My August

my-august15People, summer is almost over. Kiddo turns one today and I’ve been thinking about this year a lot, what with going over my blogging resolutions and challenges and spending some time away from home. It’s been a great year so far and I can only hope the last four months will be just as good! I’m excited for the cooler weather, actually, even though we currently have 32°C and perfect sunny skies in Ljubljana.

In Kiddo news: we’re celebrating Kiddo’s birthday today – just the three of us, because we said we wanted to do this on our own first, and then we’ll have small gatherings for grandmas and grandpas and other family members and friends. This means lots of cake, which is always cool, but I think small is the way to go for now. He’ll have huge raucous gatherings when he’s older anyway. He’s starting nursery school this week so that’s new. I hope he doesn’t immediately get sick, though they warned us he might – most kids do once they get together like this. There will be 14 toddlers in his group which sounds chaotic to me but seems to be working perfectly for most of the kids so I’m reserving my judgement. I really want him to like nursery school and meet friends and all.


Here is a stack of pigs for your entertainment – we went to the ZOO last week and saw this adorable bundle at the petting zoo – they weren’t bothered by our arrival at all, just kept on snoring. Kiddo got frightened by a tiny pig (it didn’t even do anything, just walked around) and started crying in the most pitiful way so we didn’t linger, but I thought I’d share this with you. I didn’t know pigs slept like this… It must be warm and cushy but perhaps not very comfortable if you’re the one smelling your brother’s butt?

We spent some time in Premantura, Croatia, where the main attraction is going to the beach at the Kamenjak Peninsula, a natural reserve with really beautiful beaches and amazingly clean water. If you’re following me on Instagram, I posted some pics there, too. It was lovely, it’s still hot and sunny but the nights are longer and colder. The skies were that washed-out blue that goes perfectly with the burnt brown of the grass and the water was cool and clear.

In work/study news: I’ve been marathoning writing my article for a while now, it’s slow going mostly because I can only work when Kiddo’s asleep but A. has been a real help because he’s taken some time off work and has been entertaining Kiddo so I can type away. Ugh. I’d much rather be spending time with them, but what can I do?

In reading and blogging news: August wasn’t a great reading month for me. It wasn’t bad but I’ve been putting my evenings to good use and writing that article, so I only read 6 or 7 novels, which isn’t that bad but I usually read more. Tessa Dare’s new novel, When a Scot Ties the Knot is the best I read, I think, but I’m currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which I’m enjoying a lot. I haven’t been blogging a lot, either, I actually wrote most of the August posts in July when I was procrastinating and doing anything I could think of to avoid starting the damn article, but I hope to get back into the routine as September starts. I’ve been rubbish at commenting and answering comments and commenting back, too, none of which has been helped by the fact that my phone died and I feel like it’s the end of the world (it’s not, but still).


What I wrote about:


What I read about (link love):


How was your August? What was the best book your read?

Are you excited for the autumn? (By the way, do you use “autumn” or “fall” and why? I’m always confused about this…)

I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Yes, get ready for lots of colds and other little illnesses! Schools and childcare places are like germ factories. I used to get sick very rarely, like once in every few years. Right now though, I’m getting over my second cold in as many months. I caught them from my daughter, who picked hers up from preschool. The kiddos’ immune systems do get boosted so that’s good, but I do get paranoid whenever the school system emails me to take care because of news of yet another pink eye/stomach flu/whatever outbreak. It’s like bio-hazard central. It’s just part of growing up though, the important thing is happy birthday to your little one! :)


    • One of the kids already had to go home, she got a fever… >.< WHY can't I wrap him in a bubble and keep him germ-free all the time? :D I know, my friends with kids are always "just getting through a bug" so I'm ready for this sort of thing. It's no wonder, kids at this stage keep putting their hands into their mouths, licking stuff and crawling all over each other…
      And thanks, we had a lovely birthday, he didn't really know what was happening but liked the candle and building blocks :)

  • Great links – thank you! Your vacation spot is gorgeous – I love the boats in that nearly-enclosed bay. And happy birthday to the Kiddo. Yes, you’ll see a lot more infections once he goes into daycare. As Mogsy said, it helps them build up their immune systems, but I know it’s worrisome as a parent.

