A Year Older Again

bdayHi! And welcome. It’s my 29th birthday and I’m really glad you stopped by to chat.

I like birthdays. They’ve always been full of good memories for me and have involved nice things like presents and good food and family and friends. I hope this year will be no different. We’ll be celebrating quietly at first but we’re also planning a larger family meal because my dad’s birthday is in a week.

I haven’t really stressed about being in my late 20s yet. I mean, I might freak out a little next year, when the 2 will finally be replaced with a 3, but I’m not there yet, so I’m not worrying. I did make a “30 before 30” list of things I want to achieve/try/do before I’m three decades old, but I won’t be sharing it because it’s rather personal.

I think this year will be a good one. My second kid is due in late August and it will be all work and craziness until then – but hopefully, we’ll find time for short trips and a longer visit to the seaside. I’m pretty excited – not just about the baby, that’s a given – but I like my work as well, so that’s always a good thing.


I don’t know how many of you have been around long enough to remember my old blog design but the tulips above are kind of a nod to it. :D I’m so glad I changed it. I still like the current one, so I’ll be sticking with it even though it’s now one year old.

My blog anniversary (I dislike the word blogiversary) comes around on May 5th, so the following giveaway is a way to say thank you – both for being here as friends for me (and my birthday) and as blog readers (for my blog).


The rules:

  • One winner will get to choose one book from the list of books I reviewed here on the blog that received a rating of 4 stars/hearts or more in the value of up to 15 EUR. The reviews can be found here. You can also order the first part of a series if I’ve reviewed the third one, for example. I’m fairly certain anyone can find something of interest.
  • To be eligible for the giveaway, The Book Depository must ship to your country. You can check about that here. The prize cannot be exchanged for anything else.
  • The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond. In case they fail to respond, another winner will be chosen.
  • will check all entries of the winner and accounts used only for giveaways don’t count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

srcekWhen is your birthday? How do you celebrate?

How did you find your way to my blog?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

  • Penni

    My birthday is August 17. I’ve already hit my thirties…likes 3 years ago!
    I don’t have any certain way to celebrate. Each year is different.

    I can’t recall how I found you blog … I think through Feed Your Fiction Addiction Discussion challenge…and i’ve followed your on Bloglovin ever since.

    • Hi, Penni, thanks for stopping by and for following! :)

      I like that the book blogging world is so age-diverse, I read blogs from people who are still teenagers and from people in their 40s. So many people who love to talk about books!

  • Greg Hill

    Happy birthday! And anniversary too next month. Lots of fun stuff going on. :) Not sure which book I’d pick, but fun giveaway. As for best gift received, I would have to say… I like gift cards for bookstores. It’s always nice to get free books. :)

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.

    • Thanks, Greg! :)

      Ah, free books are the best kind of gift, that’s true, and the option of picking your own is even better.

      My weekend was great, we went to the railway museum and saw some cool steam engines. Very steampunkish!

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    Happy birthday Kaja! I actually like getting older. I certainly like the person I am now at 21 more than the person at 18. I think I’ve gotten much better at knowing who I am, and accepting that person. So I’m looking forward to all the next years. I hope your year as a 29 year old will be amazing :)

    I have no clue how I found your blog to be honest… All I know is that it’s under my favorites-category on Bloglovin’ :D

    • Thanks, Jolien! :)

      Yeah, I just discussed this with my husband – I miss some aspects of being younger (like college-aged) because there WERE perks (like being able to sleep in on the weekends, I miss that, haha) but I feel more at peace with myself now and I’m a more stable person to be sure. And I don’t mind the responsibilities that come with getting older, I really like where my life is at now.

      Ha, ditto, only my super-special folder is called “Best” ;)

  • Sebastian

    Happy birthday Kaja!

