Summer by the Sea


Today, I wanted to share a non-bookish glimpse into my life with you. If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these already – but they are all nicely collected here.

We spent a week in Fažana, which is a small coastal town in Istria, a Croatian peninsula not far from Slovenian border. We visited other places up and down Istrian coast in previous years and we decided to book a place in this auto camp because it had nice, new mobile homes (they’re like tiny apartment houses with a verandah out front). My husband and I are very fond of camping (in a tent) but since I’m seven months pregnant, I really had no desire to sleep on the floor and to have to walk to communal bathrooms twice a night with a headlamp.


The week began with some poor weather, so we took a trip to Pula, which is the largest town of the region (very pretty in its own right, we’ve often visited). But we needed a good entertainment option for Kiddo, so we picked the aquarium. I had no idea it was this large and well-appointed! It also has a sea turtle rescue center where they keep injured sea turtles (the big ones!) until they’re well enough to be released back into the sea.

Kiddo was very, very happy with this choice – especially since we’d just watched Finding Nemo yet again and we found a special tropical tank with Dory, Nemo, and several other fish from the movie. We also saw sharks, which were fascinating to him. For me, the best display was a lit-up tank of jellyfish, which I would be terrified of meeting out in the open sea, but they look so beautiful like this.


We had a very nice lunch at the Fažana marina, where we could watch boats coming and going and some gulls looking for fish. The weather was so hot it was actually a bit tiring for me – pregnancy and heatwaves don’t mix well. But I spent the afternoon in the shade, which was nice. My husband is the best, he takes really good care of me and our kid.


The last evening, I took some time to walk along the beach, listening to an audiobook while A. put Kiddo to bed (we alternate nights). It was still hot but not unbearably so and the sky was cloudless, so it was easy to take a series of slightly clichéd photos of the sunset. :)

Kiddo then stayed on for another week of the holidays with his grandparents (my mom and dad) while we returned home to get some free time. As I’m writing this, he’s still there and I miss him so much already but I’m also looking forward to sleeping in and having some time to really dig into my work.


Are you planning on visiting the beach this year? Does this mean the sea or a lake for you?

What are your favourite ways to relax during the summer?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Greg Hill

    Nice pics, and the water looks beautiful there in that first one. Glad you guys could get away. Where I live it’s not far to the Great Lakes and I enjoy spending time there, there are some nice beach towns along the shore. And they’re like inland seas- nice and big but freshwater. :)

    • Yeah, we were really lucky and the water was very clean this year. It isn’t always in the Adriatic but it was cool and beautiful.

      I’ve never vacationed next to a big lake – our largest one is only some 4km across! :D I’d love to visit the Great Lakes someday, I’ve seen some amazing photos + I’m allergic to the combination of sea salt (sea water) and heat, so not having to shower like a crazy person every time I step out of the water would be big bonus. *ugh*

  • Maraia

    Those jellyfish look so cool! It sounds as if you had a great trip, and I’m glad you had some summer weather. It’s felt more like spring or fall in Germany, haha. I won’t make it to the beach while here, but maybe I’ll go to our cabin on the lake once I’m back home. That’s always a great way to relax during the summer. My favorite is reading on the big screened-in porch there, so I can be almost outside but without the bugs. :P

    • Thanks! :) I’m over summer weather right now, it’s been hell on my well-being these past couple of days (a sore throat + headaches + pregnancy + heatwave = bad combo). I hope you’re having a great time in Germany – I actually like cooler weather when travelling because it’s easier to stay on your feet the entire day.

      The cabin by the lake sounds perfect (minus the mosquitoes? :p But you have that covered with that porch). I’ve never vacationed on a big lake before, it must be great to not have to shower the second you step out of the water (I have an allergy to salt water + heat).

  • GORGEOUS photos as always my friend and thanks for sharing your trip adventures with us :) I basically live by the beach, all year long so since Summer arrived, we’ve been spending lots of time there, catching some sunshine, walking, exploring, swimming. I love water :D

    • Thanks, Micheline! :) Oh, I’d love to live by the sea. I imagine it gets pretty cold during your winters but summers must be beautiful. I always feel calmer when I’m at the seaside, it’s like all that water makes me realize how tiny I am and the sounds are very soothing.

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    Everything looks so beautiful! It sounds like an amazing trip! :)

    I’m definitely planning on visiting the beach this summer -although not the beach in Belgium because it’s always cold there… I’m going on a trip to Turkey with my parents and our hotel will be close to the beach. I’m so excited for it…

    That jellyfish tank though, it’s so pretty!

    • Thanks, Jolien! :)

      I hope you’ll have a great time in Turkey, I bet the weater will be great! I’ve only ever been to Istanbul, where beaches aren’t really the first thing you think of, but I’ve seen beautiful pics of other places.

