Challenges and Resolutions Update #1


People, this is less of an actual update and more of a blogger’s walk of shame. I know (I know) that blogging challenges and resolutions are made at the beginning of each year in order to have more fun but I can’t help but be disappointed in myself when I look at how I’m doing. Okay, so not all of my goals are a complete bust and I still have most of the year to catch up but I’ll need to change my tactics if I want to achieve at least a half of these.



  • I want to succeed at my reading challenges. Hah.
  • I want to read more classics. Abysmal. I read one Little Black Classic which hardly counts because it has 40 pages, I think (it was Christina Rosetti’s Goblin Market, a really great poem – accompanied with several more of her poems that I never read before and I really liked them).
  • I want to finish more series. Okay so I’m not doing too bad with this one. I’ll consider this a good work in progress.
  • I want to get better at using Instagram. Er, no. Nope.
  • I want to read more non-English books. This isn’t too bad. I have already read three non-English titles (though one was an English translation of a Finnish book).
  • I want to keep up-to-date with my ARCs. YES! I am doing great at this. Woop! :) My NetGalley ratio is currently 82% and I am not requesting many books, only those I’m genuinely interested in. YAY!
  • I want to post more of my reviews to Goodreads. I have started making some progress with this, so let’s consider it a work in progress.
  • I want to buy less books and read more of the ones I already own. I’m not QUITE keeping to my 3-to-1 ratio but let’s say I’m making some progress.
  • I want to post at least twice a week. Yep, doing okay with this most of the time!

So let’s see: 3 resolutions on track, 3 mediocre ones and 3 fails. Eh, it’s not as bad as you’d think, right?



As I said, I am doing very poorly with the Back to the Classics Challenge (hosted by Karen at Books and Chocolate). My goal was to read six books and so far I can’t even say I’ve read one. I want to change that soon.


The 2016 Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight, and it’s the only challenge I’m acing so far. My goal is to write at least 13 discussions this year.

You can see my discussions here: Supernatural Love Interests, Should Romance Be Realistic?Are Bloggers Really Introverts?, How Are You?, All the Hype and High Expectations.

And I’m participating in the Fairytale Retelling Challenge 2016 again. It is hosted by Mel at The Daily Prophecy. I am failing miserably at this one since I haven’t read a single book to make progress – though I’m waiting for my copy of A Court of Mist and Fury to arrive in the mail.

So. One in three challenges – it seems everything is going in thirds today.


How are your challenges and resolutions coming along?

Do you feel guilty if you aren’t succeeding at them?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Penni

    Hey you’re doing pretty good. I wouldn’t stress because the way I see it is you’re making some headway even if you aren’t accomplishing everything at least your accomplishing something.

    • Eh, I’m not *stressing* about these, I’m just saying I know I could do better. :) I’m a mood reader so it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of what plans I’ve made when all I’m craving are fluffy romances.

  • Soudha Parsan

    Congrats for the progress you managed to do and don’t stress too much about the things you haven’t been able to do yet. I’ve also been failing at some of my resolutions, so I can relate XD. Plus, you still have the rest of the year to read some classics and work on your other resolutions :) My advice for the classics would be to stick with the ones that really appeal to you rather than the ones you feel you ‘should’ read. Classics can be fun, you just have to pick those that match with your reading tastes :)

    • I’m not really *stressing* about these, I just know I could do better. :)

      As for the classics – I know. I’ve actually read a fair number of them in high school and at Uni (I studied English and French lit so it was a must) and I REALLY enjoyed them! I want to read more because I’m craving some stronger stuff after all of the romances I’ve read in the last two years.

  • I think you’re doing pretty good regardless! Try not to stress out about it (easier said than done, I know!) – reading should be fun :) I almost never set resolutions now because I suck at keeping on track with them…when you’re a mood reader, it’s hard to set goals because you never know what you’ll end up reading hehe!

    • Nah, I’m not stressing, just wishing I was less of a mood reader. :) And some of them aren’t really about READING, more about blogging and keeping organized, which is a huge problem right now in my life in general (seriously, I need 8-day weeks for the rest of the year).

  • Greg Hill

    You’re not doing bad actually. I didn’t do any challenges this year although I was very tempted to do the dystopian one and the cloak and dagger one, but I know from experience that I probably wouldn’t pay much attention so I didn’t. :) But I think next year I may. It’s early in the year yet, you got lots of time.

    I would not do well with classics, I try to read them occasionally and with a few exceptions I get bored. Shouldn’t admit that but there it is. :)

    • Aren’t you doing the Discussion Challenge? I thought you linked up some stuff…

      As for the classics, I actually liked most of what I’ve read so far. I studied English and French lit at Uni so I read a fair amount of what is considered “canon” in both literatures. But I recently picked up Catch 22, for example, and it was horrible, so I put it away. I am not a fan of torturing myself with literature. :D (Though I DID make it all the way through The Old Man and the Sea even when I wanted to pull my hair out.)

      • Greg Hill

        Oh yeah I am doing the discussion challenge, aren’t I? lol I guess I didn’t think of that one… I’m glad I am too because I’ve found some great discussions over there the last few months. Good stuff.

        I get you on lit. For someone who gravitated to the humanities I have a terrible track record on classics. Although I do have some I enjoy, like Tom Sawyer.

        • Yep, the Discussion Challenge was the best blogging idea I had this year. I read so many interesting posts – and lots of people have found mine.

          Ohh I hated Tom Sawyer. :D I couldn’t get used to the narration and the story just dragged. I think that apart from Jane Austen’s works, I loved The Picture of Dorian Grey the most.

