How Are You?


Hi. Hello, dear reader. How are you?

I’ve been thinking about starting a March recap post in advance, you know, one of those when I tell you all about my life and reading and the posts I’ve published and the books I’ve bought. But you’ll get that at the end of the month (probably). I’m linking this up to the Discussion Challenge, where you can find some truly good debates.

Instead, I wanted to ask YOU how you’ve been doing lately. I read a lot of blogs who also publish weekly or monthly recaps, so I’m on track with some of your lives (at least with what you share, I guess nobody shares everything, right?) but I know virtually nothing about others.

Have you read any good books lately (this is the standard question for a book blog, no?)? What’s going on in your life? Has spring arrived to your part of the world yet (and what IS your part of the world?!)? Today is the first really sunny day after two months of rainy grayness, so I’m excited about it and we’re taking Kiddo to the ZOO. There are spring flowers everywhere and little green leaves are starting to appear on the trees. Yay! Spring is my favourite part of the year.

Has anything special happened to you since we last talked? How’s your work? Has anything surprised you? Did you make a really great dinner (if so, share the recipe)? Did you find a new favourite band? Did you have an argument with a friend? Did you have the most delicious cup of coffee?

I’m nosy, I know, but I’m genuinely interested in your daily lives – it might have to do with the fact that I’m starved of social contact because we spent three weeks home on sick leave and I haven’t seen my Slovenian friends in a while.

You can answer any or all of these, as long as it feels okay to you.


So, how are you? :)

I’d love to hear from you! 

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  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    This is such a nice post! It’s nice to see you’re actually interested in your readers :D

    To answer your question, I’m doing quite well! Spring is arriving in Brussels and even though it’s still a bit cold-ish, the sun in shining which makes me happy. I’m in a coffee shop drinking some fresh juice trying to catch up on school and blogging! :)

    How are you, Kaja?

    • Thanks, Jolien! :)

      I’m okay, we didn’t really get enough sleep tonight (kiddo was up at 5.30) but I’m rested enough to work, so that’s good. I’m translating a book and crying because it’s very sad at the end (and also because I’m over-emotional because of my pregnancy, *sob*).

      I’m glad spring is spreading through Europe – we went to VIenna for a weekend and it was much colder than here! I’m looking forward to sitting outside in a cafe and eating ice cream.

      Thanks for sharing your current mood! :)

      • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

        I am an early riser, but 5.30 is too early even for me! Sometimes, you just got to let those tears out (see me when reading The Song of Achilles, I cried so hard).

        I have never been to Vienna, but I really want to visit soon! :)

        • 5.30 is too early for EVERYONE. But he wanted to watch cartoons. So there we were. Kids really don’t understand the concept of sleeping in.

          And yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good cry over a book, I think it was long overdue.

          Vienna is beautiful, it’s only about 3.5h from Ljubljana (with a car), so I’ve visited it often – it’s the nearest “big” city to Ljubljana.

  • Greg Hill

    Well spring is sort of arriving here but it’s still a bit cool. But we’re on the upswing… and thanks to this post I’ve discovered the discussion challenge, which I guess I had seen before but forgot about. So I’ll be joining that…

    As for books, what did I read that was good? I just read The Passenger and that was pretty good (not awesome but I enjoyed it) and the Alex and Ada graphic novels were pretty good. My reading has slowed a bit as I’m watching TV too much (The 100 and I started 12 Monkeys, which is pretty good!)

    Enjoy the zoo and the spring weather!

    • Oh, yes, the discussion challenge is great! I found so many good blogs through it (and people have found mine) and it’s only March!

      I saw lots of various reviews of The Passenger and I still can’t decide if I want to read it or not. Eh. And yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of TV, too, lately, it’s just the thing to do when it’s gray outside.

      The ZOO was great and it’s still sunny! :) Thanks for stopping by, Greg!

  • Maraia

    Kaja, you’re the nicest. This is why you have so many loyal commenters. I’m nosy, too. That’s why personal posts are usually my favorite. :D

    I hope the zoo was fun! Ljubljana sounds more spring-like there than here, which is surprising considering how many unseasonably warm days we’ve had. We’re just starting to get crocuses now.