    So now we’re no longer of the same age until October when I’m going to catch up to you again ;P

    I definitely do prefer rather quiet birthdays but still usually have all my family come over which usually isn’t THAT quiet :D

    Also, happy blog anniversary, 3 years is quite an impressive time and I’m a bit sad I discovered your blog only recently because I really like your posts (especially the discussions) and your blog design. And to answer your question, I think Maraia is to blame for making me find my way to your blog ;)

    I hope your 30th year will be great and I wish you all the best for your pregnancy!

    P.S.: You might have to update your short bio in the sidebar now ;P

    • Oh man, I completely forgot about the sidebar. Fixed immediately! :D

      Thanks for the nice wishes, Sebastian!

      Now you get to feel young for half a year, huh? :) My husband is turning 29 in June and it was funny because we got married in May, so I was technically a year older than him then. It’s ridiculous, really, because once you pass a certain age (maybe 20?) age differences just don’t matter as much. :)

      Well, you’re just going to have to stick around from now on and see all the awesomeness I have planned for the future? *snort* (If I have two posts written up in advance, I’m a happy camper. That’s the extent of my planning.)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Happy birthday! I just hit 29 last month, too. It’s not such a bad age to be, haha.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. If I won, I’d probably get a copy of Uprooted — it was one of my favorite books of the last couple of years, but I had to return it to the library.

    • Nope, 29 will be a great year! :)

      Oh, I’m glad you liked Uprooted, it was one of my favourite books from 2015, too! I’m looking forward to reading more books by Naomi Novik, her style is wonderful.

      Thanks for stopping by, Louise!

  • Happy Birthday Kaja and happy anniversary for Of Dragons and Hearts ♥ Turning 29 and 30 didn’t freak me out but this year I just passed 35 and seeing myself closer to the 4- digits kind of freaked me out O.O Oh well, I’m still young at heart and that’s what counts :) Many happy returns my friend! xx

    • Hm, yeah, I can see myself worrying about the 40, too, but I like to think we’re more than just our age, right? :)
      Thank you for the wishes and for stopping by! <3

  • Happy birthday! Mine if July 25th, and I will be turning 28 this year. It’s been tradition that my mom and I go see a Shakespeare play during the annual Shakespeare Festival held in a nearby town, but she moved last summer, so I don’t think I’ll be taking one in this year unless I get the courage to go see one myself. Otherwise, it’s usually just like any other day. I don’t have any family nearby to really spoil me, so I might order pizza from my favorite pizzeria and have a quiet night in.

    Happy soon-to-be blog anniversary too! I don’t recall how I stumbled across your blog, although I’m mighty glad I did. I immediately subscribed to it, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve added so many books to my wishlist because of your reviews, and you just seem like a genuine and kind person. Plus, I love seeing snippits of Slovenia– so pretty!

    • Thanks, Jackie! :)

      A Shakespeare play and festival sound amazing, I wish we had something similar here (even if it wasn’t for my birthday). You could search for other Shakespeare enthusiasts in the area and go with them? Though pizza and a quiet night in sound great as well, I’ve been craving more calm these days.

      And thank you for following, you’re right, we’ve been following each other for a while now! I’m glad your tbr is expanding – not to be evil or anything but I’m always glad to recommend good books! :)

  • Happy birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you… and, well, you get the just of it, right? Imagine that in a warbly out of tune voice and that would be me. I hope you had a fantastic birthday. I wish I knew what the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten was, but I have no idea. Last year my friend got me a box of individually wrapped little presents which was really sweet. I love when I get gifts where you can tell someone has thought about it (one year she bought me pyjamas for Christmas and I could just tell she knew me).

    It’s so cool you’re not even stressing about your late twenties, you’ve better things to be thinking about than age. I, on the other hand, am very much in denial about my mid-twenties status and it doesn’t help that my friends are continually stressing about their age as well. It may just be a number but as I get older I find myself caring a little bit more about it. I’m comforted by the fact I still get ID’d wherever I go, though.

