My Blog is a Toddler Now


Lots of flowers on my blog these days… Spring is here and I can’t resist taking photos.

Today, my blog turns two. Does this mean it will enter the “terrible twos” stage and start acting up, throwing temper tantrums? I sincerely hope not because these two years have been nothing short of amazing and I want to continue doing this for a while longer.

First of all, I’m happy to announce the winner of my (blog) birthday giveaway: Joana, congratulations! I hope you’ll enjoy Attachments, I certainly did!

And then I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has ever visited, read and/or commented here. You have made my experience with blogging worth my effort and trouble and I am so, so grateful that I have found you all. Your friendship, comments, Twitter interactions and sometimes even emails have made blogging the best hobby I’ve ever had. I can only hope I’ve been a good reader in return.


It’s always nice to look back and see which posts made the biggest impact on you all. So here are the ten most popular (aka most commented-on) posts of the last year!

  1. A Year Older Again – shocking, I know! A giveaway post is at the top of the list?
  2. Are Bloggers Really Introverts? – Ah. This one is actually tied with the giveaway post and quite possibly the most controversial post I’ve ever written. I honestly didn’t expect it would create such a reaction but I’m so glad it did! :)
  3. Uprooted by Naomi Novik – I am very glad but also surprised that this one ranks so highly! Uprooted was one of the best books I read in 2015.
  4. High Expectations – a discussion on hype and having unrealistic expectations when it comes to books, especially new releases.
  5. My February (With News) – a click-bait title if I ever saw one. But I did announce we were expecting another baby, so I think its popularity is well-deserved.
  6. How Are You? – this was a fun one. I loved how it turned out, the answers were great and I really enjoy being a part of such a supportive community.
  7. All the Hype – this discussion on over-hyped books will probably always be relevant to me.
  8. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling – ha, no surprise here! I really need to finish writing the reviews for the series, though, just two more to go!
  9. Should Romance be Realistic? – this is a more recent discussion that got a lot of really great comments! :)
  10. Fan Fic (+ A Ramble on Harry Potter and Sex) – in which I discover fan fiction and my view of Hogwarts is forever shattered because I realized students probably had loads of sex. Ha.

I was surprised because I expected to find nothing but discussions on this list – instead, it feels nicely varied. Thank you all for commenting!


Which posts get the most comments on your site? 

What makes you leave a comment on a post (not just mine, in general)?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Briana! :)

  • Beautiful blooms! And happy blogoversary! Hopefully it’ll be less temperamental than a toddler :D

    • Thanks!

      And yeah, I don’t think blogs act up. I just hope I have enough motivation to keep blogging through another year. :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy that Maraia introduced me to your blog. I tend to comment on a lot of blogs, but I will only continue to comment time-after-time if they comment back. You’re the best at commenting back, by the way! :D

    • Haha, thanks! :) I like the connections that commenting creates. If a reader leaves a thoughtful comment, it’s a shame not to answer it – and I agree, I only return to comment on blogs that actually answer my comments.

  • Spring is just the best. I love the flowers so keep ’em coming. Happy Blog Anniversary – it is a fun hobby ain’t it!

    • Yep, it’s the best, but I should really look into taking up some sports, too. :D My computer could probably do with a break.

      And thanks, I like flowers, too, they make days prettier.

  • Greg Hill

    Congrats on two!! I think it’s great you had a nice mix of discussions and other posts that got lots of comments. Reviews are tough for comments so nice that you had a few on the list. As for comments, I think anything thought provoking or interesting will get me to leave a comm. I do try to find reviews sometimes because I know reviews don’t get a lot, and if I see a review on someone’s blog and there aren’t many (or any) comments I try to leave one, cause I know I’ve had reviews and been like is anyone reading this lol?

    • I KNOW, reviews are the worst. I mean, if I’m not super interested in a book I haven’t read yet, there’s almost no chance of me commenting on a review. What would I say, anyway? But I make an effort to comment if it’s a book I’ve read or am interested in because like you said, sometimes reviews just get little to no comments at all. Which is really sad because the reviewer sat down to talk about the book, wrote the post and all. I like blogs that do a combination of different posts – they don’t have to be discussions, just something to connect to.

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    Congratulations Kaja! It’s so interesting to see which posts get the most comments. I loved Uprooted too, so I’m glad to see it on the list.

    • Thanks, Jolien! :) Did you see Uprooted was nominated for the Hugos? Keeping my fingers crossed for it!

      • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

        I had no idea! I hope it wins :D

        • Yep, me too! (I also haven’t read any of the other nominees, so I can’t really root for them.) :)

  • Congrats!!!!! I’m so glad you have loved blogging. I love it too. When I started my blog, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I love it.

    • Thanks, Quinn! :)

      I know, I went into blogging blind – I mean, I had a travel blog in Slovenian for a while when I traveled more so my friends & family could keep up with my updates but I didn’t know if I’d be any good at book blogging. I’m so glad I decided to go for it.

  • Yay, congrats again on your blog anniversary! Your blog is one of my all-time favourites, especially because we seem to be book twins so I know that I can always trust your recs. :)

    Oh man, I remember that Harry Potter and sex post! It was such a thought-provoking read, and I guess I’d never thought about it before but…you’re totally right. Those kids would’ve been at it like bunnies!

