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Hi, lovely people! It’s the end of May and I’m pretty close to freaking out because the baby will arrive in less than three months and I am nowhere near ready. Okay, now we got that out of the way, how are you? :)

May was a month of sunny walks mixed with trying to come up with rainy-day activities for toddlers. It was also a month for work, which was quite successful. I just handed in my translation of Naomi Novik’s Uprooted to my editor, which is awesome. Now I just have to translate one more massive book and finish writing my PhD dissertation. *rolls around in despair*. But seriously, why do I do this to myself? I added a page for tracking my PhD progress – I need to keep myself accountable.

In Kiddo news: He is currently ill – I’m pretty sure he has hand-foot-mouth disease (harmless but annoying) so he’s home with his grandma. He’s okay but no kindergarten this week, I think. He talks a lot and it’s funny to listen to him. Toddlers have no filter, see, so he says pretty much everything that comes to his mind. Imagine saying all of your thoughts out loud, even the incomplete ones like “I have to wash the dishes – that pigeon looks like – the water is boiling, I have to – this reminds me of that book I read” and so on.

He also scared the crap out of me this morning when he climbed out of his bed and came out of his room on his own (he can open doors now) and basically jumped on my head (he tried to give me a hug, which is super cute, just not at 4.47 am). I was dreaming about something and it took me a moment to calm down. So yeah, I’m having an early morning…

In future Baby news: I just had an exam and he seems to be doing fine! I’m also healthy and eating well so he’s probably happy in there. He kicks a lot, like even Kiddo was very active but this one is all over the place. I wonder what he’ll do once he runs out of turning space. Probably kick my ribs. Other than that, I’m feeling good, especially when I get enough sleep, but I also feel super pregnant already, even though I have almost three months to go.

In personal news: A. and I spent a long weekend visiting Bologna and Ravenna. We had some good food, visited some historical sites and slept for 9 hours straight each night. It was a well-deserved, much-needed vacation, and Kiddo had a blast staying with my parents. Now I’m looking forward to our annual trip to the Croatian seaside at the end of June!

Also, the fact that my life is crazy right now might contribute to me being slower to write posts and to answer comments. If it takes me a while, please be patient. I appreciate and cherish every single conversation I have on this site, you all are amazing. *hug*white-flowersIn book news: My favourite read of the month was This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, which I was fortunate enough to read after getting a finished copy from Titan books!! It was one of my most-anticipated 2016 releases. I will review it soon. I also read A Court of Mist and Fury, which was a major let-down, so there has been some balance in my reading life.

I reread The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle, which I raved about here – it remains one of the best books I read in the last 12 months. And if I haven’t mentioned The Martian, it was a seriously good read. Not bad, all things considered.

I didn’t buy a lot of books, which is great since I’m still trying to hold myself to the 3-to-1 rule. I’m currently reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things, which is… weird. I’m not sure if I like it yet.


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How are YOU? What was the best book you read this month?

Are you planning your summer vacation already?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    I’ve always wanted to visit Bologna! It must have been nice. I hope the little one will get better soon! I think the PhD update page is such a good idea. It kind of makes you more accountable? Congrats on handing in the translation for Uprooted! It seems incredible to me that you did that.

    I am dying for vacation. I’m currently in exam season. Hopefully, this will be my last one ever…. Have a great month! :)

    • Bologna was very nice, it was warm and sunny and the food was great! :) I like smaller Italian towns, just wandering through the city centre, looking at old buildings and such.

      And yeah, accountability is key. I’m participating in a writing challenge where the point is not to break your writing chain, even if you write a minimum of words each day and I wanted to do something similar here. I hope it’ll make me move faster with this thing, otherwise the baby will come and everything will grind to a standstill again.

      Stay strong for your exams and think about how great it will be once they’re over! :) Good luck!

  • Hope your little one feels better soon! <3 I'd love to go to Croatia – enjoy! :) I'm on holiday but I live in the UK and it's been so overcast and rainy that is doesn't feel like summer *sigh*.

    • Little one is all better, thanks! :) Well, rainy holidays (especially without children) are great because you get to read a lot, usually, so unless you’ve planned a whole lot of outdoor activities, it can be relaxing, too. :)

  • Baby is 3 months! That’s crazy, the time really does fly.