    • Yeah, Kamenjak is really beautiful – the other side of the peninsula is nearly tree-less and there are some cliffs and the water is beautiful. We stayed on this side for the shade and slightly less windy atmosphere, though, we thought that Kiddo really shouldn’t be in the sun for too long.
      And yes, another kid from the group already had to go home with a fever, it’s started! Eh, we’ll get through it though I do hope he catches nothing serious…

  • Happy birthday to the kiddo. :)
    And I hope cooler weather comes soon. It’s 38C today in Serbia. :/
    Mine kid started going to nursery school in August (he’s 1.5 years old). I think we already got a pattern. He goes for two weeks then he gets sick. But (as you said) everyone says it’s normal and it will better when his immune system gets stronger.
    Thank you for the piggies picture. It’s adorable. :)

    My August was pretty lazy. I read a lot of books. I think 20 (new record this year). And I started writing reviews again, since I’ve been procrastinating whole summer.
    I’m excited for autumn because I am sick of hot weather. :)

    • It’s good that you took the summer off – and I understand about review-writing laziness, I haven’t written one in 3 weeks and I’m almost out of scheduled posts!
      Weather has already cooled off here, it rained during the night, so it’s perfect right now for writing/reading/studying (guess which of these I’d prefer!). :)
      And yes, that’s what my friends told me – I should get ready for little illnesses throughout the first year and then it will get better!

  • August was a pretty sad month for me book-wise too, I hardly got ANY reading done! I’d been forced to take a temporary job while a position opened up in my field and ending up working non-stop. Which sucked. But hey, at least it’s over now :) Hopefully September will be much better for both of us, reading-wise. I’m pretty excited for Fall ( I say Fall in English but in French it’s automne so I guess I use both?!) because I enjoy cooler nights and less humidity. Also because cooler temperatures = more reading time hehe And of course, all my favorite shows will be starting up again soon :D Happy September Kaja! xx

    • Ohh, I hadn’t even thought of that but you’re so right! In Sep/Oct the TV shows start again! :o What are you most excited about? I’ve been seeing something about Blindspot, it’s new and looks interesting. And Elementary will be coming back <3

      September will be pretty busy for me work-wise but I hope things will calm down in October. Happy Fall to you, too! :)

  • Maraia

    I saw you mention somewhere that your phone died, but for some reason I thought you just meant the battery and that all you had to do was recharge it. I guess not…. I’M SO SORRY. I would be lost without my phone. How quickly will you be able to get a new one?

    Happy birthday to the kiddo! I think it’s nice that you celebrated with just the three of you. My friend threw two big parties for her daughter when she turned one, and I thought it was more stressful than it needed to be. There’s plenty of time for parties later, just as you said. I wouldn’t want to be the nursery school teacher with 14 little kids, but I bet it will be fun for them. :D

    Those pigs! They’re so cute when they’re small.

    Rubbish at answering comments? What are you talking about?! You’re one of the most reliable commenters out there. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out on commenting, so sometimes I appreciate it when bloggers don’t post quite as much. (Wow, that sounds terrible.) I haven’t read your review of Half a War yet, btw, because I should probably read the book first.

    My favorite books this – oh no, last! – month (in reading order) were: The Fixer, The Fold (read it!), The Knife of Never Letting Go, and The Accident Season.

    I hope you’re almost done with your article! It will be nice to have that out of the way.

    • My phone is currently being repared, it just shut down and wouldn’t turn on/charge or do anything at all. I’m currently using a pretty shitty replacement and don’t have instagram or twitter on it so that’s fun. :/ I hope I’ll get it back next week, I hadn’t heard from them yet.

      I keep thinking how much back pain those poor nursery school teachers have to have at the end of the week – they have to lift them up a lot, I bet, and there’s only 2 of them for 14 kids! But ours are really nice, it’s good that we like them because we can then trust Kiddo to them more easily.

      Those pigs are of some tiny variety – so they stay small even as adults. I think that’s wise because they live in the petting zoo, where a really large adult pig would scare the children :D

      No, I meant I’m rubbish at commenting back, mostly, I have 55 tabs open in my browser right now, all posts I mean to comment on but never find the time… Eh. I’ll catch up eventually.