    I’ve had a slew of 3-and-under-star reads lately that were disappointing, but in between I’ve also been re-reading The Raven Cycle (have you read those? I can’t remember) and am listening to an excellent German audiobook right now. I’m still in a bit of a book hangover from AGOS. :D Usually March is one of my favorite months, but this year I’ve been a bit more stressed out than usual about my upcoming birthday, so it’s been a weird month. Other than reading, much of my free time has been taken up with the Bookish Games over on Oh, The Books! It’s been quite an eventful game this time, but it’s fun.

    Are you feeling better now? Three weeks is a long sick leave! Are you planning any trips before Baby #2 is born?

    • Yep, personal posts are the best. I always snoop around on other people’s blogs. Though I admit there are some lifestyle blogs out there who I find share too much – like everything about their kids and the ugly stuff about their relationships – I don’t feel like sharing all that with the general public is necessarily a good idea. But hey, I don’t have to read their blogs and if they want to talk about it, they should.

      The zoo was great, but Kiddo was more impressed by the bull, the goats and the horses than tigers or leopards, which would be my animals of choice. He even plucked up the courage to pet a sheep in the petting zoo, which is a first. :) We’re past crocuses and snowdrops and onto baby green leafs and first fruit trees! I love spring so much! :D

      I haven’t read The Raven Cycle, I do have it on my tbr. I need to finish the Mercy Falls series (I have the last book of the trilogy already at home) before I can justify buying another Stiefvater book. And yeah, apart from Every Move, which was pretty good, I’m still reeling from AGOS, too. i’ve been avoiding books for a couple of days now and reading old National Geographic articles I’ve marked ages ago – I had a stack of magazines collecting dust and decided it was high time I returned them to Dad.

      Why are you stressed about your birthday? When is your birthday? Birthdays should be fun, with cake and presents! :)

      We’re all better now, thanks. I hope it lasts for a while – but I saw a notice that three kids in Kiddo’s nursery school group have chickenpox, so there’s a good chance he’ll get those as well. *sigh* I guess it’s best if he gets them as soon as possible but it would be nice to have a little break between sick leaves…

      And we’re planning the usual – a week or so at the seaside and then probably something more during the summer, like a week in the mountains or something, we haven’t quite decided yet. I don’t want to be stuck in Ljubljana if a heatwave hits, that’s usually unbearable, especially for pregnant women and kids and old people. So nothing special, but we’ll surely go somewhere, I can’t really stay in once place for too long. :)

      • Maraia

        Mmm, yes, and I always wonder how mortified their kids will be when they find out that their parents shared every time they pooped or vomited for all the world to read. Or if their partners realize how many details of their relationship are being shared.

        Haha, I love the tigers and leopards, too. But yay for the petting zoo! Do you have a membership to the zoo? (Spring update: It snowed yesterday. XD)

        What do you think of Mercy Falls? I DNF’d the first book (after already having read The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves), but I’ve heard that it gets better. I think it’s too much of a paranormal romance for me, though. The Raven Cycle is more fantasy/magical realism. Hey, I guess a book hangover is a good excuse to get rid of clutter. :D

        Haha, they *should* be fun! The reasons are complicated, so I’ll have to share them in an email. :P

        Eep, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he doesn’t get the chickenpox! Do you not use the vaccine there? I’m definitely glad I got them over with when I was really little, but I agree – you need a break before the next wave of sickness!

        Ooh, the mountains sound great! Being pregnant is a perfect (and real) excuse for escaping the city heat. :D

        • I think a lot of those partners know they’re being discussed on those blogs – I mean, some of these lifestyle bloggers make their living from their blogs, so it’s safe to assume their significant others are aware of this, no? Anyway, to each their own, right? :)

          Yeah we bought yearly tickets when we visited, they’re relatively cheap (you only have to visit the zoo 6 times for them to be worth it) and Kiddo has free entry until he’s 2 years old. So we’re going to be visiting the zoo more now it’s spring – he really enjoys it a lot, he’s been talking about it for days (though he seems really disappointed he didn’t get to pet the enormous bull they have in the “Slovenian species” pen).