    I can never say no to a giveaway (yet have never hosted my own. I think that I will have to remedy this at some point). I wish I knew what to pick but my brain has gone blank (what books have you been telling me to read which I haven’t? I feel like there are so many so why can’t I remember them?) so who knows.

    Also, why can I not remember your old blog design? I remember the redesign and cannot even think of what it looked like before that. I actually just went and looked it up on the internet (I love the wayback machine for looking at old site designs, it’s sad, I know) and I get the nod to the old design now. How things change, right? I love the design so I’m glad you’re sticking with it a bit longer.

    • Thank you for the song! :) Nobody actually sang it to me this year so you’re the first. My birthday was really nice, we got to sleep until 7.10 (this is HUGE for Kiddo) and went to the railroads museum to look at old steam engines. It was fun!

      A. got me a gift certificate for our ZOO, which means I get to “meet” my favourite animal – and I’m going to pick red pandas because they’re super fluffy! I probably won’t get to pet them (*sob*) but just spending some time with them will be great.

      Hm, maybe I’d be stressing more if I wasn’t happy with where my life is at now? Probably. And you’re definitely right, people around you make an enormous difference. I always cringe a bit when my friends start talking about their biological clocks ticking or whatever. I think everyone should take their own life as slowly as they wish (by which I mean we shouldn’t feel pressured to do certain things in life – like marriage – just because “everyone else is doing it”).

      We’ll choose something fantastic for you if you’re the winner, promise. ;)

      And OH MY, there’s a machine that does that?! That’s horrible! It’s like sharing your awkward teenage photos with the whole world, why, why does that exist?! Ugh. :D

      • Yay, I can’t believe I’m the first. I always have at least one terrible rendition of happy birthday, usually from my brother or a friend. And I can imagine sleeping after 7 feels like a major lie in for you so I’m glad that at least you get a lie-in for your birthday. And a museum sounds like an ideal birthday to me, I don’t care what it’s a museum for, I just like wandering around learning things.

        And can I flail about how jealous I am at that you can meet your favourite animal? That is amazing! That is the most amazing gift ever, especially if you do get to meet red pandas because they are so amazingly adorable (the ones at our local zoo are so shy you rarely see them). I don’t care if you can’t pet them, being near them is enough really.

        This is true, when you’ve got everything you want then you can’t be worrying about much else. I always feel like I should be way more concerned than I am because my friends are beginning to stress about their age. I’m still stuck questioning when you begin feeling like a proper grown up so I can’t say I’ll be stressing about my biological clock or something ridiculous like that.

        And it’s both embarrassing and insanely fun to use. It’s very much like looking at embarrassing photos from when you were growing up and you cringe at the terrible fashions, but it’s fun.

        • Okay, I got the happy birthday song today. It was sung by my family, which means it was off key because half of them are absolutely tone-deaf but I love them anyway. :)

          Yeah, I’m excited about red pandas, too, they are usually asleep when we see them, though from time to time one of them parades up and down the branches they have set up, waving that gorgeous tail around and being adorable with its fluffy paws. I’m hoping the promise of snacks will bring them forward. :)

          I have no idea if other people feel grown up or not but I definitely don’t – not yet. I mean, from time to time it hits me that I have a kid, another on the way, that I’m earning my own money and I’m married, which is basically the definition of being a grown up but then I’m like “naaah” and proceed to eat Nutella and crisps for dinner. :)

          • Yay, family happy birthday songs are the best. It shows they care even though it’s painful on the ears.

            That’s good, I’m glad you get to see them occasionally. Who isn’t enticed over by snacks? I doubt red pandas are immune to such treats.

            And I hope people don’t start to feel grown up. I’d hate to think at some point I’ll be stuck on adult mode because I still sometimes have dessert for tea because I’m too lazy to make actual dinner. I sometimes remember I’m a grown up with a proper job earning my own money… then I choose to ignore that.