      We’re always making ourselves sound terrible! :D

      Did you like The Knife of Never Letting Go? I just finished the last part and thought it was good but not as good as the first part (what is it with series these days?).

      And yes, I’m slowly working my way through the article, it’s coming along, finally! :)

      • Maraia

        It’s hard to imagine how we used to survive without smart phones. Or even any phones!

        Yes, trusting the caretakers is important. I imagine it’s a bit scary at first, so I’m glad to hear yours are nice.

        Yikes, that’s a lot! And people keep writing new posts. Do you always try to comment on the blogs of your commenters? That’s quite an undertaking. We are rather good at making ourselves sound terrible, aren’t we? ;)

        I did like it this time. I HATED it when I first read it a few years ago, but I promised a couple people I would give it another chance. I think the dialect was the hardest part for me last time, but the audiobook helped. I’m surprised you didn’t think the third book was as good. I think everyone else I know says they each get better. I guess I’ll report back when I eventually get to them.

  • Happy belated birthday to Kiddo! I’m glad you got to have a low key celebration with just the three of you first, I feel like it may have been a very surreal and emotional day.

    Awww Kiddo didn’t like the pigs! Maybe when he’s a bit older he’ll see their cute, snuffly little faces and love them.

    Article writing is awful but you’ve got this! Just keep getting A. to bribe you with Skittles and all will be well. Procrastination on school work is universal, I sense a lot of that in my immediate future haha. I’m starting school in a week (orientation is tomorrow…AH!) so I’ve been churning out posts and scheduling them so I have some content in what’s sure to be an insanely busy September.

    LOL isn’t that Cuddlebuggery article on sex scenes hilarious?! I died at some of the things in there. “Nub.” So weird and shudder-inducing.

    RIP Kaja’s phone. You are missed.

    • Ha, yeah, surreal is a good term – we kept glancing at the clock, saying stuff like “ohh, it’s 2pm, I already had contractions then!” and “ohh, it’s 8pm, we still didn’t know he was a boy then!” (he was born at 8.45pm). I’m sure we’ll get used to the feeling that our baby is now a toddler eventually (probably about the time he hits 13). :D

      I think he’s just scared of big animals that come too close to him though this piglet was really tiny and cute. This stack of pigs didn’t even move.

      I saw you wrote Orientation was nice! I’m really glad you have a good feeling about grad school and I hope the classes will be interesting!

      Cuddlebuggery people sometimes really nail it – this article was so great. I like how some of the people tweeted several times, like they have so many pet peeves! :) I thought “ridged” was pretty terrible, I wouldn’t want that near me! :p

      Naw, the phone’s coming back (I hope), it’s being repared and I’m using a shitty replacement but I DO hope it’s coming back. In any case, if they don’t repair it, they’re giving me a new one because it says so in the contract. Ugh.

  • Awww happy birthday to Kiddo!! Hope you had a lovely time celebrating together, that’s so sweet! Also, I need to know- is your city as gorgeous as the pictures that popped up in Google have led me to believe? Because goodness, they’re stunning!

    Also- thanks for linking to the Bloglovin folder post! I had NO IDEA that this could be an actual thing, now I must go organize!

    Oh, I say “fall”, no idea why! But I hope yours is fabulous :)

    • Umm did you Google “Ljubljana”? If yes, that’s probably the case :) it’s pretty small (300.000 people) but it’s a very nice city to live in most of the time (the bus system is horrible but otherwise I really like it). Those aerial photos are very nice, with the old town and all, but we do have rather gloomy apartment complexes, too! :)

      Yeah, I thought the Bloglovin folder idea was revolutionary, too :D

      And I wish you a beautiful fall right back! Thanks for stopping by, Shannon! :)

  • Every time you write about where you live, I always think to myself, I should research the place because Slovenia is a country I know very little about. I feel foolish for admitting that. I did look up Ljubljana on Flickr today to see what the city looked like, and HOLY COW! It’s so beautiful! But, 32 degrees is way, way too hot for me. Are summers usually that hot where you live? It’s usually 23-26 where I live (I think…I had to use a converter…), so 32 sounds downright melty.