          Eh, Mercy Falls is okay. I mean, I obviously wasn’t over the moon for it, I still haven’t finished the series, but they’re not bad.

          Okay, I still owe you an e-mail so we’ll chat – hopefully sometime this week? :)

          Em, no, I don’t think anyone gets vaccinated against chickenpox here. Measles, sure, they’re really dangerous, we have that in the standard vaccine schedule (along with polio etc) but chickenpox is really harmless so kids just get them, get all spotty and run a fever, then get better, I guess! :) They can be dangerous for adults, especially pregnant women – a friend of mine got vaccinated as a precaution because she never had them and is now planning on having a baby.

  • Sweet topic my friend^^ I’ve been meaning to start up monthly recaps but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think (?) I’ve mentioned that I’m from Canada and yes Spring has arrived here – though it currently snowing! I’m not complaining though because we hardly had ANY snow this Winter which is so weird it just seems wrong LOL! Work has been wonderful, after finally starting a job in my field this Summer, I’m very happy on that front. I’ve been getting more and more clients which is good :D Book-wise, I’ve been catching up on one of my favorite series, by one of my favorite authors: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve also been catching up on The Heroes of Olympus series on audio! I feel like after ending 2015 with some AMAZING books, this year has been pretty average to good so far, but nothing has blown me away. HOWEVER lots of coveted books are coming out later this year so there’s still time ;)

    YAY Spring and enjoy the Zoo!! Anything else fun going on with you? xx

    • Yes, I know you’re Canadian! I think I only have one other Canadian reader (or at least commenter), so I was sure to remember that. :)

      I feel like this will be the year of mosquitoes and other bugs because it was never really cold enough for icky stuff to freeze. :/

      I’m glad your work is good, it’s always nice to hear that from someone! People usually complain about their jobs. And yeah, new clients are great! :) I hope your good luck continues.

      Oh, Rick Riordan books are really good on audio, aren’t they? I thought they were so easy to listen to.

      The Zoo was great, Kiddo was most impressed with the bull and the goats and the horses, and the old elephant. Other than that, we’re planning a weekend day trip because we want to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Maybe another trip to the seaside is in order.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your news! :)

  • Good books: I just read Carry On and it made me very happy. Also Sofia Samatar’s A Stranger in Olondria, which I’m still pondering — beautifully written, but I’m not sure what I think of the story.

    Spring: Yorkshire can’t make its mind up, really. Yesterday I went for my walk without a coat, whereas today I think I might need a scarf as well!

    Work: sucks, because I’m not earning enough. Being a freelancer and dealing with constant offers of work “for the exposure” or “good feedback” is exhausting.

    Band: Marina & The Diamonds!! I learnt that Marina was born in Wales, which makes me smile, and I’m addicted to her music.

    Also, have been learning Welsh. It’s been weird, e.g. I found out my dad speaks quite a lot of Welsh but never taught me because he was ashamed (there was this whole thing when he was younger about English being the only language you should speak to have a decent career and Welsh marking you out as lower class and lazy). Some amazing words, though. “Popty ping” = microwave! (Sort of.) And “smwddio”, pronounced “smoothio”, is “to iron”, which made me laugh. And the first sentence I learnt was “Draig dych chi?” — “are you a dragon?”

    How’re you doing?

    • RIGHT? Carry On was such a comforting book. I mean, it kept me on my toes and I read the whole book in a day, which is pretty unusual for me, but it also made me ridiculously glad I discovered Rowell. I felt much the same when I finished Fangirl! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Oh, yeah, being a freelancer can be so tough. I love the flexible schedule and the possibility of working in my yoga pants all day but the inconsistency of payment can be a bitch.

      I’ll have to check out Marina & The Diamonds, I’ve never heard of her/them before! :)

      Huh, that’s tough, I guess the status of Welsh is similar to that of Scottish Gaelic in the UK? I had some historical linguistic courses as a part of my English degree at Uni but we sadly never mentioned Welsh… Those examples sound great! :) And *of course* it’s vital that you learn to ask whether the person you’re speaking to is actually a dragon! ;)

    • Oh, ehm, and I’m doing great! :) We went to the seaside today, it was very warm and sunny and we collected seashells for future crafts and had a *very* nice lunch. I’m feeling energized for the week! :) Thanks for asking!

