My February (with News)


February has been an interesting month. As I’m writing this, Kiddo has an ear infection (and has just stopped having fever) and my husband’s home sick with an infected throat and a fever, so it’s been… fun. But other than this past week, things have been pretty great, so I can’t complain, though I would love to have a full night’s sleep every once in a while (*crosses fingers*).

So, this “news” thing I put in the title to entice you all to click the post. It’s pretty damn major. We’re having another baby! I can finally share this with you because I’m past my first trimester and have had my nuchal translucency exam, which told us that the tiny future-human is doing okay so far. It’s still too small for me to feel its kicks but it looked like it was having a workout when I had my ultrasound examination.

I’m feeling okay now though the first two months were pretty hard – I felt sick (though I didn’t throw up) throughout the day and the worst thing was that my sense of smell went haywire. This is one of those things that popular culture usually fails to mention but most pregnant women experience at least some change in their sense of smell. I did the first time around, too, but this time it’s extreme. I had to switch my deodorant and shower gel, milk smells awful, and coffee is out of the question for me. So yeah, I’ve made some adjustments. But I’ve also had some weird food cravings, like hummus and bread with mustard.

All in all, I’m really excited to know that in 6 months (my due date is August 25, which is, incidentally, the same due date as for Kiddo – who was then born on September 1) I’ll get to know this kid. But it also means that my workload right now is absolutely enormous if I want to finish some projects in time. So things around here might get a little chaotic – don’t hold it against me. :)


In book news, my reading slump has been dragging on, and though I did give The Demon King a 4.5 rating, I’m still feeling kind of disenchanted with my reading choices in 2016. Here’s hoping March does better in this regard. I’m still waiting for my copy of A Gathering of Shadows to arrive in the mail and I have Every Move and The Girl From Everywhere lined up next, so I’m feeling optimistic.

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How was your February? Did you read any good books?

Did anything surprise you last month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Congratulations on your baby news! And too funny that baby is due on your other child’s original due date :)

    • Thanks! :) Yeah, everyone comments on that – but it’s really quite impossible to plan babies exactly, so we got lucky (I mean, not that I consider this a particularly lucky piece of news, but it is interesting). :)

  • Maraia

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so excited for you, A, and the kiddo. :D

    I really hope you have a better reading month. AGOS, Every Move, and The Girl from Everywhere should definitely help! I’m looking forward to talking about AGOS with you.

    I went to my friend’s grandma’s 100th birthday party yesterday, and it was really cool because she got presented with two plaques from local politicians – one with the city’s history and one with her own.

    • Thanks, Maraia. It means a lot to be able to share such big news with people and receive overwhelmingly nice comments. :) Kiddo is currently still pretty unaware of what’s happening – it’s too abstract. We told him there’s a baby in mom’s tummy, but since he can’t feel it move yet, he just looks at us, confused. Eh, he’ll get used to it later.

      Ahhhh I still haven’t received AGOS. I’m actually thinking about going to the post office and asking about it (I never do this). But I’m in the middle of The Girl from Everywhere and it’s really good! I like the time travel and the relationships. So yeah, my reading slump is hopefully at an end.

      Wow, a 100 years. That’s something. A’s grandmother died at 94 and she was the oldest woman I ever knew. I think people get some sort of plaque when they reach 100, too.

      • Maraia

        You have your very own cheerleading team. :D Are you going to find out if you’re having a boy or girl or wait to be surprised?

        Eep, that’s frustrating about AGOS. Did you order the UK or US edition? At least The Girl from Everywhere is going well! *crosses fingers* That makes me even more excited for it. I’ve heard that the timeline is a bit confusing, which is worrying me about my plan to audiobook it. What do you think?

        • We’re going to find out (soon). We didn’t ask for Kiddo and we decided to try a different way this time. It was nice not knowing, but also frustrating! :)

          I READ AGOS!! It’s great, I’m going to review it as soon as I find the time. And The Girl from Everywhere was a really solid read, too, so I’m definitely out of my slump.

          I didn’t always get the MECHANICS of the time travel but that didn’t bother me too much – it’s not too bad. The timelines … well, yeah, I guess you could get confused, but I thought it was okay. I was much more confused with The Night Circus, for example – here you have different settings, not just different time periods, so it’s easier to differentiate. I’d give it a try if I were you. :)

          • Maraia

            That will be fun! And definitely make things easier, in a way.

            I’m so glad you liked AGOS. It had so many great moments, but that ENDING. I’m looking forward to your review. :)

            That actually makes me more nervous, haha. I had a hard time following the timeline in The Night Circus when I listened to the audiobook, even as a re-read. I’m glad The Girl from Everywhere isn’t that bad, at least.

  • Congratulations!!! (I was hoping that was what this news was when I saw the title :) ) I am SOOOO happy for you, and your whole family! I also love the “baby sleep position” thing, it cracks me up every time!

    Also, I know it’s all just old wives’ tales but.. I had a MUCH more heightened sense of smell AND feeling sick with my daughter, whereas with my son, I didn’t notice as drastic of a change. Just saying, could be a girl this time ;) I am just so happy for you, definitely keep us updated!