    I’m am definitely looking forward to Autumn. It’s my favorite season, and it cannot arrive soon enough!

    • Most of the people living outside Slovenia know very little about it :) It’s not a country that pops up in history books very often, I think! :) We weren’t even an independent country until 1991, I was actually born in Yugoslavia!

      But yes, it’s pretty! The land is beautiful and there are many spots that are still relatively undiscovered by tourists, which I like a lot.

      Umm yeah, summers are pretty hot, though we usually get around 2 heatwaves like that (this summer we had 3 that lasted 2-3 weeks and that was a bit extreme). I would prefer if it wasn’t that hot but then we also get winters with lots of snow and nice autumns/springs so there’s a bit of everything.

      And I think autumn has arrived, it’s really cool at night now and the leaves are slowly starting to change color. I love this changing nature of this time of the year.

  • First birthdays are huge! I bet your wondering when on earth that year went. I am not jealous at all of you having to suffer through all the random illnesses that will be picked up when he first starts nursery, you just have to remember it’s a good thing in some ways because it’ll help boost his immune system.

    And can I just say how jealous I am of your trip to the zoo! I love zoos, it is always the highlight for me getting to go on a trip there, but there are only so many excuses you can find to go, and pigs are strangely adorable sleeping like that. Who knew, right?

    Don’t feel bad about not blogging, I think blogging is definitely a thing that we either end up spending a lot of time on or no time at all and the lulls help build us up for when we’re more productive. It would be exhausting if we were continually on top of our game blogging wise anyway.

    I wish I could give you some sound advice for how to get on top of your article writing and not procrastinating, but that’s pretty much all I did at uni so I’ve got nothing for you except to wish you look. To be fair, though, your phone dying may help you in some ways because it helps prevent a lot of distractions for you. But I get it, your phone dying feels a little like losing a limb for a little while as you try to figure out how you functioned without it to hand 24/7.

    • I finished my article!! And my phone is back! :D Everything is right in the world again (almost… at least in my world!).

      Ha, yes, I like zoos, too! We bought a season ticket which is much cheaper than going at a full rate each time because the zoo is really close to where we live and it’s a nice afternoon walk plus kiddo can look at the animals and make cooing noises. He was really impressed with peacocks and giraffes the last time we went. And he didn’t even cry when he saw the pigs.

      I’ve seen a lot of bloggers saying they’re burnt out but I feel like it was actually good that I took a little step back this month – and I don’t think my blog has suffered that much because I had posts scheduled and all. I still have work stuff to do so I don’t have as much time for blogging as I’d like but I’m fully aware it’s a hobby, not a job ;) And I’d like to keep it fun!

      • Yay, congrats on finishing! And I’m glad your phones back, I use mine for everything, I don’t even know what day it is without it sometimes.

        And you can get a season ticket for the zoo? That’s amazing, and perfect because you get a nice walk and the kiddo gets entertained by the animals. I understand being impressed by the peacocks and giraffes, our local zoo had a new baby giraffe last year and it was adorable and it keeps growing! I always like visiting the meerkats at out zoo, have you seen baby ones? They are the cutest little things.

        It makes sense, sometimes you need a break from blogging, I’ve taken a couple of days at the beginning of this week and I’m hoping I can get some posts sorted so I can take a couple of weeks break beginning of next month (I have grand aspirations I never follow through with, though). And if you don’t keep it fun you’ll end up hating it, and that would suck.

  • Nicole Hewitt

    Okay, that stack of pigs is pure adorableness! It totally looks like someone posed them that way for a picture. Love it! Glad my Bloglovin’ folders post was useful to you – it’s been fantastic for me. I’ve just found this post while going through my newly organized feed!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • Yeah, I didn’t know pigs slept like that. It must be very warm! I wonder how the upper ones got on top of the big ones. I don’t think they’d let anyone stack them, though, and they were all sleeping soundly, so they must like it. :)

  • Jaime

    Sounds like you had an amazing August! Congratulations on the young ones first birthday! That is the best thing, ever!