      Yeah, who knew jellyfish could be beautiful, right? :)

  • Has anyone ever told you that you are good – like, very good – at taking photos? The jellyfish and sunset are pro level. Sunset, I think, would be perfect for a post card.

    • Thanks, DJ. :D I try. These were all taken with my phone, by the way, I love the quality of the photos it produces.

  • Sounds like an amazing family vacation, Kaja! It’s so funny and cute to hear that Kiddo loved the aquarium because of Finding Nemo, because the little kids that I volunteer with (reading buddies!) are exactly like that. They always want to read stories that reflect their fave Disney films.

    It never ceases to amaze me how gorgeous your part of the world is! And how quickly you can get to vacation spots from your home, haha. I hope that your work is going well, and that you and A. have a wonderful reunion with Kiddo when he returns! :)

    • Yeah, the aquarium was fantastic for Kiddo. He’s been telling us all about it. And I think it makes sense, they really love those stories so of course they want more of the good stuff. :)

      Croatia is both very similar and very different from Slovenia. I wish we had more of the Adriatic coast, their seaside is really gorgeous! :) And yeah, nothing beats being able to jump in the car, driving 2.5 hours and getting somewhere completely new.

      I was very productive this week but I’m also very glad we have Kiddo back, we’ve been hugging him a lot this past day and a half. :D He bears it like a champ, though, I think he missed us as well despite having had a great time with his grandparents.

  • I really want to go to the seaside this year but who knows when I will get the chance. It’s so awkward to get to since I can’t drive. I have to say your pictures look absolutely stunning (those jellyfish look so cool!) you’ve made me want to go the aquarium and I really really want to go to a beach. Any beach because I haven’t been in forever.

    It sucks that you’re missing the kiddo but just think how much you’ll have appreciated this time away from him when he’s back and you’re looking for five minutes to yourself. Also, he’ll have so many new things which he’s seen and will ramble on at you about (in typical kid speak where you only understand every other thing).

    I have technically taken my summer break when my parents were away by taking time off of work. I spent it watching too much TV and reading a lot. I do have another week off of work booked at the end of August as well where I hope to have some decent weather (fingers crossed). I’m off to Leeds next weekend though with my best friend where we hope to drink cocktails, do some shopping and hopefully have some decent weather so we can go to a stately home there so maybe that will be my summer break.

    • Do you have any aquariums (is this the correct plural?) in your vicinity? I really want to go to one of those big ones, like you’d get in really big cities, where they have huge tanks with manatees and huge sharks and sea otters and whatnot. I like aquariums a lot.

      Eh, we enjoyed our week alone, definitely! I don’t think it makes me a bad parent to admit that. Kiddo is back and indeed rambling a lot, we’ve missed him a lot but he had a great time with his grandparents, so it’s all good. :)

      Ooh, do take photos at the “stately home”, that sounds grand. I hope your wishes for good weather are granted, it’s never fun to travel when it’s raining. But I’m wishing for some rain right now, it’s TOO HOT for me here, so send some of your rain clouds over here. :)

      • We’re quite lucky here, most of the aquariums are in more logical places (by the sea or a large body of water) but we actually have a Sea Life Centre in Birmingham which is only a half hour train journey away. They have penguins and jellyfish and lots of tropical fish and this huge tank with an eel in it and a rockpool you can actually touch the creatures in it (a highlight of my youth) and these pools with Rays in it that you can sometimes touch and they have otters. They have lots of stuff and it’s so fun. I remember my highlight of New Orleans was the zoo and the aquarium. I just love places with animals.

        And I will. We are trying to plan fun cultural things in the day and then we can drink cocktails in the evening. It’s the best of both worlds. And I suppose you’ve got a lot more warm weather than we’ve had. We’ve just had rain and cloudy days for the past few weeks and I kind of want some decent weather with at least a little sun. I’ll keep my fingers crossed we can swap weather for a few days.

        • PENGUINS! Yeah, penguins are great, too! :) And being able to touch some of the fish would be a great addition to the programme, I’d definitely visit an aquarium like that. Our zoo in Ljubljana is quite lovely but I also loved the one we visited in Vienna, it’s much larger and they have pandas. :)

          I know some people are opposed to zoos but they also do great conservational work these days + the big city zoos don’t have any illegal animals there, so I feel okay, morally, when I visit.

  • This is lovely. I’m glad y’all had a nice trip to the seaside. These photos are really great! I live near the coast, but the ocean and beaches here are not that great. The water is very silty and the land is often trashed by inconsiderate tourists, and some years the sargassum piles up and starts to smell (not this year, thankfully). So it’s always a treat to go to a “nice” beach or the aquarium instead.

    • Thanks, Louise! :)

      Yeah, finding a good beach can be a challenge. This year, we were really lucky as it was pretty early in the season and there weren’t a lot of people yet.