    Oh- and I hope your reading slump improves. ACTUALLY, I couldn’t read when I was pregnant with my daughter either… but I read all the time with my son. Another clue? :D

    I hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon too!

    • Thank you, Shannon! :) Yeah, we’re pretty excited about the news, too, it has finally sunk in, I think, because my belly has started growing (I’m at that weird state when it looks like I just had a really big lunch + I need to unsnap my jeans when I’m driving the car) :p

      Ha, okay, we’ll see if we can trust these legends, I’ve heard so many different ones. We’ll probably ask the doctor about the gender (we didn’t the first time around), so we’ll know soon enough.

      Yeah, Kiddo and husband are better now, we’re exhausted but fine. Thank you for your wishes! :)

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s such amazing news!

    I have a Kindle copy of AGOS, and started reading but haven’t continued yet. I’m still stuck on like 21%. Not because it’s not good (I’m really loving it), I just haven’t felt the need to continue?

    Thank you so much for sharing my discussion post, I really appreciate it. And I’m curious about the other ones you shared, so I’m checking some of those out too.

    Have a great month (and I hope everyone gets better soon)!

    • Thanks, Jolien! :)

      Hm, that’s intriguing. I sometimes want to stop reading great books if I know I’ll have to wait for the sequel (or if it’s the last book in the series), so I put them off for a while. I hope you read the rest and enjoy it! I thought about getting a Kindle copy but I also really wanted a physical one, so I’m still waiting…

      Yeah, like I said, I share interesting stuff and your discussion definitely resonated with me. It’s so weird that we read SO MUCH but almost exclusively in English. I thought about it a lot and then looted my parents’ personal library on the weekend and brought home 2 translated books by non-English authors and one Slovenian original. We’ll see how that goes. :)

      • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

        It’s really interesting that you picked up some translated books and a Slovenian one. I’ve been thinking of looking into Dutch books in the fantasy genre to try it out. I hope you’ll enjoy them (and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you end up reading them)!

  • Congratulations, Kaja! I hope the rest of your household gets healthy soon so you can rest up. Sounds like you’re going to need it!

    • Thank you, Kel! :) Kiddo and husband are feeling better, so it looks like we’re through the worst part of their illnesses (*keeping fingers crossed*). And yeah, rest is definitely on my daily to-do list. :)

  • Congratulations! You know what, in one of your earlier posts you had mentioned offhand about some news that was freaking you out and back then I had already suspected it might be because you’re expecting. Because ooooh yeeeeah, I’ve been there, felt that way. You might be thinking what’s it going to be like with a young kid and another baby, but trust me, it actually gets easier, because you already know what to do! ;) Congrats to you again, and have a great pregnancy!

    • Haha this comment is great, thank you, Mogsy! :) We’ve been asking ourselves if we’re crazy every time we have a sleepless night. It’s hard to imagine we’ll get any more sleep soon. I’ve heard it gets easier with the second kid, so I hope your words come true! :)
      And I’m feeling better now, so I hope I’m in for a quieter stretch during the second trimester.

  • Greg Hill

    Hey congratulations! Another reader -to-be perhaps. :) How exciting- and hope your slump goes away. Looks like you have some good stuff coming up so I’m sure it will. :)

    • Thanks, Greg! And yeah, let’s hope s/he’ll inherit our love of books.
      I’m really enjoying The Girl From Everywhere, it’s such an interesting story, so things are looking up!

  • Oh my goodness, that’s amazing news! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I think everyone is coming down with something this February, I myself just got over a really bad cold. I really liked The Girl from Everywhere, so I hope you enjoy it as well and I just finished A Gathering of Shadows today (my lips are sealed since I know you HATE spoilers). Thanks for the shout out, hope your March turns out to be fantastic!

    • Thanks, Alicia! :)
      Yeah, wintertime is horrible – and I think we’re all tired of the cold and the snow in February and our immune systems are crap, so it makes sense we all get sick.
      I’m really liking TGfE, it’s such an interesting story! And thank you for keeping silent about AGOS, I’ll be bookmarking everyone’s reviews so I can read them after I finish. :p

  • Congratulations on the baby! That’s amazing news! :)

    • Thank you, Laura! :) We’re still pretty overwhelmed but very happy, indeed.

  • OHHHH CONGRATS!!! That is so wonderful! And kind of awesome that your little ones will have such close birthdays. ;) My older sister has that with her two oldest kids! They’re like 2 days apart (but 2 years apart) and it makes combined parties easy…they’ll probably hate us when they’re older though. XD hehe.
    (And omg I’m glad you loved the Demon King! I ADORE that book…although I hope your reading choices pick up soon. Reading “meh” books is very un-fun.)

    • Thanks, Cait! :)
      Ha, yeah, Kiddo #1 was actually a week late so he was born on Sep 1 (that’s always the first day of school here unless it’s a weekend, which I love because I always liked going back to school after the holidays). They will also be 2 years apart, Kiddo #1 is now 1.5 years old.