          • You know, I had a really adult moment this weekend. I felt OLD and crabby. It was 10 o’clock on a Friday night and one of the neighbours was having a really loud party, I think their windows were open because the music was thumping and it sounded like they were moving furniture and also watching football and toasting every 15 minutes. And all I could think of was: “Were we ever so annoying when we had our parties?” and felt really ashamed because I’m fairly certain we WERE! I even thought of going to ask them to keep it down at around 11.30 but then they quieted down, luckily. But yeah, definitely an “old” moment for me…

          • Ha, everyone has one of those moments, though. It’s hard not to, even when you logically know you’re being irrationally annoyed, you just can’t help it. I had moments like that at uni when I was about 19 because I had an early exam or lecture and my housemates had invited friends around for a ‘quiet gathering’, sometimes you can’t help wanting to be the grouchy woman asking people to turn their music down and be quiet.

  • Maraia

    Happy birthday, once again! And happy anniversary to my favorite blog. ;D

    I know you don’t want to share your list of things to do before 30, but are you happy with your progress? I’m glad you’re celebrating with cheesecake. You’ll have to teach your kids to bake them for you, haha. (Did you already find out the sex of Baby #2, by the way?) I completely forgot to send the card I had picked out for you, so you
    can pretend that the postcard was for your birthday, and I’ll mail you
    the card later in the year. XD Growing up, I had birthday parties with friends and my parents, since I don’t live near other relatives. The older I get, though the more low key I want my birthdays. This year’s was perfect.

    You changed your design only a week or two after I found your blog, and I’ve tried to remember what it looks like, but no luck. I absolutely love this one, though! I can’t believe I’ve only been reading your blog for exactly one year. It was last year’s version of this same post that I first commented on, and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I always enjoy your posts, our great comment conversations, (nicely) pushing your blog on other people, and chatting with you by email. I really hope we can work out a way to meet this summer, but if not, definitely the next trip. :D

    Oh, and I just saw the giveaway questions… I think I might pick Every Move, since I’m eager to finish the series, but those books are difficult to find at the library. As for the best gift I’ve ever gotten, I guess it would probably be a trip from my parents. But I have so say, getting four books and a Harry Potter Funko Pop from Crini, Sana, and Sebastian was an amazing surprise and comes pretty close. ;)

    • Aw, Maraia, that means the world to me. *sends hugs across the world*

      No, it’s a list I made, like, last week – the things I want to do in this year alone. I wish I had thought of it sooner, I could have added more “big” stuff but it’s mostly just “have a facial” (as I’ve never had one) and “finish writing the damn book” (because really) and “wear lipstick more often”.

      And yeah, I’m announcing the Baby #2 sex in my April roundup ;) (hint: Baby will be able to pee standing up when older).

      When I was in high school and at Uni, I used to throw a party for my friends each year and the more people came, the better I felt. Now I’m just happy to plan a nice lunch with my family. I guess that’s a part of growing up?

      I’ve been thinking about your trip – let me know when you know the details (and where you’ll be travelling, approximately) and I’ll really do my best to make it work. I’d love to meet up. And I’m fairly certain I got a number of new followers thanks to you in one year, so THANK YOU for that.

      Oh, yeah, Every Move would be a good choice. I really liked the conclusion, as you know! And bookish gifts from friends who actually know your reading tastes are fantastic. But I have to admit I’m not so crazy about Funko Pops – I’m not really into dolls, even if they are of cool characters. :D

      Thank you for everything – the wishes and all the comments.

      • Maraia

        *sends hugs back*

        YAY, I’m glad finishing your book is on the list. I hope you have fun with it. (The list and the book.)

        *gasps* WHAT COULD IT BE?! Haha, that’s very exciting!

        Yeah, I guess so. I’d like to think we require less external validation the older we get, but maybe it’s just that we’re not around other people to compare ourselves to. xD

        I will hopefully book a plane ticket this weekend, so I’ll let you know! It would really be amazing if we can work something out. :D

        Is not liking dolls related to not wanting collectibles in general? I remember you said something about having no interest in collecting the AGOS art cards. I definitely don’t plan on collecting Funko Pops, but Quidditch Harry is my favorite one, so I’m happy to have him.

