My June

my-june I forgot to do a May update, which is something I only realized halfway through June. So this is two months worth of stuff. I can’t believe it’s only been two months since I changed my blog design – it feels so right I can’t even rememeber what the old one looked like (which is probably for the best).

A reading update: my favourite reads of these two months were Uprooted and Every BreathWhite Cat was also cool. Other than that, I read a bunch of contemporary romance novels that didn’t wow me and made me want to read more fantasy. We’ll see how that goes.

A blog update: you can now follow me by e-mail! Click the link here or the one in the sidebar! (You know you want to!)


A kiddo update: I first began this line as “a baby update” but he’s 10 months old now! Not really a baby anymore since he’s eating solids and crawling around and being a little person. In just two months, he’ll be starting with nursery (kindergarten? I never know how these stages go in English) along with other tiny kids. As much as I know he’ll love it (he’s really curious and likes other people), I kind of want to keep him home forever. Eh :) He’s standing up now, cruising around while holding onto the couch/table/our legs. He’s only got 4 teeth and has a huge gap between the upper two which is beyond cute. He’s one of the most sunny-dispositioned people I know – as long as he’s not hungry, that is!

A life update: I’ve been trying to fit in some work and studying but I’m dragging my feet. It’s horrible but my brain refuses to function properly on 5 hours of (interrupted) sleep. My mom had another operation of the hip she broke back in September. My husbands 28th birthday was on the 17th and we had a nice dinner while his mom put the kiddo to sleep. We spent two days at the seaside, which was really nice and relaxing. I’m hoping for more small getaways during the summer! We also started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix for the first time ever, which is fun. Nobody’s died yet so that’s a definite upgrade over Game of Thrones.


My favourite posts of the two months:


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What have you been up to recently? 

Have you read any good books? Watched any great movies? 

What are you doing during the summer vacation?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Yay, my little one has started solids too! Doctor felt she was ready at 5 months, they grow up so quick :) And nursery is probably right, kindergarten is like for 4-5 year-olds, I think? My oldest just started pre-school which is like pre-K and she’s 3, so I think that makes sense :)


    • Ah, you’re all about carrot puree at the moment, then? :) We started solids at 5 months, too, but now he doesn’t get any more milk – and he’s trying to hold the spoon sometimes, which results in *such* a mess but I guess there’s no other way to teach them to eat on their own :D
      You have 2 girls? :)

      • Yes, two little princesses who demand all my time these days :) And yeah, pureed carrots, pea mush, apple sauce, mashed bananas…all very messy messy foods!

        • Haha bananas are awful! They stick to everything. But red beets and blueberries make for the grossest photos (he looks like he’s been hanging out with Hannibal Lecter sometimes).

  • Maraia

    Whoa, that symmetrical faces link was so creepy. I had to stop looking after a few because it was giving me shivers, haha.

    I like your “kiddo update.” He sounds like a lot of (exhausting) fun. Little kids who are happy all the time are the best – it’s like an automatic mood booster. I don’t know how anyone functions on 5 hours of sleep, interrupted or not. I know I walk around like a zombie on the days my insomnia is particularly bad. My friend with an 20-month-old has had a lot of fun finding out what kind of food her daughter will eat. Have you had any funny experiences with that?

    My favorite books in Mary were Every Last Word, The Martian, and Emmy & Oliver. I’ve had so many contemporaries coming in at the library, so that’s mostly what I read last month, and now I’m craving my fantasies as well. GIVE ME DRAGONS.

    • Yeah we’re having fun! I always wanted kids but I think you can never really know what having a kid means beforehand – it’s so much better and harder all at once! :) Ooh food is fun, too. Right now he isn’t picky yet – he just eats everything we give him but I’m still trying to cook/prepare as much homemade stuff as possible. He now eats everything except cow’s milk, nuts, honey, shellfish and other such “adult” foods – and has no allergies either *fingers crossed that this continues*

      You have insomnia? :( That has to be tough… Right now I’m mostly asleep 2 seconds after my head hits the pillow and I rarely dream at all.

      I’ve seen good reviews for Emmy & Oliver around the blogs!

      • Maraia

        Definitely. It’s one of those “ready or not!” situations, haha. Hopefully the allergy-free streak will continue. I think nuts would be the worst. (I would probably disown my kid if I couldn’t eat peanut butter anymore ;D) My friend’s daughter is allergic to eggs that aren’t baked into things, but they’re hoping she grows out of it. I guess eggs are a pretty common allergy for kids.

        Yep, I’ve had it since the day I was born, unfortunately. My poor parents. Maybe I just need to have a kid and then I won’t have trouble sleeping anymore, haha.

        • Yeah having a kid – they should just recommend that to all insomniacs, that would boost every nation’s population ;) (But imagine the horror if the two situations combined – not being able to sleep for TWO reasons, not just one!)

          • Maraia

            Haha, maybe that can be Russia’s next ad campaign.

            Honestly, that’s what I’m afraid of. I stayed with my friend for a couple weeks after her child was born, and the whole time I was thinking about how she had to wake up and fall back asleep every couple of hours. Maybe my body/brain would adjust, but if not…I’d be a complete wreck, which wouldn’t be fair to me or my kid.

          • Naah, I think you get used to pretty much everything! I couldn’t fall asleep on a whim either pre-baby but once you get into this wonky rhythm, it gets easier. Plus it’s worth it ;) Well, at least for me.

