The Bastard Read-along

lies-locke-lamora-lynchHi, how are you? :) Things have been slow around here lately, but I can assure you, I’m still alive and kicking. I have, in fact, been hatching a cool plan with DJ of MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape: we’re doing a read-along of all three books in The Gentleman Bastard sequence by Scott Lynch!

If you’ve been around this blog in the past, you’ll have noticed my everlasting devotion to Mr. Lynch and his jolly band of thieves. Locke Lamora might just be my favourite character ever (I think he even beats Kvothe if you can imagine it), but I read all three books, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Red Seas Under Red Skies and The Republic of Thieves before I started blogging, so I haven’t reviewed them yet.

As The Thorn of Emberlain is scheduled to hit the shelves in July, I meant to read the books all over again anyway, but I have an interesting announcement to make: In 2016, I’ll be starting the translation of The Lies into Slovenian, which will be my biggest project so far. I can’t tell you how excited I am to do this, I really love my job.


So, without further ado, I give you THE READ-ALONG:

thorn-of-emberlain-scott-lynchApart from this master post, we will be posting reviews on dates we set here:

  1. January 5 for The Lies of Locke Lamora
  2. February 15 for Red Seas Under Red Skies
  3. March 30 for The Republic of Thieves

This should give us enough time to whet our appetites for The Thorn of Emberlain.

What can YOU do?

  1. Read the books. If you haven’t already, I can’t recommend them enough. If you have, we’d love to hear what you thought of them, but remember, NO SPOILERS, not everyone has read the books yet!
  2. Chat with us. Comment here or on DJ’s blog. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate.
  3. Write your posts. If you do have a blog, you might want to write a master post for the read-along or perhaps reviews of the three novels – either way, we’d love to read what you have to say, so don’t forget to
  4. Link your posts – just leave the links in the comments either on my blog or on DJ’s, and we’ll add them to our posts. We haven’t figured out exactly how we’ll do this but we’ll make sure you’re seen.

I hope I’ll be chatting with all of you soon, I’m really excited about digging into Locke and Jean’s world again, I’ve missed them a lot. I love re-reading books, it feels like seeing old friends again.

The reviews

The Lies of Locke Lamora: Nicole (@ Feed Your Fiction Addiction) – Kaja (me) – DJ (@ MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)

Red Seas under Red Skies: DJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape) – Kaja (me)

The Republic of ThievesDJ (@MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape) – Kaja (me)


Have you read Scott Lynch’s books yet? 

Will you be participating in our read-along?

Enjoy the reading – and I’d love to hear from you! :)

Let’s be friends: emailbloglovin’twitterinstagramgoodreads.

  • Greg Hill

    This sounds fun. I haven’t read these books but I’ll definitely follow your readalong- it’s fun to see detailed recaps or discussions like this and I may have to get these books at some point. I have heard good things. :)

    • Thanks, Greg! You should definitely give the books a try if you can fit them in your reading schedule, they’re great!

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  • You’re going to be the one translating the book into Slovenian?! That’s really, really cool.

    I’m currently halfway through the audiobook of “Red Seas Under Red Skies.” I’m not much one for re-reads, but maybe I can time my “Republic of Thieves” read to match yours :)

    • Yeah, I’m still bouncing from the news, I was so glad the publisher I work for decided to pick it up!

      Well, finish the book first and then you’ll see if you can wait until March to read the third – maybe you’ll want to dive straight into the sequel! :) Did you like the story so far?

      • I loved the first book, but I’m finding the second book in the series to be… a little more scattered? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the characters and their wit, but somehow the plot feels less focused (so far). But I have faith it’ll all wrap up in a satisfying, action-packed way!

        • Mm, yeah, I know what you mean. I thought books 1 and 3 were better – but I’m hoping 4 will be just as good!

  • Fantastic! I’ll probably follow your posts closely, as I would like a refresher before book four hits. So happy that it’s coming out next summer, I love this series! And it’s so awesome that you’re translating it!

    • Yeah, the date was pushed back due to Lynch’s struggle with depression but I think it’s settled now that it’s coming out in July. I hope it does, I’m super curious about it.
      And yes, I’m SO EXCITED about the translation but also nervous as hell because HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BEAST, it’s a) enormous b) wonderful c) complex as hell. I hope I can do it justice.

  • I love this idea because I now have the perfect excuse (and motivation) to read this book. People are always raving about them and so I bought the first one… and now it is gathering dust. So a readalong could be fun, right?

    And I cannot believe you get to translate a book that you love for your job! I’m excited for you because you’re like half the reason I bought The Lies of Locke Lamora because I know you love it. Does it make it easier or harder to translate a book you know already? Just curious, because I would have thought easier, but then I could see how it would be difficult to do at the same time.

    • Ooh, if you already have a copy, you should definitely join us. :)

      And AWW I didn’t know I (half) influenced your decision to buy it! That’s probably the best praise a book blogger can get. <3

      Umm well to tell you the truth I'm super nervous about translating it because it's long, really well-written and very complex. The accents/registers of language alone will be a massive problem to carry to another language. But I'm hoping my enthusiasm will help.

      And I really need to re-read them before starting the translation because the last time I read them, I was reading as a READER, not a translator – I can't explain it exactly but perhaps… it's like if you have a house and if you're just a normal person, you look at it and say, "wow, that's a beautiful house, I love the facade and the rooms and everything" and with translating it's like "Wow, a beautiful house, I will now take it down brick by brick and move it to another plot of land and rebuild it to be a very close replica of the original." Does that make sense at all? Probably not…

      • Yep, it was your praise of it and basically every other blogger saying it was a good back that made me finally say I must buy this. Sadly I get these ideas in my head and then promptly put books to one side never to be looked at again. So, to remedy this bad bookish error will start reading… soonish.

