Spring & Sea

Piran, Slovenia by Of Dragons and Hearts.This weekend, we finally got to see some sun after two weeks of almost non-stop rain and snow (not the cool kind of snow that you can play on with kids, but the wet, soggy kind that makes you want to stay in). I’m all for quiet afternoons spent with a book but having a kid means you have to find some activity or they get bored out of their minds. A bored toddler = an annoyed toddler (fact).

piran2We drove out to the seaside, to Piran, which is one of the several small towns that dot the Slovenian coast. We only have some 47km of coast right at the top of the Adriatic sea (between the Italian Gulf of Trieste and the Croatian Istria) and I think it’s both quite pretty and quite underrated.

piran5The day was windy and sunny – the best kind of a spring day. Some of the fruit trees (apricots, probably) were already in bloom and there were seagulls and splashing waves and Kiddo had a great time making “woosh” sounds at the waves.

piran3We also visited the small but interesting aquarium – A. came up with the idea after we watched Finding Nemo with Kiddo and he loved it. We’ve seen it about 3 times now (in smaller sections, we don’t let him watch tv for an hour and a half) and he keeps saying “biba” (“riba” is “fish” in Slovenian). So we went to see the fish and he was so happy. He kept returning to one tank with a really large fish and yelling his version of “Hello, fish!” at it. I’d love for him to see a really big aquarium, so we’ll be looking into that if/when we travel.

piran4We’ll definitively be returning to the seaside more often in the spring, it’s just an hour’s drive away but it makes such a difference from the gray, wintery Ljubljana.


Do you ever go on day trips?

What are your favourite destinations?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • I always envy folks who live by the ocean. I spent much of my childhood in the tropics, vacationing in countries that have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and so I just miss the sea. Those are some gorgeous pics! Makes me wish for spring :)

    • Oh, I’d love to live by the ocean. The Slovenian seaside – not so much. But I visited Vancouver, for example, and San Francisco, and they are two of my favourite cities in the world. I’d move to Vancouver in an instant, given the opportunity. :)
      And yeah, spring can’t come to early in my opinion – it’s my favourite season.

    • Hit “post” too soon… Anyway, growing up in the tropics sounds really interesting! I’ve always lived here and while I travel a lot (not so much since I had Kiddo but I’m looking forward to starting again), I think I’d choose a temperate climate over the tropics. I only visited Malaysia and the weather was killing me… I can’t really judge on the basis of a single country but I think I’d choose Northern countries over the tropics any day. :)

  • Sounds like a fantastic day!! It’s been so gloomy here, and we finally had a nice weekend this past week. I’m ready for spring already!

    • Yep, the day was really nice. And I KNOW, we’re now back to rain and clouds and general moodiness, so I can’t wait for more spring days!

  • Ugh, I am so jealous of your pictures and how nice it looks. The British version of the seaside is much colder and wetter and always involves chips which have a slight crunch of sand in them because the wind has blown some your way. I also live about three hours away from any coasts in the UK (that’s by car, and I can’t drive, so it is a creative mission for me to get to a beach of any kind) and I don’t get to go there often enough.

    I need to start going on more trips to places, but mine will just involve going to various UK cities and right now it’s far too cold for it. We may not have had snow, but we’ve had run and lots of ice so staying indoors is my thing right now, I’m thankful I have the freedom to hibernate in the winter months. I’ll resurface when spring arrives and try and do fun and interesting things.

    • I would love to vacation at the British seaside, it would make me feel like an Austen heroine. But perhaps not every year? :) And that’s a seriously cool impression, the chips with sand, it sounds poetic. Where do you live? Did you ever say? I don’t remember…

      I have UK on my list of travel destinations to cover in the near future – I’ve been to London a couple of times + to Edinburgh and the Lake District once but I’d love to explore it more. It will probably take more than one trip though. I can’t wait for kids to be older so we can start dragging them with us around the world.

      And hibernation rocks. I used to love winter, but it does limit much of the activities that are interesting to children. Now I’ll have to wait until they’re teenagers and start hibernating on their own! :)

      • Ha, an Austen heroine with severely windswept hair. To be fair, no trip to the seaside is complete without sandy chips, and a 99 flake ice cream (I don’t know if any other country does those, they are like the summer ice cream of choice here). And I live ina town just outside Birmingham (like half an hour outside by train, it’s called Stourbridge but try explaining where that is to people) it’s literally the middle of the country, no seasides for me. Not that there isn’t beautiful countryside to visit around here, but sometimes you want to go to the beach.

        And, quite embarrassingly, I’ve never been anywhere in Scotland. I feel like I should take a long weekend to Edinburgh or something to remedy this fact. The Lake District is stunning though, I love the views around there, but the walks are so long. There are way too many different places to go, but that’s true of every country. To get a true Austen experience you’d have to do Derbyshire as that’s where Mr Darcy is from, and Bath.

        That’s the really weird thing, I love winter, but I think it’s because I have a valid excuse for my reclusive ways then. And this is true, it’s hard to be a recluse when you’ve got kids to try and occupy. Really, you’ve got to make the most of being able to take them wherever you want without having someone complaining about it.

        • Didn’t Anne from Persuasion vacation at the seaside? And her cousin (or something) went and jumped and hit her head (while trying to impress Captain Wentworth)? I really need to re-read this one.