  • Aw shucks! Well, my neck of the woods in Michigan, USA. Spring feels like it’s right around to corner, but you never know here. Today was 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) and partly cloudy, which is comfortable for this time of year, but there are no budding trees or shrubbery yet. Soon though… and I look forward to it. I love it when the breeze catches the blossoms on the trees and makes them dance in the streets.

    I’m currently reading the Sisters of Versailles by Sally Christie. I don’t often read historical fiction, but this one is so wonderfully written. But, I often find myself distracted by searching for “Versailles” on Instagram.

    Oh! And the fiance and I were recently selected as “resident of the month” by our apartment complex, and today they delivered us pizzas to feed the entire office. That was a pleasant surprise.

    How was the zoo? What animals are your favorite to watch? (I’ve always been fond of any kind of bear or wild cat!)

    • Ha, I always like it when people specify the measuring units they’re using, otherwise things can get really confusing! :D Okay, I’d probably figure out Michigan wasn’t in the middle of a heatwave in early March, but still. Oh, yes, the fallen petals are the best! I’d love to go to Japan someday to see the cherries bloom!

      Versailles is beautiful and totally worth the 1-hour wait in the queue. I visited it about six years ago but I have since discovered that they have this PARTY once a year (I think), it’s a masked ball where everyone turns up dressed in the most outrageous courtly costumes. I’d love to see that someday (can you see a pattern forming here? I have a lot of things on my travel bucket list). :)

      Haha, residents of the month? That’s a really nice concept to have! We barely know our neighbors, I mean, we only moved here in November but still. There are only two apartments per floor so we rarely run into each other in the elevator or whatever. The people in our old building were much more nosy!

      The zoo was great, Kiddo was most impressed by the goats and the bull and the horses and even managed to pet a sheep in the petting zoo. He also loves the elephant. He’s been talking about the animals for days now and seems weirdly distressed he didn’t get to pet the bull and/or the ostrich. My favourites were the tigers and the leopards, they’re such beautiful creatures. The leopard was lazing in the sun with only its tail twitching, it was such a cat thing! :)

  • This is a fun one! Spring is definitely here in western Oregon. Crocuses, cherry blossoms and hyacinth have bloomed, daffodils and magnolias are getting ready. Today I got to help chaperone a field trip with my daughter’s 3rd grade class. They had a tour of the “old town” of our nearest big city, Portland. I did a downtown tour of Portland in 3rd grade as well…38 years ago. I feel silly talking about our historic city center to Europeans. Portland grew up in the 1850s and later. Now we all start a week of spring vacation. No big plans, just relaxing.

    • Hi, Wendy, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
      We’re getting our first cherry blossoms and daffodils here, too, and I’m SO GLAD. I love springtime, it’s my favourite time of the year.
      Naw, I know some American cities have really nice historic centres! They’re very different from European ones, that’s true, but they’re cool all the same.
      Oh, spring vacation! We don’t have that, really – but I’m looking forward to the Easter weekend, it’s nice to have an additional free day.

  • I’m scrambling to get everything done on my last two days of spring break (and maybe fitting in a last minute reread of Written in Red >.>). Yeah…that’s pretty much life. Still school, work and a little sleep, at least until May. Oh, I did get an internship for the summer, which is pretty awesome!

    How about you, Kaja? I hope everyone enjoyed the zoo!

    • Ooh, spring break? :) That sounds nice – if you didn’t have to do school work all the time… I’m looking forward to Easter, I like an additional free day (who doesn’t?) plus the food is always great and I get to see all my relatives.

      Congratulations on getting an internship! And so early, too (is it early? I never used to know what I’d be working on during the summer when I was studying.) :)

      The trip to the zoo was great, kiddo has been talking about it for days, he was really impressed by the bull and the elephant. And he got to pet a sheep in the petting zoo, which is cool, because he used to be too scared to do that (the sheep are still bigger than him, so it’s no wonder, really). We also went to the seaside yesterday, which was really nice.