    KAJA!!!! You translated Uprooted? That must’ve been like a dream come true for you. Does translating a book ever change your opinion on it (do you like it more/less afterwards)? Good luck with your dissertation writing, I know how much it sucks but you’ve got this! A couple pages at a time. :)

    Hopefully Kiddo feels better soon! Yaaay, I’m so happy that your weekend away with A. was relaxing and restorative! It sounds like you two really needed a break.

    I’m just about to start reading This Savage Song too, hopefully I love it as much as everyone else seems to. It will be my first Schwab book!

    • YES, baby is coming in 3 months, I am very big already and nowhere near ready :D

      And YES I translated Uprooted, it was the BEST work of my life. I actually feel like I did a really good job with it, too. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves here as well. Um, I think I like it even better now. The writing is absolutely gorgeous and I cried three times – though that might have been the preggo hormones at work. You know that scene at the end where the wood people come to the grove and eat the fruits and grow into trees? There’s a mother whose infant changes first and she’s just standing there, crying, it just broke me. (I’m tearing up right now, ugh.) Anyway, with good books, it doesn’t matter how many times you work through them, but with bad ones (like the vampire romances I did), they just annoy me more each time. But I love my job, so.

      Kiddo is better, he’s outside right now with his grandma, playing in the sand pit. :) He’s going back to kindergarten on Monday.

      And I saw your post on Instagram, I’m glad you’re liking TSS so far. Another Schwab convert! ;)

  • I didn’t know you were translating Uprooted, too! Since reviews first came out for that book LAST YEAR, it had been my front runner for it to WIN the Hugo. And looking at the ballot this year, it is still my favorite :) So yeah, great book to translate right now!

    • Have you read Uprooted? It’s WONDERFUL. It just got the Nebula award, I think, so yeah, it’s a strong candidate for the Hugo (here’s hoping). It was a real joy to work with, too, the language is beautiful.

  • Greg Hill

    Nice pics! Love that summer is here… and hope the little one feels better soon! Enjoy your upcoming vacation- I’m hoping to spend lots of time by the water too.

    Let’s see- my favorite book of May. I would have to say Clouds in my Coffee, a mystery. That’s just a great series. Otherwise my books in May were hit or miss- nothing too bad but nothing too awesome either!

    • The little one is all better, thanks, he’s outside playing with his grandma now. :) Spending time by the sea (or – if I remember correctly – lakes, in your case) is my favourite part of the summer. It’s so relaxing. Instant holiday mode! :)

      Some months are like that, lots of good books but nothing game-changing.

      Have a nice June! :)

  • Maraia

    Yay, I’m so glad you and A took a vacation for yourselves. That must have been nice. And a little strange?

    I’m relieved that This Savage Song didn’t disappoint! I had the worst reading month in terms of number of books read, but over half of the books I read/listened to were buddy reads, so I guess it was still a great reading month. Not counting re-reads, my favorite book was A Killing Winter (I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to you) and my favorite audiobook was a German audio drama of Macbeth. I never thought I’d hear myself say that!

    I’m still not entirely sure what I think of The Slow Regard of Silent Things, either…

    Eeeeep, baby! I’m excited for you.

    • This is actually the second time we went away for a weekend – the first time was in Vienna, where we went for a concert a couple of months ago. And yeah, it was strange, we missed Kiddo, but also great because it gave us some much-needed “us” time.

      Buddy reads. I suck at that. :D As long as the books you read were good, the numbers don’t really matter, do they? I don’t remember, do you usually set a numeric goal (on Goodreads)? I don’t do that, it stresses me out. Especially compared to some people who really reach high numbers – our lives are just too different and I can’t help but compare myself to them. So yeah. :)

      I finished The Slow Regard … it just seems SO unnecessary. I’m glad I picked it up because I was curious about it but it’s really not a good fit for the trilogy, if you ask me.

      • Maraia

        Haha, but they’re so much fun! No, the numbers don’t really matter, except that I love numbers and stats, so it’s hard NOT to think about them. :P I don’t set a goal on Goodreads, since I re-read so much, but I do set one on my spreadsheet. I haven’t really decided what it is yet, though, because I don’t expect to be reading much over the next two months. :D

        Definitely unnecessary. I wish he had worked on the last book instead. xD

        • I still don’t understand why Goodreads doesn’t have a re-read option. It’s a serious failing. I re-read a lot as well and would love to mark that in my stats.