          Okay I had to Google the 99 flake ice cream and we have similar ones here, though they’re not as popular as the ice cream in scoops (probably because you only get 1 or 2 flavours versus 10+ flavours with scoops). Our conversations over the last two days have been curiously full of culturally specific culinary information. :)

          Ah, yes, I Googled Stourbridge, too, and I see what you mean – you’re right in the middle of the island! :) It looks like a nice town.

          Curious that you mentioned the long walks in Lake District – A. and I had to run like mad to catch the last train to our hostel when we visited – we loved the walk but it was longer than we expected. Ooh, I’d love to visit Bath, I think I’ll plan an Austen-flavoured trip one day and disguise it as a general trip across England so as to entice A. to come along. :)

          • Yes, I just Googled and they went to Lyme Regis. I can never remember the specifics on places from books. I do think Persuasion will require a reread soon, but it’s been longer since I read Pride and Prejudice to that may have to be first.

            Ice cream in scoops is exclusive to ice cream shops here, 99 flake is what you get when you hear an ice cream van coming (all ice cream vans worldwide play music, right?). I did notice scoop ice cream was quite big in America though, which I can understand. More flavours is always a good thing. And we have been oddly specific in out conversations in the past few days (even though I was late to replying to this) it’s interesting to learn these things. I always forget other bloggers are from different places and may not get all the things I view as normal.

            Lake District walks are always longer than you expected, which is fine if you’ve driven, but if you’ve caught the train it can lead to a bit of a mad panic. Luckily I lived with a few people that could drive when I was in Lancaster so that solved one issue. I was so sun burnt last time I went, I always forget when you’re walking up the hills that you’re more susceptible to the sun. And you can totally plan a trip and disguise it as a normal trip instead of an Austen one. Just say you want to plan a general trip to see across the country and throw in some different things to throw him off the scent.

  • It’s so beautiful! We’re still in winter here. I mean, very much winter, although things are starting to warm up. It’s actually been such a mild winter this year, it’s been really surprising.

    Kids do love Finding Nemo. I’m a children’s librarian, and if kids ever see a clownfish in anything, they always call it “Nemo.” It’s adorable.

    • We’re back to dreary grey days, so this spring day has been a bit of an anomaly. It even snowed a bit, though snowdrops are already out and trees are starting to poke out new leaves. Our winter has been mild, too, so I expect loads of mosquitoes. :/

      Oh yeah, my kid calls him “mee-mo. I wonder how long this obsession will last – I mean, the movie is 10 years old or something! We’re trying various Pixar films now, in small increments. Madagascar has also been well-received, I think animals are all the rage right now.

  • Your seaside looks lovely! I’d kill for some sun right now. Strong wind and rain makes for extra annoying traffic. :(

    • Ahh don’t even mention traffic in winter. It’s like people are deliberately being dangerous and weird on the road.
      And we’re also back to gray, dreary days (there’s even some snow), so this weekend was exactly what I needed in anticipation of spring.

      • I know exactly how you feel. We had some serious snow recently and I’m praying it’s over for this year.

  • Looks like a fantastic spot and the weather was just perfect for it :) As always, you take GORGEOUS photos so thanks for sharing! Our Winter’s been blah too – hardly any snow – all the storms seemed to pass us by…which is WEIRD for Canada LOL! So it’s been wet, grey and alternating between FREEZING and unseasonably warm. Today for example feels like Spring!

    • Haha, yeah, I imagine that winter storms rarely pass Canada :D
      Thank you – these were taken with my phone. I always wish I took more so I’d have more to select from but yeah.
      I can’t wait for real spring to begin, I’m ready to be done with the cold. I want to ditch my coat! :)

  • Maraia

    Wow, gorgeous! I guess it probably wasn’t as warm as it looks, but it’s great to see the sun. I would love to live so close to the sea. Not that I visit nearby Lake MIchigan, haha. I did go the weekend before last to see the frozen lake, though. I forgot to tell you about it – I brought the hand warmers you gave me, and they were such a lifesaver! It was one of the coldest days of the year, and I probably would have refused to get out of the car if I hadn’t had them. So thank you! <3

    So cute about the aquarium!

    • Thanks! :) Um, yeah, it was quite windy, I got a headache but it was worth it. :D
      I don’t consider Ljubljana exactly “close” to the sea, mostly because it has a completely different climate, but in global terms, I guess living 1h from the seaside does count as close. :) Slovenians have different standards when it comes to distances, I think, than Americans.
      Ha, I’m glad the hand warmers come in useful. I didn’t need to use mine this winter because it was never REALLY cold (I think the worst was -4 degrees Celsius), which also means there will be an enormous amount of mosquitoes this year. :/

      And yeah, A. and I laughed at Kiddo, he was so engrossed with the fish.

      • Maraia

        Haha, yes, I think most Europeans in general have different standards when it comes to distances. Compared to a 10 plus-hour drive to the coast, 1 hour seems tiny! :D

  • Greg Hill

    Beautiful pics! It’s always nice after a long winter to get to the seaside or the beach, fresh air and breezes and seagulls. I love watching sailboats when there’s a whole bunch of them out there. :) Glad you guys got a little break, and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Greg! Yes, the sea somehow makes everything nicer, even if the weather isn’t nearly warm enough to go swimming.
      And I like watching boats, too, I just don’t like being ON them – I get seasick + the thought of deep sea terrifies me.