    • Thanks! :) And yeah, finding people you can trust when they recommend you books is such a relief – though you do read some pretty scary stuff I like to stay away from. ;)

      *snort* That’s one of the things I won’t be mentioning to my kids when they’re old enough to read HP! :D

  • Maraia

    Here’s to the terrible (terribly awesome?) twos! I hope blogging continues to be an enjoyable hobby. :)

    I’m facing comment burnout and starting to be more selective in my commenting, so I usually think about the following:
    – How much do I like the blogger?
    – Does the blogger usually comment back?
    – Did the blogger ask any questions at the end?
    I guess the first one is more an answer to what makes me frequently comment on a blog, as opposed to commenting for the first time, but I do check to see if a blogger usually responds to comments before I comment on a new-to-me blog. Unless I really like the blogger, I won’t keep commenting on a blog if I don’t get replies. The commenting platform is also a factor. Disqus is my favorite! Blogger’s default platform is the worst, haha.

    • Ooh, comment burnout? Yeah, I can see how you’d get overwhelmed if you’re as active on other blogs as you are on mine! :D (I love it btw, never doubt it for a second.)

      By “commenting back” do you mean answering the comments you leave on their blogs or finding your blog (well you don’t have one but if you did) and then commenting on one of your posts? Because I think I’m okay with the first but sometimes fail to do the other…

      And yeah, the commenting platform can be off-putting. I mistrust the ones that look custom made the most, you never know if you’re “signed in” or not! :D

      • Maraia

        Haha, not quite. I tried to be for a while, but I couldn’t keep up. :D

        Oh, yes, I meant replying to comments. I know some bloggers believe commenting back on people’s blogs is a must, and I do think it’s nice, but I don’t think it should be an obligation. That makes it seems as if one of the big reasons to comment on a blog is to get a comment on your own blog. I would rather get comments from people who are actually interested in the post.

        • Yeah, I know, but it seems like good form to go at least check out the blog of the commenter – I definitely comment back if the person comes by more than once, for example.

  • You don’t need to justify having too many pictures of flowers on you blog, it brightens things up. Hopefully toddler years aren’t a thing which happen to blogs because I definitely don’t have the patience for dealing with a toddler.

    And, you know, I’ve never taken the time to see which of my posts are the most popular. I don’t think I want to know, really. I like thinking the posts I most enjoyed writing are my most popular. I may investigate later and find out, though.

    I think I tend to comment on those posts which most interest me, although I do try and comment more frequently on bloggers who I like or visit my blog a lot. I sometimes have the philosophy that if I annoy them enough they may visit me back and by my blogging friend. Who knows it works?

    • Ha, no, I don’t think toddler years are a thing with blogs. I wonder if having a blog is like being in a relationship, though? First you’re infatuated with it but it takes real effort for that to morph into long-lasting love. ;)

      I didn’t check any of the stats on Google Analytics or anything (I don’t know how to do that), I just sorted the posts in my dashboard by their comment numbers. :) Maybe they weren’t the most popular but the most … I don’t know, thought-provoking?

      Haha, yeah, I leave comments on new blogs with the hope that the person will come by my blog, too. I mean, it’s a meaningful way of establishing new relationships. If it pays off, great. If it doesn’t, at least I wasn’t being obnoxious by saying “come visit my blog please”.

      • That is the most apt comparison for blogging I’ve heard. It’s very much like being in a relationship. When it began I was very much in the honeymoon stage of loving it, and now it’s become that accepted part of me and I have to continually work to care for it so I don’t fall out of love with it.

        And I never thought to do that. I think I like being blind when it comes to the popularity of blog posts. I do like the idea of knowing which re my most commented as they will be the thought provoking ones, but I’ll stick with being blind about it for now.

        And it does work. It’s the way of bothering people to come visit without being a pest. You’re just being present enough that if people want to stop by and like what they read then they’ll keep coming back.

        • Ooh, I like the expression “the honeymoon stage”, it’s really fitting. And yeah, like any relationship, it requires a lot of work, no matter how you look at it. If you want it to function, you have to be willing to make an effort.

  • Gorgeous flower photo yet again ♥ Congrats on the blog-anniversary Kaja ♥ Many happy returns! xx

    • Thanks, Micheline! :) You know, I always know I got a comment by you when the notification pops up in my Gmail account and I see hearts in it, even before I see your name or profile pic. ;) I love that, it’s like a signature!

  • Penni @ Penni’s Perceptions


    • Thanks, Penni! :)

  • My discussion posts definitely get the most comments. I guess that makes sense!

    I leave a comment whenever I feel like I have something to say…opinions about books I’ve read, input about a discussion question, expressing excitement about a new book or author. It’s also a chance to make a connection with a blogger I seem to have something in common with. I’m more for positive commenting than negative.

    • Hi, Lori! :)

      Yep, people can almost always connect to discussion posts while reviews are more specific to book taste and whatever books you read.

      And yeah, I don’t usually leave negative comments. I mean, I will engage in discussions where I don’t necessarily agree with the blogger but I always strive to do that in a nice, polite way. There’s no need to be rude or anything. If I dislike a post, I just close it and if my feelings are really intense, I’ll unfollow the blogger (like if they say something offensive or whatever). But that happens very rarely.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)