        • Okay Funko Pop dolls… First of all, they don’t look that cute to me. Some of them are okay but I’m really practical in the way that I see such items as dust-collectors on my shelves. :D I’m not against collecting in general (I even collected stamps when I was younger, as well as rubber erasers and paper napkins) but nowadays I don’t really see the point – I mean, I would LOVE to collect rare art but my budget doesn’t allow it. :D A collection of Impressionist paintings, for example, would be fantastic, but I’ll probably have to make do with prints for now. ;)

          I do sort of half-heartedly collect jewellery boxes (small, ceramic ones, for example) if I see them when I travel and like them well enough to imagine them sitting out in the open. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery these days but I have a pretty extensive collection of (non-expensive) earrings, so I have to keep them somewhere. So jewellery boxes combine collecting and being useful. :)

          • Maraia

            It took me a while to get used to them, and I still only think some of them are cute. I don’t usually like any sort of dolls with overly large heads. It creeps me out a bit. XD

            Haha, one day you’ll have your collection of Impressionist paintings. :D

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  • Happy birthday! I had my 30th birthday a couple years ago, and I remember feeling really jittery at 29, with the knowledge that I would be moving up another age bracket. Turns out, 30s is pretty awesome :) Hope you had a great day!

    • Well, I’m kind of looking forward to my 30th birthday. If all goes well, I will have finished with my PhD and some work stuff by then and also Kiddo #2 will probably be crawling around so it’ll be a good time.
      I did have a good day, it was rainy and cold but we went to the railroads museum and saw some great old steam engines.
      Thanks for the wishes! :)

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing year. My birthday is actually only a couple of weeks away (May 7th). I was also two weeks overdue, so who knows, we could have had the same birthday. I was looking through your reviews and I’m struck by how many books we both love. If I won, I’d think I’d go with the Lies of Locke Lamora. I’ve been dying to read it. I can’t rightly remember how I came across your blog, but I’m glad I did!

    • Thanks, Alicia!

      You know, I was born early, my mom’s due date was May 2nd (which is my dad’s birthday)! :) Also: I sympathise with your mother because Kiddo #1 was one week overdue and I thought I was going to be pregnant FOREVER (which is scientifically impossible, but there you have it). My due date for Kiddo #2 is actually THE SAME as for Kiddo #1 (August 25th), so we’ll see how close their birthdays will be in the end! :)

      Ooh, LoLL would be a great choice. Wishing you luck in the giveaway! :)

  • Happy happy birthday (and blogoversary too – or blog birthday, since you’re not crazy about that word)! Here’s to another amazing year! If I won your giveaway, I might choose ACoTaR. Thanks for the chance!

    • Thank you, Nicole! :)

      And ACoTaR is pretty cool, I mean, there’s loads of stuff that you might criticize but I’m very much looking forward to reading the sequel next month! :)

  • livingbelowtheclouds

    I would choose Attachmentsby Rainbow Rowell
    One of the best gifts was the Illustrated Harry Potter book!
    Rafflecopter username: Joana Bento

    • Ahh, Attachments is one of my favourite books of all time, great choice!

      Thanks for stopping by, Joana! :)

  • Ooh, happy birthday! Mine’s 20th August; I usually celebrate with lots of books… predictably enough.

  • I’m not sure what book I’d pick — maybe The Archived, which is the first one I spotted in the list, since I’ve enjoyed Schwab’s other books! Best birthday gift… once my partner got me a songbook by Heather Dale, which included the music and some short stories, and had it signed too. Totally as a surprise. <3

    • Lots of books sounds great. Nobody ever buys me books (well, my husband does sometimes, he’s great like that) because they all figure I buy enough of them myself (how wrong they are!).

