My March


First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my February recap post – your sweet messages mean the world to me. <3 

March was a nice month, the weather was unpredictable but we got several very, very beautiful, sunny days which we took advantage of by going to the zoo, to the playground, and to the seaside. The trees are blooming and there are daffodils and the first tulips – my favourite time of the year. I’m looking forward to April and May, when I’ll be able to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt and a skirt without tights and my Converse. 

In Kiddo news: he’s been doing great. He’s forming sentences now (like “Grandad gave apples to horses” or simple things like that), of course half the words are still garbled and we’re probably the only ones who understand him, but it’s easier to have a conversation with him. He’s also exhibiting typical signs of being a toddler, i.e. hissy fits and loud complaints, which we’re told are completely normal and should fade when he’s about 4 (which means more than 2 years to go, hold me). His current obsession is with horses, cows and excavators. 

In future baby news: I’m feeling good. I started feeling the little kicks and nudges last week, they’re still too weak to be felt from the outside, but it’s great to know s/he’s swimming in there, flexing her/his little limbs. I have a checkup in April when we’ll be able to find out the sex of the baby, I’m looking forward to that! We didn’t ask for Kiddo and we’re doing it differently this time. Other than that, I’m in that weird stage where I sometimes look like I’ve gained some weight (just in my tummy area) if I’m not wearing a tight t-shirt. I can still wear most of my jeans but I have to unsnap my button when I’m sitting. :D It’s weird, but I’ll be showing properly soon. 

In reading news: I read A Gathering of Shadows right at the beginning of the month, it was fantastic and haven’t been the same since. *sigh* It seems 2016 is the year of reading slumps, what can I say. I did read Every Move, which I’ll be reviewing soon – it was a really good conclusion to the series. I have to find a new Sherlock inspired series soon – does anyone know anything that isn’t too bloody and scary? :) You know I’m a chicken, so be gentle with me. Because of Miss Bridgerton was one of the best romances I’ve read in a while, by the way, so if you’re craving historicals, go for it.

ink-and-bone-caineI got some interesting books this monthThe Wrath and the Dawn was really cheap for Kindle, I guess because the sequel is to be published soon, so I caved and picked it up. I also ordered Lean Mean Thirteen, the (you guessed it) thirteenth instalment of the Stephanie Plum series – I love it so much! I’m currently reading it and it’s hilarious. Seriously, I was having a pedi today and snort-laughed while the very nice lady was taking care of my feet.

Then I got Ink and Bone from NetGalley, I’m ridiculously excited about that because it got fantastic reviews from bloggers I trust. I also got a couple of contemporary romances that aren’t even worth mentioning (seriously, I should stop listening to Amazon when it recommends things to me. It does not know me). I’m currently reading a French novel a colleague asked me to review, I’m still chewing my way through Red Seas under Red Skies and I probably have other half-finished books sitting around the apartment, waiting for me to pick them up again. Lots of choices, anyway. 


What I wrote:

Interestingly enough, there were no posts to be put into my usual “random” category. Maybe I should work on more randomness in the future?


Link love:

  • These photos of a broken-down Moroccan palace remind me of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. (Also, click around that blog, her photos are gorgeous!)
  • Some artists cut food into cubes of the same size and they look great! I love such simple ideas.
  • The long shadow of Katniss Everdeen – something to think about!
  • Greg shared his flash fiction piece, Trust Issues.
  • The making of Vienetta ice cream – I don’t know if this brand is available wherever you are but it’s one of my faves and this looks yummy (+ I kind of want access to this conveyor belt).
  • You people know I hardly ever get political, especially since this doesn’t concern my country, but I really feel like it does concern me, given how the USA is one of the world’s superpowers. I feel like we all have the right to laugh at this (don’t quit it immediately).


How have you been? What was your April like?

Did you read anything interesting? Do you have a Sherlock-inspired rec for me?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Maraia

    I’m glad to hear you and your family are doing well! Even if AGOS has ruined all other books for you. ;) I’m currently on my third (audio) read of it, haha. I’m trying to think of other Sherlock-inspired books. There’s A Study in Charlotte, but I didn’t like it very much. The only other one I’ve read is Moriarty, which is an adult book. I liked one a lot, and I don’t remember it being particularly bloody, but don’t hold me to that.