  • Jess @ Princessica of Books

    Aw thanks so much for asking! It’s really important to know how others are doing as well. I spend so much time talking about my life, the books I’ve read, my thoughts on a topic, that I forget to ask others. Of course, I prompt for their thoughts on the post in the comments but I’ve never asked them how they are outside of the topic. I’m not one to write personal posts, per say, but I do like sharing personal things (whether through DM, Twitter, or a bookstagram post).

    Anyways, to answer your question, at the moment I’m feeling good. I just finished a track meet yesterday and it’s officially the start of my spring break! I’m currently in between books and I’ve started ten blog posts but never finished them.

    How are you?

    • Hi, Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

      Yep, this is exactly why I wrote this post – I talk about MY thoughts all the time, so I wanted to hear about my readers, too. I always include discussion points at the end of my posts, but like you said, they’re mostly related to the topic of the post.

      Ooh, enjoy your spring break! We don’t have that here, but I’m looking forward to the Easter weekend, it’s always nice to have an extra day off.

      And I start blog posts all the time, I have so many drafts languishing unfinished … I really have to do something about that.

      I’m really good, we got enough sleep tonight (yay kiddo!) and we went to the seaside yesterday, which was very nice. We picked seashells and had a really good lunch.

  • I would tell you how I am, but honestly I do this every Sunday. I can tell you that spring is currently trying to decide if it wants to arrive. I mean, it was quite nice out (but chilly) in my weekend up north, but then on my train journey home Sunday it was so sunny and warm, I felt guilty about going home. Then I got home and warmth was gone (but some blue sky remained). As a Brit I could go on for several paragraphs about the weather (like, seriously, it is a genuine conversation I have almost daily and not because I’m trying to make awkward small talk with somebody). I do kind of wish spring would just start now, though, I want some slightly nicer weather so I can do things (or say I’m going to do things).

    I love how you always seem to be going to the zoo and places like that, I’ve convinced my stepdad he definitely wants a day trip to Chester Zoo this spring or summer and I’m trying to convince one of my friends to go to the West Midlands Safari Park and Cadbury World (because there are somethings you are never too old for).

    I like this post idea, though, where you just ask how people are. You don’t always find out about things in your readers lives because no one ever asks. Why is that, I wonder? It’s not that we don’t care about them,I just think no one ever thinks to ask.

    • Ha, yes, you’re one of the few people I’m up to date with (not many bloggers publish weekly updates, I love those posts of yours). And talking about the weather isn’t necessarily awkward small talk, I agree.

      We try to find new places to go with Kiddo, it’s fun to watch him discover new things. I mean, he’s also perfectly happy to go to the park and play with sticks and stones (those are all the rage now) but zoos and the seaside and such really make an impression on him, he’s been talking about both for days.

      But A. and I always visited the zoos when we traveled even before we had a kid, so it’s cool for us, too! And I’d definitely go to a safari park if one was close enough! :)

      I’ve been thinking about this, actually – I don’t think bloggers are as introverted as we saw we are. I mean, I know I’m not an introvert but a lot of bloggers claim they are. And blogging is the opposite of being introverted – sure, you’re hidden behind your web identity and you get to choose what you share, but you’re essentially flooding your blog with your thoughts, facts about yourself, news about your life, etc. I don’t know. Maybe I need to write a post about it. :)

      • Bloggers should post weekly updates. I do sometimes feel like my weekly posts end up being my (rather dull) diary of my life, but it’s fun. I don’t know why I started it, but it’s one of those things I am now committed to writing each week, maybe it’s just so I can stare in shock every time I have a book buying binge to try and shock me into cutting back whilst also making me happy when I’ve read lots of books.

        Sticks and stones are all the rage are they? I miss being so easily pleased by things. I remember being thrilled every time I could go to a playground, swings were my absolute favourite thing and being brave enough to climb the steps on the big slide when I got older. I do see how the beach and zoos would be quite memorable, though. I am very much the same when I’ve been somewhere cool, I will tell everyone I know that I saw baby meerkats at the zoo and saw a sleeping tiger even if I already told them the day before.