      The Archived would be a great choice. Wishing you luck with the giveaway! :)

  • My birthday is June 15. I am actually getting married on June 11, so it will be a good month. I actually usually do nothing for my birthday, but that’s the way I like it. Usually I go out to dinner and just relax at home (I always make sure to take a vacation day from work :P). I found your blog through the fabulous Maraia! :D Happy blog anniversary AND birthday!

    • Ah, that’s great! A June wedding *sigh*. I got married on May 25, thinking it would be warm and balmy and it ended up raining the entire day, so my dress wasn’t exactly appropriate – but I still think it was one of THE BEST days ever and I wasn’t even cold because I was so excited the entire time. :D I wish you the best of luck with your wedding prep and remember to BREATHE. ;) It’ll all be worth it.

      Will you be on your honeymoon when your birthday comes along?

      Yeah, taking a day off for your birthday sounds great. Mine was on Sunday this year, which was nice.

      Thank you for stopping by! :)

      • Ah, yes. I’m nervous it is going to rain, but I suppose I can’t stress about something I can’t control.

        Yes! We’re not going on an offical honeymoon, though. We might save that for the winter and go somewheres warm. For now, we’re just going to take a few small trips and relax. :)

        • Rain supposedly brings a) lots of money to the married couple; b) lots of children to the married couple – depends on whom you ask. Do you have this superstition, too? Since it’s less than 3 years from our rainy wedding and I’m pregnant with our second kid, I’m going to go with option b. ;)

          Oh, relaxing is definitely a good way to unwind after a wedding. The adrenaline comes crashing down and you just want to sleep for a week. :)

          Good luck!

          • Ooooh! Interesting. I’ve never heard this. We are only planning for one child, so I’m hoping A works in my favour. XD

          • Huh, must be a local piece of lore. But I’m happy to lend it to you in case of a rainy wedding day! :) And option A is also great! ;)

  • Sending belated birthday wishes! I hope you had a fab day. Thanks for the giveaway too, so kind of you. I think I’d choose The Archived by Victoria Schwab. As for the best birthday present? Hmm. The 10-year-old-me would tell you that it was my Game Boy, the 32-year-old-me would say that signed books are my favourite gifts to receive.x

    • Thank you! :) My day was great, it was Sunday, it’s always good to have a whole day off for a birthday. We went to the railroads museum where Kiddo wandered around wide-eyed, looking at the big old steam engines.

      Signed books are great gifts, they’re really special! I always envy people who live in cities where lots of authors stop by on book tours.

      And The Archived is a really good choice! :)

      • So glad you had a great day! Sounds like a lovely family outing. I know, I never meet authors – probably just as well as I’d probably stand there speechless before fainting! lol. I have a post though on how I find signed copies online http://www.strupag.com/christmas-gift-ideas-signed-books/ Just in case you want a birthday treat for yourself ;D x

        • Although I’m not entirely sure if they all ship internationally.x

          • Oh, thanks for sharing that link! And yeah, I don’t know what I’d say to authors, I’d probably go all fangirl on them and grin maniacally. :)

  • Happy birthday, Kaja! Congrats on reaching such a great place in life and on the growing family!

    • Thanks, Kel! :) Yeah, I’m really grateful for where we are now and I hope our good luck continues.

  • Happy belated birthday, Kaja! I hope you have just as many good memories from your 29th birthday as all the ones before it. :)

    Knowing you and the craziness that is your schedule, I’m sure you’ll be slightly run down until August and the arrival of Baby- but if anyone can tackle it all, you can! Best of luck with your 30 things list, hopefully you have the chance to mark all your items off before your next birthday. Everyone loves a good, completed list!

    • Thanks, Danya! :)

      Yeah, I’m afraid I’ll be too tired by the time Baby arrives and I’ll just SLEEP for a week afterwards. But this isn’t a huge problem since newborns mostly sleep all day. Though there will be Kiddo this time, so it’s sure to be different and more hectic. But we’ll tackle it one day at a time and see what happens.