            I’ve been talking a lot with my child-less friends about this, this feeling in our society (and I guess in yours as well?) that women especially are still EXPECTED to have babies, unless they want to be “that poor woman who’s all alone” – never mind that you have a partner or a ton of friends. And I think that’s really problematic. I mean, I’ve always wanted kids, I’m really happy we have one and I’ve been lucky enough to have gone through the pregnancy without serious trouble but I shouldn’t take my situation as “normal” and everything else as “weird” or “bad”.

          • Maraia

            Yes, women are definitely still expected to have babies, and if they don’t, they’re expected to be sad about it. I actually wrote a college term paper on infertility and the shaming of women (but not men, of course).

          • Oh, that sounds interesting! For what class was it? Yeah, we don’t even have a “Slovenian” expression for an infertile man (we just use a version of “impotent”) but there are at least two expressions – one of which is pretty insensitive (and mostly obsolete, thankfully) – for women.
            But I think the situation is improving – at least when a couple can’t concieve, they both have to get tested to determine where the problem lies!

          • Maraia

            It was Women’s Reproductive Health, an Upper Level Writing class. It was amazing! There were two professors, one of whom was a doctor who actually performs abortions. She said that even though she would never want to have an abortion herself, she believes it’s essential that women have that choice. She also said the hardest abortion she had to perform was while she was pregnant herself. It was such a unique perspective. Anyway. I wish I had taken it sooner, because I may have ended up with a different major, haha.

            Hmm, I’m trying to think what we use for men. Sterile, I guess? I’m going to ask my mom about it when I see her, because she’s actually a Nurse Practitioner at an infertility clinic. They definitely treat infertility in the men and women! I think one problem is that there are lots of things that can go wrong on the women’s side, but I don’t know if there are *as* many issues for men, just because their reproductive systems aren’t as complicated.

  • Did you not do a May update, how did I not notice this? Where do you find some of these links, I found that symmetrical face thing both cool and terrifying, I don’t think I want to know how different the two sides of my face are. I’ve also spent about 5 minutes entertaining myself with Typedrummer as well. That was insanely fun for me.

    I can’t believe the month is up though, I need to get the next Author Addiction post written, where does the time go? Anyway, I wish I had a good book rec for you but I just don’t, but if you’re looking for a show to watch on Netflix I can strongly recommend both Sense8 and Daredevil, I found them insanely addictive. I’ve been in a definite TV-watching mood lately, slowed my reading down a bit.

    • Haha I collect the links for the whole month, sometimes A gives them to me, so if you see something scientific or music related it’s a good bet he’s the one who found it :) Typedrummer is awesome! Such a good idea, I love discovering such little gems on the internet.

      Ahh yes, Author Addiction! :) I haven’t started writing it either. Shall we have a freebie for August?

      I’ve read good things about Daredevil, I’ll check it out! :)

      • I forget to save the links I love. I find them, think I should save them and then get distracted by something. I may resolve to try better at saving links, I have so many already saved for other stuff that what I really need to do is sort at all the links and bookmarks I have littered in various corners of the internet.

        And that is my plan for the weekend to do some heavy duty writing for the blog. A freebie month sounds good, though. Gives us time to plan out a few different authors for future months :)

        • Ah, you meant like we skip August? I just meant we each pick whomever we want :) EEP I’m so behind writing this month’s post!!

          • What no! I meant a freebie month of being able to pick whoever would give us a chance to think up a few more authors for the next couple of months. And I just about managed to finish mine so I could hibernate this afternoon watching too many films.

          • Ah, ok, then :) I finished mine just in time, too!

  • Yay for Kiddo! Should we just all decide to refer to him as Kiddo from now on? Let me know! I would not say no to baby food made from apricots and peaches…that sounds delicious, haha. Isn’t it hot roasting those in the summer though?

    Keep on keeping on with your school and work stuff, Kaja! I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end. But I do remember you saying that it was becoming a huge slog, so if it gets to be too horrible well…remember to take care of yourself! Everyone hates grad school even when the’re getting 10 hours of continuous sleep a night and have no real responsibilities. You are superhuman, girl!

    I have to say, you really do have some of the best discussion posts! They’re always on really thought-provoking topics. The reading in a tiny country one completely blew my mind. Gotta check my North American privilege, I guess ;) LOL at Game of Thrones comment. I had to stop watching it because the sexual violence was just too much for me. Not what I want to see in my spare time. More power to those that do, but I’d rather watch Bellamy make heart eyes at Clarke and then read fanfic about it.

    • Yeah let’s call him Kiddo :) I never know what to write – especially since his name is Črt, which is (probably?) impossible to pronounce to non-Slovenians (it’s similar to Kurt but with a ch instead of k in front).

      I only turned on the oven because it was a rainy, cool day (and the apricota were too sour to eat raw!) – right now we’re having a heat wave so it’s too hot to cook, let alone bake!

      Aw thanks for the pep talk :) I appreciate it, really! I need all the motivation I can get – and I know that once I get into the studying mode again, it will be easier :)

      Thanks – I try to write about things that interest me and I love the comments! It’s one of the greatest things about blogging for me.

      And yes, I’ve given up on reading GoT and I’m seriously thinking about quitting the show, too – I’m ni longer excited about watching it anyway but it’s somethibg A (whose name is Anže, another hard one to pronounce) and I watch together… We’ll see!