      My reading slump is officially over YAY! I read A Gathering of Shadows and a historical romance and The Girl from Everywhere all in one week and I’m good now. :D

  • BABY!!! Congratulations to you, A, and Kiddo. We will have to come up with a new nickname for Baby. Kiddo the Second, perhaps? :D

    I’m impressed that you managed to read *anything* for fun with all the stuff you have going on in your life! The Demon King is such a great book, and I loved the second one too. Maraia really does recommend the best YA fantasy!

    February is the worst month of the year, in my opinion. School is always insane, the sun never shines, and Canada is a frozen hellscape where the wind is so powerful that your eyes begin watering as soon as you leave the house. What’s going on with your PhD stuff? Are you still full-steam ahead or are you taking a break because of Baby? I hope March is a better, less illness-filled month for you and your family!

    • Thank you, Danya! :) Um, let’s say … Kiddo for the older one and Baby for the younger – this will do for at least one year, until s/he learns to walk. ;)

      And I NEED reading for fun, it’s what’s keeping me sane these days. Whew. And my slump is over, I read A Gathering of Shadows, The Girl from Everywhere, and Because of Miss Bridgerton (Julia Quinn’s latest, it’s great!) all in one week, so I’m good now. :D

      I’m glad to hear the Seven Realms series continues to be good – I’m planning on ordering book 2 soon.

      Haha “a frozen hellscape” sounds terrible! :D I’m very sympathetic. We’ve had more rain (I am REALLY fed up with it) but the first spring flowers have appeared and the trees are slowly sprouting tiny new leaves, so I’m happy enough. Spring is my favourite time of the year! :) Everything is so alive.

      And OH GOD PLEASE DON’T MENTION MY PHD. It’s a thorn in my side, a pebble in my shoe, and a general pain in the ass. I really should finish the damn thing before I have the baby because otherwise it’ll take me years. But yeah, I’m fine. :D

      How’s your school? I occasionally see your tweets about it and I’m curious to know how the new environment’s been treating you.

      Thanks for stopping by! :) Have a great weekend!

  • Yay, I’m excited for your announcement! It’s weird that the due dates are the same, but I know someone else who has children a couple of weeks apart and there is 5 years between them! It’s strange how things happen.

    It sucks you’ve not had a good reading month, it sucks when these happen but it’s not like you can do anything about it. I’m currently reading The Winner’s Kiss and I’m loving it but I’m scared to finish it because I love this series. I still need to buy A Gathering of SHadows. I’m waiting because I have hyped that book so much in my mind, I want to wait for my excitement to die down, if that makes sense?

    • Thanks, Becky! :) Yeah, you can’t really plan kids to this extent, I mean, you can say “I want them to be approximately 2 years apart” but then nature takes care of the rest.

      My reading slump is okay now. I read AGOS and The Girl from Everywhere and Julia Quinn’s latest romance all in one week and they were really good. Yeah, I understand your problem – but I simply couldn’t wait for AGOS and I was TERRIFIED I would get spoiled, so I just went ahead and read it. And it’s pretty damn great (my expectations were really high for this one).

      • Pretty damn great is a pretty good recommendation for me. I won’t buy it yet, maybe over the Easter weekend when I’ll have a bit more time to hibernate with a good book. I am worried about spoilers, but I’ve begun to stop reading a lot of the time as soon as I see the mention of AGOS, just in case.

        • Ooh, Easter weekend is coming soon! Right! I spoke to my gran today, we always go to her & grandpa’s house for a big Easter lunch. And yeah, I almost unfollowed a couple of people on Twitter because they kept posting HINTS about AGOS, that’s just horrible. Ugh.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s so exciting! :D

    • Thank you! :) I’m pretty excited myself, as you can probably imagine. :)

  • Congratulations, Kaja! That’s such happy news!!

    Having birthdays around the same time can be fun. My brother and I have birthdays exactly a week apart (well… plus 8 years), so every year we celebrate “birthday week”.

    • Thank you, Paloma! :)

      Birthday week sounds great, do you get one cake at the beginning and one at the end? We’ll see how close my kids will be – kiddo #1 was actually a week late.

  • Congratulations!!! That’s such exciting new :)

    I hope you enjoy your March books more! I can’t wait to start reading again near the end of the month.

    • Thanks, Annie! :)

      And yeah, my reading slump is pretty much over, I read 3 really good books in one week, so I’m okay now. :) I hope your reading choices will be great!

  • Soudha Parsan

    Congrats Kaja! I’m very happy for you ^^

    • Thank you, Soudha! It means a lot. :)

  • :D :D :D Congratulations on the baby news! When do you learn the gender of the baby?

    • Thank you, Jackie! :) Um we’ll probably ask at the 20-week ultrasound exam, that’ll be in the second week of April. We didn’t ask for our first kid, it was exciting to go into things blind (though let me tell you, buying gender-neutral baby clothing is nearly impossible if you want them to wear anything but grey and white, it bugs me to no end!), but we decided to ask this time around to do things a bit differently. I think the doctor will be able to see the gender then.