      Eh, most of the items on my 30 list are simple ones like “wear more lipstick” and “go to a concert”, so no problem there, but I have a couple of bigger ones that will take more willpower. :) And yeah, lists are my thing, I know I’ll enjoy crossing items off.

  • Annie Marie Riquelme

    summer days summer nights

  • sherry butcher

    Happy Birthday! I think I would like the book A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab.

    • Thanks, Sherry! And A Darker Shade of Magic is a great pick!

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  • Emma A

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was filled with good cake and great books!
    I think I would pick either Attachments or Scarlet.
    The best birthday gift I have received is my car for my 16th birthday from my parents :)

    • Thanks, Emma! :) Yep, I got a cheesecake that was pretty damn good + I bought myself some books. I figure it was a good birthday.

      Attachments was one of the best books I read in 2015 and Rainbow Rowell’s books in general just make me so happy. That’s a great choice! :)

      Oh, a car is a wonderful gift! So cool. We don’t get to drive until we’re 18 but it was years before I could afford a car of my own. :)

  • Happy blog anniversary and belated birthday! If I were to win… I’d pick one of the V.E. Schwab books. I have yet to read any of them even though I’ve been saying that I want to for a while lol. I think I found your blog via Anya’s linkup? I do especially enjoy your discussion posts :-)

    • Thanks, Kristen! :)

      Mhm, Schwab’s books are a great choice. I think you’d like them.

      Huh, Anya’s linkup! I didn’t think anyone came through there… I have to post my links to it more often. :)

  • Happy belated birthday and happy anniversary! <33 I think the best gift that I've received is book (is that even a surprise? ;) ). It's always nice to get a free books. Anyway, hope you get a lot of great gifts this year! :)

    • Thank you, Tiffany! :)

      And yeah, free books are always fantastic, I never actually get that many for birthdays or Christmas because people think I buy enough of them myself. Wrong! :)

  • Happy belated birthday, Kaja!!! :D :D My b-day is August 13, and I’m not that many years behind you! I’ll be at 30 soon enough too XD

    I remember I first found your blog through the Tough Traveling meme. After a couple weeks of coming over for that, I subscribed to your blog, and then, next thing I know, you have me reading The Lies of Locke Lamora! (Which I have recently added to my, small and exclusive, all-time favorite list) ;)

    • Thanks, DJ! :) Oh, you’re a summer child, then. Do you usually have a picnic for your birthday? I would if the weather ever permitted it but April has notoriously fickle weather here.

      Ah, yes, the Tough Traveling meme was fantastic. I met so many great bloggers through there! And I will never be sorry for pushing Locke & crew onto people. By the way, you’ll be happy to know I’m making some progress on my Red Seas read, so I should be able to finish it soon and then we can continue with our read-along. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long but I’m a mood reader and I can’t really force myself to read books that don’t fit my mood – I mean, I could, but then I wouldn’t enjoy them as much. Anyway, I’ll let you know as soon as I’m done!

      The Thorn of Emberlain still has a July 2016 pub date so I have to hurry if I want to finish re-reading The Republic of Thieves as well!

      • I’ve NEVER had a picnic birthday! Actually, never even thought of it before Lol I may have to do that this year though!

        And don’t worry at all about delay! I did the same thing basically with Lies. Plus, I think we can handle reading 2 books in 2 month :P We’ll be all set for when Thorns is released!

        I believe I have a little under 90 pages left to read in it. I’m just about to finish up another book tonight, so once I do that, I jump back into Read Seas so I can finished that and have my review all set! :)

        • HOW have you not had a picnic for your summer birthday!? :D Did you have the option of having a barbecue? Did you grow up in a house or an apartment building? We always lived in an apartment building but my brother was born in June, so my parents would always try to get people together somewhere we could grill and play football or whatever.

          Okay I’ll let you know when I’m close to finishing Red Seas and then we’ll figure out the time to post our reviews.