        I think this is true, you can’t be a complete introvert to have a blog, but then I don’t know. I am more shy than introverted (but definitely wouldn’t class myself as extroverted) and shyness is my biggest issue when blogging. I don’t care that it’s not a real life interaction with someone but it still leads me to some shyness happening. I am off to visit your post about bloggers being introverted so you’ll undoubtedly get some more of my thoughts on this.

  • I’m really late to this, mostly because I’ve been crazily busy lately – but mostly in a good way. I just got back from vacation in Arizona, where we did lots of hiking – which I love! And the weather here in Chicagoland is finally getting a bit warmer. Yay!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • Hi! It’s good to hear from you in any case. I like comments on older posts, it makes me feel like they’re worth commenting on. :D

      I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Arizona! All the photos I’ve seen from there are really beautiful.

      Temperatures here are about to hit 20s this weekend (that’s Celsius), so I’m super excited for walks outside and some sunshine.

      Have a nice weekend! :)

      • Today the windchill here was in the 20s – but that’s Fahrenheit, so not so pleasant! LOL! (Supposed to get up into the 60s tomorrow, though – and then back down to the 30s the next day – weather here is so crazy!)

        • Ugh, that’s uncomfortable. I don’t like such weird swings in the weather, I never know what to wear (or how to dress my kid).
          I hope you get to spring soon! :)

  • My March was so busy, I just read this post now :)

    By now, I am doing well – doing a lot of nothing but catching on tv (my hulu queue is dangerous at the moment) blogs (my habit of commenting on all sorts of old posts is rearing it’s head) books (I have a 8 books I bought in 2015 I haven’t read yet – and usually if I bother to buy a book I read it right away). Well, 9 books but I just read Six of Crows yesterday. Plus I have a few library reads to catch up on so I can discuss them with various people.

    Monday I will begin to be productive again ;)

    • I like comments on older posts, it’s always fun to get a new notification.

      And you’re way better than me if you read books you buy immediately, I’m a horrible book hoarder. My tbr is way longer, so I have some personal challenges set this year to get it under control. I’m doing pretty well with that!

      What did you think of Six of Crows?? I’ve heard mostly good things but I still haven’t decided if I want to read it…

      Here’s to a very productive week! :)

      • I like comments on older posts too :)

        I liked Six of Crows. Not quite as much as I liked Ruin and Rising but I LOVED Ruin and Rising. It’s well written and well crafted. Some people said that it took them a little bit to get into, but I guess since I was expecting that, I didn’t think it was slow in the beginning. I also thought it ended very well. It’s a two book series and I won’t give anything away, but I will say she doesn’t leave you in a bad place which I really, really appreciated.

        • Hm, a two book series sounds okay. I mean, I am in the middle of SO MANY series it’s horrible, so something I can finish in a decent time frame seems a better idea. Maybe I’ll wait for the sequel to be published and see if it still receives rave reviews and decide then! :) I started with the Grisha series but it didn’t immediately pull me in, so I still have to finish that one, too.

  • [email protected] Friends Are Fiction

    Love this post! I am well!! I am just recovering from a blogging slump but I am feeling the motivation again and I’m so happy about that. I am reading The Skylighter by Becky Wallace right now and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve had some DNFs lately so I needed something I could really enjoy. It is Spring here. I’m in Texas so we’ve had some rather hot days and then some beautiful ones. A couple of weeks ago we planted flowers and I’ve loved tending to them and watching them grow. Now I must ask…HOW ARE YOU?

    • Thank you, Kristen! :) And welcome to my blog.

      Blogging slumps can be tough to get through. I am definitely posting much less than I did before but with life being what it is, I feel comfortable with what I have going on.

      Ah, I saw Wallace’s books on various blogs, they seem really interesting – I’m glad you’re enjoying Skylighter!

      And I can imagine Texas is warmer than most places right now. :) We’ve had several really nice days, we had a great weekend with walks and lots of spring flowers, too. Now I’m debating buying a small raised garden bed for our balcony so Kiddo can plant stuff and watch it grow (+ fresh herbs for the kitchen!).

      I’m doing really good, I could use some more sleep at the moment, but it’s not too bad. I’m looking forward to reading several good books in April.