    I love those pictures from Morocco! Oh man, I hadn’t thought about Vienetta ice cream in years, but now I’m majorly craving it. I’ve never seen it here, but I loved it when I lived in Europe.

    I’m actually happy to hear you say that the U.S. election does concern you. I have to admit that I’m a bit tired of people I know in other countries telling me how hilarious Trump is. Yes, it’s our election, but it’s naive to say that the results of the election aren’t going to affect the rest of the world. It’s hard not to laugh (that video was pretty funny), but it’s more that I’m laughing because it’s easier than crying.

    As you know, I spent last week in Bonaire, which was AMAZING. It was warm and sunny and relaxing and just about perfect. We met some wonderful people (as always at the place where we stay) and snorkeled twice a day. Sea turtles are always one of my favorite things to see, and I saw 7 this time! I even got close enough to touch one of them, but I resisted. :D

    • AGOS has a lot to answer for. I’m tempted to grab Kell and Lila by the ear and make them return my reading mojo to me. (I’m actually counting on Ink and Bone to do that, I’ve heard it’s amazing). Who’s the author for Moriarty? I don’t mind if it’s a little bloody, just so long as it isn’t SCARY.

      I know, those photos are amazing. The lady behind the blog does photography for non-profit organizations and travels all over the world, her travel diaries are great.

      Really? No Vienetta in the US? Wow, you’re missing out. :D (Sorry). Ice cream season will soon start here and I can’t wait! My absolute favourite is Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I think I could eat the entire pot by myself if I wasn’t afraid of making myself sick.

      Oh, the US election ABSOLUTELY concerns the rest of the world. And I agree, laughing is easier than crying. I haven’t been following the election process too closely but Trump’s campaign scares me a lot. But honestly, you have to admit that Trump isn’t REALLY surprising if you consider your countrymen elected George Bush TWICE in a row (were you old enough to vote then?).
      I mean, we’ve had our fair share (and then some!) of really conservative, dangerous people at the head of our country, and I told you stupid people voted against gay marriages and adoptions and almost outvoted abortion (yeah, that was the first time I voted …) and single women (and consequently lesbians) still can’t get artificially inseminated, but Slovenia is TINY. We’re next to no importance in the global political field and if we elect dangerous people, at most 2 million people will suffer for it.
      America is BIG and important and likes to meddle overseas. So it’s crucial that it have someone sane leading it – and this is a description that does not seem to fit Trump. We’ll see how things go but I really, really hope he loses! (Aaaaand this is probably as political as I’ll ever get on my blog, lol).

      I am insanely jealous of your vacation, sea turtles are amazing! I know next to nothing about them (except for that hippy turtle dad from Finding Nemo, the one who kept saying “Duuuude”) but they seem great. How tiny they are when they hatch! :) Snorkeling is the thing without the oxygen tanks, yeah? Wow, I had no idea you went there regularly.

      • Maraia

        Ooh, I’ll be looking forward to your review. The author is Anthony Horowitz.

        YUM. I just realized I haven’t had Ben & Jerry’s in years, either. I think my favorite flavors are Half Baked (half chocolate ice cream, half vanilla, mixed with pieces of cookie dough and brownie) or Karamel Sutra (lol). This is not helping my cravings. XD I do think it means I need a trip to Europe ASAP, though, so I can eat some Vienetta. And see people. I definitely have my priorities straight. :P

        HA, fair point. I was only 12 and 16, respectively, when Bush was elected. We actually had a mock election in my middle school: Gore won, followed by Nader, with Bush a distant third. If only… (I have to point out that Gore actually won the popular vote in 2000, so at least the majority of voting Americans didn’t want Bush. Re-electing him was even worse, though.) At least Bush was a politician, albeit a poor one. Trump has no political experience. (Much like Reagan, who was also terrible.)