        And that completely makes sense, when you’re just reading for the joy of it your just following the story, but as a translator you have to look at the technical stuff that goes into writing as well. Your enthusiasm will definitely help in a lot of ways because that will surely make you more passionate about getting the translation to have the same feel as the original as much as possible. It does sound exhausting and technical, though. I am often glad that I work with numbers all day, far easier and a lot more difficult to get wrong.

        • Haha that only holds if you’re a numbers person! :) I liked maths well enough in school but I never thought I could work with numbers on a daily basis. It’s a discussion I often have with my husband, who’s a computer programmer, because his work is much more “exact” than mine, too.

          • And he’s right, sometimes it’s nice to know that when you’re working you have a right or a wrong thing. And precise is good. Now if only that were all I did at work I’d be pretty home, if there were none of those pesky phone calls, chasing people up for stuff or speaking to those dreaded customers (they’re not terrible, it’s just they like to complain).

  • Oh my goodness, I want to do this thing!! Hopefully I will still remember when I come back from holiday, I shall set a reminder. I’ve been wanting to read this series forever but never got around to it – this is the PERFECT reason *rubs hands* I absolutely can’t wait!

    • Right, I saw your post on Japan – have an amazing time! I have Japan on my bucket list of destinations but it’ll be a while before I make it there, probably.
      I hope you do participate – the more the merrier! :)

  • I cannot wait to get started reading Lies next month! I’ve only read that one short story of his, but if his novel writing is anything like that, I feel very confident in saying that I will enjoy reading his series. Plus, it comes highly recommended from you :)

    I like how you have the “What can YOU do” section. Much more concise and useful, and that is exactly why I told people to come here and read yours :)

    • Thanks :) I think we covered everything if you put our posts together :D

      Let the games begin! (Or the read-along but you know what I mean.)

  • bookwraiths

    I’ve been putting off reading these books for far too long. Definitely, count me in.

    • Nice! I hope you’ll enjoy them & don’t forget to link your posts to ours so we can share them, too!

  • Ooooh this sounds like fun! I attempted to take part in a readalong for this series earlier this year, but sadly, life got in the way before I made it past the prologue and I had to drop out *hangs head in shame* I do own the first book though so if all goes well, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to join you all in the new year :D I MUST read this series ASAP!

    • Oh if you already have a copy, you should give it a try, I think it might be a good fit for you. Life does get in the way too often, doesn’t it? My blog has been suffering lately but I feel like this unplanned semi-hiatus has given me some time to breathe and collect new energy for blogging, which can only be a good thing. I hope you join us, Micheline! :)

  • Imyril

    Oh I’m so up for joining you with this – I will reread in preparation for Thorn anyway (esp Republic, as I’ve only read that the once on release), and it would be a lot of fun to share that with a group :) Hurray!

    • Nice! :) Don’t forget to link your posts to ours so we can share them – if you have a blog, that is. If not, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts anyway! And yes, I only read Republic once, too, but I loved it the first time around so I’m super excited to read it again.

  • I don’t know if I’ll do it at the same time as you are, but I’m definitely going to reread these soon! And hey, congrats on the translation job!

    • Thanks, Nikki! :) Well if you do manage to do it in a similar time frame, that would be great – the more the merrier and all that! I don’t often re-read the entire series before the next sequel comes out but this one definitely deserves it. :)

  • Maraia

    Hmm, I’m not sure I can convince myself to read all three books again, but I’ve forgotten a lot of details, especially in the third book. I was thinking about listening to the audiobooks, though, so maybe I can coordinate that with the read-along.

    • I remember giving the first audiobook a try (via sample or something) and the narrator didn’t really work for me – but I don’t remember who it was, so I’m really no help, am I? Anyway, I hope you’ll have more luck with the audios, it would be great to have your fresh opinions! :)

      • Maraia

        I don’t know why it never occurs to me to listen to samples before I download books. Anyway, I just listened, and it sounds terrible, wow. I’m not sure what it is, exactly…maybe it sounds more like (bad) acting than reading? I put up with awful narrators to listen to my favorite Tamora Pierce books, but they are much shorter. It will be a test of my will power to get through three massive books, haha.

        • Yeah, that’s the feeling I got, too! Like he was trying to hard making all the character voices. It’s such a pity because I love re-reading books via audio. But I have to do a very close reading for the translation anyway so I’ll be sticking with print.

          • Maraia

            Oh man, somehow I completely missed the part of your introduction where you said you’ll be translating them. That’s amazing, Kaja! I’m very excited for you, that’s both a huge job and compliment to your skill. :D

          • Uh, yeah, or complete insanity on the publisher’s part – and mine. I really, really hope I can do the books justice, I’m incredibly nervous but also excited as hell to do this. I read the first chapter last week and started hyperventillating but also bouncing on my chair, so I’m preparing for a crazy emotional rollercoaster in 2016. :)

          • Maraia

            I believe in you! Obviously the publisher does, too, so that says something. How long do you have for the first book? Eep, I can’t even imagine. I hope it’s more exciting than stressful in the coming year.

  • Nicole Hewitt

    I ALMOST participated in a read-along for these books over the summer. In fact, I bought Lies and everything – but we were in Colorado for a month, and I just couldn’t get myself together enough to follow along. SO I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to put that purchase to good use and read the books!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • Oh, that’s wonderful! I’m glad you’re participating – and if you already have the first book, that’s even better. I hope you’ll enjoy it and don’t forget to link your review/other posts! :)

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