectations, because I’ve heard some other people say they really liked that one. If nothing else, it has a very clever title. ;) If I were to jump back into her books, would you say that A Week to Be Wicked is a good place to start?

    • Ahh, well, if you don’t mind starting a series in the middle? Then yes, I’d go with A Week to be Wicked. But A Night to Surrender is also good, really, and it introduces both of the characters from A Week to be Wicked (this title is a NIGHTMARE to type out, I keep writing “wekk” for some reason) – but they have minor roles. But some of their relationship (some of their troubles) starts in book 1. And the setting (Spindle Cove, the haven for educated spinsters!) is given more detail in book one. I guess that doesn’t help you at all :D Let’s put it this way: once you read A Week to be Wicked you’ll probably want to read A Night to Surrender anyway so you might as well read them in order ;)

      As for Say Yes to the Marquess – I guess I was expecting too much? That and I dislike books where the heroine or the hero is making a choice between two siblings. It just seems uncool to switch from one to another, no?

  • Tessa Dare is amazing! The first book I read of hers was Romancing the Duke, and I fell in LOVE! Although I absolutely love historical romance, i’m always really hesitant to read a new author. But I’m so glad that I gave her books a try, because they are my kind of books.

    A Week to Be Wicked is one of my favorites too. It’s between that one and Romancing the Duke.

    • Yes, Romancing the Duke is so good! I have to re-read that one soon, though writing this post gave me a serious need to re-read the lot! Good romances like hers are so hard to find, I’m hesitant about trying new authors, too. I recently tried out Courtney Milan (one of your co-hosts for Historical Romance month said she was one of her favourite authors) and I liked her but wasn’t blown away…

  • Dare definitely has it down with smart heroines doesn’t she? I enjoyed A Week to be Wicked it was the slowest of slow burn romances, or as slow as romance gets, I’m used to things progressing far quicker than it did in that book, and I think it may have put me off it slightly. Colin was an amazing character though, I disliked him in the first book, but then the second book really developed his character perfectly to make him so likable. And he was hilarious.

    And I agree Say Yes to the Marquess didn’t quite live up to expectations, but I think that was more Romancing the Duke was such a good book and I read the second not long after it so ended up comparing the two. I still loved it, though. I cannot wait for the next book in the series, it sounds like my kind of book to be honest. I have it preordered and everything (on my kindle of course, because abs are just not appropriate public reading material).

    • That’s what I liked about A Week to be Wicked, it’s so funny! So often romances take themselves too seriously (I’m thinking about quitting the whole NA genre for this reason, SO MUCH DRAMA) and I just want fluff and fun with my romance. Colin is great, he’s such a scoundrel but not really :) Isn’t it great that I actually get to use the word “scoundrel” in a normal “conversation”? ;)

      Ahh, yes! I had SUCH high expectations for Say Yes to the Marquess. Poor Tessa, making us expect the best ;) Anyway, I’m really excited about When a Scott Ties the Knot!

      I don’t know… those abs look mighty fine to me ;) I’m seriously thinking about reading more romances in public as a sort of provocation/social experiment. Would elderly ladies frown at me? Would mothers cover their children’s eyes? ;)

  • Maraia

    I read Romancing the Duke earlier this year after seeing several rave reviews from non-romance fans. I was hoping I would see the appeal, but basically the book just confirmed that romance is NOT the genre for me. (I hadn’t read any since a Nora Roberts book back in high school.) But that’s okay, I have plenty of other books waiting to be read! :)

    • Yeah, a lot of my friends don’t see the appeal of romances, either. It’s one of those hit-or-miss genres, much like crime novels, I think. Or horror. You either like it or you don’t! I only started reading romances when I was 24 or something but I like fluffy reads so these are perfect for me :)

  • I’ve read the Spindle Cove series through A Week to Be Wicked, and then got sidetracked by too many other books and never continued. But I did enjoy them; she’s got a nice blend of humor and emotion, plus intelligent heroines.

    • Ah yes, being distracted by new and shiny books – I can relate :) I also like to take a break when I’m reading older works of an author, otherwise it’s pretty likely I’ll get fed up with their writing…