  • Maraia

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I think you’re coming along just fine. :)

    I don’t have any official challenges, but I did make it a goal to work on Bookstagram this year, so I’m proud of myself for keeping up with it! I’m also casually doing the Popsugar challenge. I think I only have 11 prompts left, but most of them will be left undone. I’m not invested enough to read a book I’m not interested in solely to fulfill a challenge. :P

    • Yeah, I know, I know. The only resolution I’m really bummed about are the classics because it’s one of those that I made last year, too, and didn’t manage to improve. Eh.
      Your Bookstagram has been great, I always think I should join a challenge or something but I never find the time. :( I guess it just isn’t a high priority thing for me right now.
      But yeah, I didn’t sign up for any challenges that would really make me read outside of my comfort zones – I thought these would all be a breeze, more or less. We’ll se how the rest of the year goes!

      • Maraia

        But if you’re not reaching for classics, maybe they are out of your comfort zone?

        Thanks! If and when you do want to sign up for a Bookstagram challenge, the Bookish Scene one is great. I like that it’s only once a week, and it’s not a problem if you want to skip a week or two. :)

        • Naw, I just fell out of habit of reading them! I used to read loads of them – and not just the required ones in high school or Uni. I read like a ton of Russian Realist novels and such, I loved that kind of stuff. And I’m not trying to make myself read Dostoevsky anymore, I just want to broaden my reading choices a bit. :)

          And about the challenge – maybe next year. :D

  • My NetGalley ratio and I are locked in an epic battle. I’m in a pretty good spot now at 91% but still have like 14-16 books on my reading list. Ideally I’d like to get to a point where I’ll keep only 2-3 but every time I send in feedback for a book, I end up requesting another one or two. A Sisyphean task if there ever was one, lol!

    • Wow, a 91% ratio? That’s something. And yep, I know what you mean. I don’t request THAT many books but I have some (very) old debts that are cluttering up my reading list + new titles keep popping up like mushrooms and I just can’t resist. As long as it’s above 80%, I’m a happy camper.

  • There’s still loads of time in the year to make more of a dent in your challenges and resolutions. I always forget how much time in the year there is, just because my Goodreads goal is normally reached by mid year doesn’t mean that all my goals and challenges need to go the same way.

    Congrats on getting up to date on your ARCs as well. I was doing so well with mine and then I went on thsi stupid requesting spree on netgalley and I need to catch up again.I normally stick with philosophy of not requesting anything I haven’t heard of before and nothing which isn’t already on my to buy list. It’s gone out the window a bit, but oh well.

    • I know, I just feel like I’m running out of time with my other obligations because the baby is arriving in August – and I keep forgetting that I’ll probably do nothing but read for the rest of the year (if I judge by what I did when Kiddo #1 was born).

      I WANTED to request more stuff on Netgalley but just couldn’t find anything to interest me. I feel like I’ve entered some ennui phase of my relationship with free ARCs, which is probably for the best, given how many unread books I have on my shelves. :)

      • That soon! I forget how fast pregnancies go by, I’m shocked by my stepsister being induced today, I’m sure she only announced her pregnancy a little while ago. Hopefully you’ll get lots of reading done in the second half of the year, especially with unread books to be conquered.

        I know what you mean about NetGalley, I go through phases with it. I hadn’t requested anything for a good couple of months and then I requested about 6 books in recent weeks. I think my love for NetGalley ebbs and flows with the publishing calendar. As more books come out in the middle to the end of the year up goes my ARC requests. I keep thinking I’ll invest my time in shelf clearing but it never seems to happen. Hopefully your netgalley ennui will last long enough for you to make a small dent in the rest of your books.

        • Yep. I feel REALLY pregnant already. I mean, I’m approximately at my 6 month mark now and I just feel big. And clumsy. And I have a whole trimester to go! :)

          Wait, so you’re going to be a step-aunt? :) Or has the baby arrived already? Good luck in any case!

          And yeah, I have no problem with not reading the NetGalley books, I have so many others at home already. *sigh*

          • That sucks but you do have a tiny human being growing inside of you so you are going to be a bit bigger.

            And I technically am a step-aunt already (3 times over) but the baby arrived on Sunday evening at 11:55.

            At least that’s a manageable problem to have it could be worse.

          • Aw congratulations! :) I hope both baby & mama are feeling well.

  • Progress is progress, no matter how small! Best of luck with completing the goals throughout the rest of the year! (And if you need a few super short fairy tale retellings, Gail Carson Levine has a couple funny ones. The Fairy’s Mistake, Cinderellis and the Glass Hill, etc.)

    • Thanks, Kel! :)

      And I have had Levine on my tbr for a while now, I’ll check out her books. I’m not too worried about the retelling challenge, I enjoy these kinds of books a lot so it’s no hardship to read them. :)

  • Your discussions are always so awesome! I’ve actually been neglecting my discussion duties over the past few months. I’m doing well with all the challenges I signed up for, but I made a few personal challenges for myself and I’m doing terribly! I don’t even think I’ve done enough to do a mid-year update. There are just too many books to read! I hope you get a chance to complete all your goals by the end of the year, but if not, there’s always next year.

    • Thanks! :) It’s sometimes hard to come up with good discussion topics that speak to you and haven’t been done a million times before by other bloggers. So yeah, some months are easier in this regard (if something ticks me off, especially), and some are harder.

      I have almost finished reading ACOMAF, by the way, and I can guess some of what you’ve written about it in your post, I think. It’s a very fast read but there are just SO MANY things I want to chat about. My review will probably be full of spoilers. :D