          Ah, the two months you’ll be travelling? :) How are your plans coming along?

          I heard Rothfuss has the third book already written, he just keeps editing it because he’s anal about it and won’t publish it until it’s “perfect”. *sigh*

          • Maraia

            I know when I’m getting there and when I’m leaving. That’s about it. xD

            Hmm, we might be waiting a while, then. >.<

  • Congrats on the baby, the finished translation of Uprooted (that’s so COOL!!), and an overall good May! The vacations sound amazing; the 5am wakeup call a little less so. ;) Best of luck on the PhD dissertation! I’m sure you’ll have it done it no time.

    • Thanks, Kel! :) Yeah, we get nights of good sleep and then a couple where he wakes up constantly – it’s just the way of kids. People keep assuring us that in a couple of years, everything will settle down. :)

      And I hope so, too, the writing of this dissertation is possibly the slowest work I’ve ever done, ugh.

      Have a great June! :)

  • Oh no, I hope kiddo feels better. Even when it’s not serious it’s still stressful and upsetting, I hope he feels better soon. And if the new baby is kicking a lot maybe you’re going to have an athletic kid on hand, he has dreams of being a footballer. Or he just wants to make sure you don’t forget he’s on the way, making his presence known.

    And you’re another one who has been raving about This Savage Song and I am jealous and slightly glad it’s not out yet because I have so many books waiting to be read and reviewed. I’m glad you enjoyed it (was there ever any doubt?). I will catch up on my reading and then get this when it comes out (around when it comes out, anyway).

    It looks like you’ve got some work ahead of you, though. I hope you manage to sort yourself a routine so you get it all done on time. There’s just not enough hours in the day sometimes are there?

    • Kiddo is back in kindergarten, he only had fever for a day and a half and then he was mostly back to his usual self. And baby is definitely making his presence known, I wonder what he’ll do once he runs out of space for twisting and turning.

      This Savage Song is published TOMORROW in the UK – the US version is coming a month later (don’t ask me why). And yeah, I wrote the review today and the more I think about it, the better it seems. :)

      Yeah, I’ll manage somehow. I always do. Luckily, I have my family (both A. and my parents) and they’re really supportive and helpful. I’m a bit more tired than I would have been otherwise but I’m mostly okay. And yes, 30-hour days and 9-day weeks would be preferable. :)

      • Yay, that’s good. I’m glad he’s better. I suppose when baby runs out of space for moving about the only other option is to actually come out? Hopefully that one won’t happen too soon so you have enough time to get everything sorted first.

        ANd don’t tell me that! I thought I had more time before it was published! Now I’m going to have to buy it and I don’t have time to read it. I mean, I do have time to read it but I’m trying to get sensible and do some catch up reading. I may treat myself next week.

        That’s true, you’ve got plenty of people for support so that helps way more than people expect. And I would both love longer days, but also I can just see them telling me I should spend more hours at work if they did that and that would just be unfair.

  • I absolutely loved This Savage Song too!! I had to laugh at your comment about toddler talk because my kids always laugh at me for doing that very same thing. I start a sentence and never finish it and then move on to another sentence. Apparently, I talk like a toddler!! :-)

    • Ah, I’m glad you liked Schwab’s book! It’s really good and I’m glad she writes both for young adults and adults.

      My mom does that a lot, too, maybe it comes with having too many things on your mind. If that’s true, I’ll be speaking like a toddler soon as well. :)

  • That’s great that your baby is healthy :-) And the way you describe toddlers talking sounds so cute and funny. I don’t have kids, so I’ve not spent much time around toddlers. Your son sounds adorable, minus the 4:47 am part lol.

    I followed your advice about which link to click :-P and you’re right, those pictures are so cool! Glad you had a good May, here’s to a great June!

    • Yep, baby is doing fine right now, I hope everything goes according to plan. And yeah, Kiddo is pretty great, he just throws the occasional tantrum like any other kid, it’s normal. I never thought I could manage on 5 hours of sleep day after day after day but apparently you get used to everything. *sigh*

      I’m glad you liked the photos, it’s such a cool concept.

      And I hope you have a good month, too! :)