        You’re right that really conservative, dangerous people leading your country affects a much smaller number of people, but that hardly makes it any better. It’s scary no matter what. =/

        Hahaha, that’s exactly what I think of whenever I see them. I’ve never seen a baby, though. Yep, that’s snorkeling. It’s a lot less scary than diving. I wouldn’t quite call it going regularly, but this was my 9th time. It’s a magical place that keeps drawing people back. :D

        • We just bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Cup B&J ice cream. <3 Needles to say, they're half gone already.

          I'd send you Vienetta but I suspect it would be a mouldy puddle by the time it reached you. :D

          I hope your election goes well, both for the sake of your people and the entire world. Ugh, politics.

          And the photos you posted looked amazing, I can see why you keep returning. I'd be scared of diving (maybe not in shallow water but imagine CAVES and the deep sea – *shudder*) but snorkeling sounds okay. I wouldn't want to dive so deep I couldn't swim up easily, the immensity and pressure of all that water is just too scary to contemplate.

          • Maraia


            Haha, I appreciate the thought. I will just have to come myself. :D

            It really stresses me out to think about it. Did you hear about what the Boston Globe ran on the opinion page this past weekend? They did a mock front page for April of next year if Trump wins. So scary.

            Yeah, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. With snorkeling, I feel safe, but with diving I feel like if I forgot one thing, I would die. (Not to be dramatic, haha.) I also don’t think my ears could handle it. But that’s okay—Bonaire is an amazing place to snorkel, so I don’t (usually) feel as if I’m missing out.

  • I’ve always wondered why they call them the terrible twos when the threes are so much worse! Definitely the hissy fits behavior will be continuing for a while yet (heck, my just-turned-four-year-old still gets on my case with the occasional tantrum) but it’s all about the little one turning into a little person, so it’s worth it. Realizing I was finally able to hold actual conversations with my child was like the best feeling in the world. And good luck with the future kiddo! Keep us posted :)

    • Haha, terrible twos is probably an expression because it’s the first wave of such tantrums? I know we’re in for several years’ worth of hissy fits, and when Kiddo 1 will grow out of them, there will still be Kiddo 2 to consider (much like with you, I guess).
      I like that I can now explain things to him, though it’s true that he understands nothing once he’s decided he wants something and throws a tantrum. Explaining to him that he’ll only get cookies AFTER lunch is impossible sometimes. But I love the fact that he remembers stuff now, like every time we drive past the zoo, he tells us about the animals he saw there, and we took him to his first hockey match yesterday (for one third only, the tickets were free of charge and we wanted him to see in person what his dad watches on tv) and he’s been going on and on about it, explaining about the helmets and goals and sticks.
      Thanks, Mogsy! :)

  • My parents said the terrible three’s were always the worst for us; LOTS of clear boundaries were needed. ;)

    As far as a new Sherlock series, I haven’t read either, but I’ve heard some good things about the 2015 YA novel Lock & Mori as well as Anthony Horowitz’s House of Black Silk.

    • I knooooow, everyone says threes are the worst. :D Boundaries are SO HARD, let me tell you. Like, we never allow him to eat anywhere but at the kitchen table but then he was sick for three weeks and barely ate anything at all, so we were happy for him to snack wherever he was at the moment. And when he got better, he had to re-learn about the sitting at the table. *sigh* But we’ll get through it, I am confident that we’ll manage, I am a big believer in statistics and if some 99% of kids from generations and generations before him managed to grow up just fine, he’ll manage, too. :)

      Oh, thanks for the recs, even if you haven’t checked them out yourself – I just need pointers and then I’ll look them up!

  • Your month sounds great, even with the bookish slump (why do books do this to us? Why do we feel so lost after finishing a good book?).

    And it’s great when kids start forming sentences because you feel less like you’re talking and getting nothing back and more like you’re starting a conversation (even if it is occasionally as coherent as the ones you have with a drunk person). I know kids are always babbling away (even when you don’t want them to be) but when you can properly get a glimpse into their world with them forming proper sentences, it’s always a bit exciting. You say you’re dreading the temper tantrums now, but soon he’ll be grown up and you’ll be thinking back on those temper tantrums so fondly as he’ll be a teenager, now sin’t that a nightmare thought?

    I have looked at those pictures from Morocco and you are so right, I was instantly transported to Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I have a strong urge to reread that entire series. Those pictures are just perfect for the second book.

    • Becky, your wistful questions made me smile. I’m feeling a bit lost now, that’s true, I’m hoping some April books will pull me out of my slump. :)

      Oh the drunk person comparison is pretty apt. It holds both for the mumbling (especially if there’s food or his pacifier involved) and the memory things – you have to explain everything to him again even if you told him just yesterday. :) You know, I’d give good money too see into his head, though. We were even more frustrated when he couldn’t speak at all, when all we had to go on were wails or grunts. Oh, imagine seeing their dreams! :D Because they do dream, right from the start. And don’t get me started, I can’t even think about the fact that he’ll have to SHAVE someday, I’ll be absolutely ancient then. Ugh.

      I think I re-read that series 5 of 6 times when I was translating it so I need a couple of years’ pause before I pick it up again. :D It’s fantastic but I kind of know half of it by heart.

      • It’s true, though, it’s strange how much a book can impact our reading mood. Bad books are just as much to blame for slumps as good ones but it’s crazy to think a binding of paper with inked words on a page can affect our moods quite so much. Fingers crossed for good bookish things this month.

        I’m glad you agree on the drunk person comparison because I’ve said something similar to someone I work with about their kid and they got a bit offended (some people have no sense of humour). I can imagine it being a nightmare understanding him sometimes when it comes to speaking with a pacifier in and I didn’t even think about the memory aspect! Kids are so quick to forget things as they grow, which is fair enough as their brains are developing, but still a little bit frustrating at times. I can’t imagine seeing children’s dreams, considering how strange my dreams can be even now imagine children’s dreams. They see so many new things every day that they have to process and they interpret things in completely different ways as they don’t fully understand everything they see, it would be so interesting and a little bit scary I think. And it’s true, he’ll be grown before you know it and that will be worried. If my mom’s anything to go by, though, you won’t feel ancient no matter what his age is.

        I suppose that’s true, you may need a few years before you can go and revisit the series, which is a bit sad. Once you’ve left it long enough to read again, though, it will be all the better for you because you’ll know the books so well anyway.

  • I always enjoy reading your updates Kaja^^ Thanks for sharing :) GORGEOUS seashell picture! We’re surrounded by the beach around here but we don’t have shells nearly that pretty ♥.♥

    I was gifted Ink and Bone over the Holidays and pre-ordered A Gathering of Shadows but I haven’t gotten around to either yet. Sigh. I WILL soon though so hopefully we’ll chat about both once I catch up ;)

    Here’s to a wonderful April my friend! xxxx

    • Thanks, Micheline! :)

      It’s only one beach in Slovenia that has shells that pretty, it’s a bit of an anomaly and you really have to know where to find it – otherwise, we have the usual beaches with broken up shells and seaweed. :)

      I’d love to chat about Ink and Bone with you, everyone else seems to have read it already. I think I’ll be starting it next week? Possibly. I got a third part of a trilogy I’ve been wanting to finish off NetGalley just this weekend, so I’ll be reading that first (in my attempt to finish more series before starting new ones). :)

      I wish a warm, inspired April to you, too!**

  • I LOVED those square foods – who knew such a thing could be so beautiful? And then I couldn’t help but watch that Donald Trump clip – classic, indeed!

  • What an exciting time with your son! I don’t have children, but it’s a wonderful thing watching my niece and nephews discover the world and learn how to express themselves. Soon he’ll probably be making you laugh with the things he comes up with. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear what you think of Ink and Bone. I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve heard good things about it. Oh my gosh, that Trump video is hilarious, I need to go share it with everyone I know now. Hope you have a wonderful April!

    • Kids are great. They’re not for everyone and they can be exhausting, but they’re great. :)

      I’m kind of afraid to start Ink and Bone (though I’m excited about it) because it really got AMAZING reviews, like 5 stars from people who very rarely give out 5 stars, and it has me worried my expectations are too high again. :D You know, my mind is a strange place.

      Have a great April yourself, I hope it’s warm where you are! :)