My June


Hello! The summer has well and truly begun. If you’re students, you’ve probably finished your exams, and if you’re not, I hope your workload is lighter than it was. Everything seems to somehow slow down in the summer when we’re too lazy to cope with the heat. My June was a good month, we had a vacation at the sea, did some day trips (like the one to Bled, featured above), and generally enjoyed the warmer weather that the second half of the month brought along.

In personal news: I am working hard on the translation of The Lies of Locke Lamora, trying very hard to get it done before Baby arrives in late August (if he’s on time). My motivation to work varies, the factor that affects it the most is definitely the amount of sleep I manage to get in during the night. I feel really, really pregnant already, even though I have two months to go, so thinking about how the last month will look like is worrying me a bit. I mean, I still do some prenatal yoga and such, keeping myself in fairly good shape, but I’m definitely feeling pregnant. Baby is also kicking a lot, sometimes painfully (the ribs and the outer wall of my belly are favourite kicking points, it seems). But it’s great to feel him moving around so much, I hope he’ll be a strong one like his brother (who weighed nearly 4 kg when he was born, ha).

In Kiddo news: He’s the best. Some hissy fits aside (a notable one was when we took him out of the water when we were on vacation and he screamed while A. carried him to our house through the campsite – it was too cold for him to stay in the sea, not that he gave a damn about it), he’s a really nice kid. He’s starting to learn some of the songs and nursery rhymes and children’s poetry we’ve been reading/singing to him, which is really cool. He starts mumbling a snatch of a song in this really off-key, deep voice and then expects us to continue with the rest of the song. He’s also grown a bit, I think, he’s really a little boy now, no longer a baby. *sob* I’m looking forward to spending more time with him during the summer.

In reading news: I had a fairly mediocre reading month. I read (and reviewed) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which was possibly the best read of the month. I finally managed to finish my re-read of Red Seas under Red Skies by Scott Lynch for our Bastard Read-Along (our reviews are going live on July 12 if you want to join us!), so I’m looking forward to re-reading The Republic of Thieves soon. I read The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick RothfussI wasn’t a huge fan of this one.

I also read the sampler of Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor I got from a friend who attended Bea. It’s very intriguing, to say the least, I will most definitely be reading the entire thing when it’s published in September. Oh, and I re-read the entire Animal Magnetism series by Jill Shalvis, apparently I needed a good romance binge. If you’re looking for fluffy summer reads, look no further! I also read her Sweet Little Lies, the beginning of the new series, and liked it a lot. I’ll be reviewing it soon.


What I wrote about

I posted less frequently in June and I think this half-assed hiatus was a good thing because I now have a renewed passion for blogging (this is currently the third post I’m writing today, yay!). I’m trying to create a bit of a buffer for the following month (or two?) so you’ll probably be seeing two posts a week or so. Hopefully. :)


Link love

  • Some good recommendations for Beauty & the Beast fans – I might have to look into some of these for my Retelling Challenge (ignore the popups, sorry)!
  • Look, I know some of these are horrible but they also make me laugh when I’m sleep deprived. I love my kid but I *hate* the idealistic approach to parenting – where we should all pretend that we’re fine all the time. Sometimes we’re not fine. And that’s okay. If we can laugh about it, all the better.
  • Also, this. Sometimes, there’s just no reasoning with them. :)
  • Mel listed some of her favourites animated movies – lots of good, old stuff here!


Aaand that’s all from me! How was your June?

Was your reading any more exciting than mine?

Wishing you a hot, carefree July! :)

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  • Ah, pregnancy! I remember with my kids, the very moment the date switched to third trimester I started getting the “definitely pregnant” feelings, all the pains, discomforts and the whole nine yards :) Enjoy it though, that little one will be out in the world before you know it :)

    • Yep, that’s exactly where I’m at now. The heat also doesn’t help, it’s hitting me harder than it did in the first pregnancy. I kind of hope the rest of the summer is rainy and cold. :D

      And I can’t wait to meet him, he’s been poking me for months now, I want to see what he looks like. :)

  • That’s a beautiful picture at the top. The only thing I miss after moving from the US coast to the high desert is the water.

    I Make a Big (for me) Decision | Sunday Summary #9

    • Thank you! :) And living in “the high desert” does sound dry, I’d probably miss the vegetation as well (or, rather, the greenery, there’s vegetation in the desert, too).

  • That looks like a lovely place to vacation. I personally feel the best spots are the ones where you can get away from all the noise. I’m anxiously awaiting This Savage Song, which is coming in the mail tomorrow and will probably be my next read. Yay! I hope you have a lovely July and that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

    • Yep, I love quiet vacations, too. Some people like to travel with big groups of friends and have lots of organized fun, but I’m the happiest when I’m with my small family and lots of books. :)

      I hope you like This Savage Song as much as I did and that the hype won’t ruin it for you! :)

      And thanks, I just had a checkup and the baby seems to be doing just great!

  • Wait how did I miss a post about The Breakfast Club?? And how is that the key most important thing I picked out of this post, lol. Seriously, it sounds like you had a great June and you have some exciting stuff to look forward to though being pregnant in the summer is no joke. You’re a bad ass superstar.

    • Yeah, my June was pretty good! The weather has been going crazy lately (lots of hot days with summer storms and such) and it’s hard, but not really unbearable. It could be a lot worse and so far, everything’s okay with the baby and me, so I’m counting myself lucky! :)

  • Your June sounds good, I mean you went on holiday got a bunch of reading done and you’re even doing work! I think you’re doing quite well. Although, it must suck feeling like you’re already quite big when you know you still have a couple of months left. All the pain and discomfort will be worth it when baby arrives, though, although I’ll keep my fingers crossed so you have enough time to finish your work before he does.

    I’m impressed you managed to reread the entire Animal Magnetism series! I still haven’t started the first. I wish I knew when I’d have time to as well.

    • Yep, it was a good month. I have 7 weeks left, which is both a lot and SO LITTLE TIME! Then the craziness begins for real. :) I’m doing fine just now, I had a checkup today and baby is just fine (I should really eat less sweets, though, oops).

      And yeah, I binge read Animal Magnetism like it was the only thing I had to do in life (not the best idea, to be honest). But it was nice and I needed something sweet. :)

  • Translating Locke Lamora! Wow! I still need to read it AT ALL and here you are dissecting it in another language LOL! I’m happy you enjoyed the preview of Strange the Dreamer – I am so excited for that one! I would honestly read Laini Taylor’s grocery list XD Lovely picture as always and I hope you have a wonderful July as well my friend! x

    • Yeah. I got TREMENDOUSLY lucky and managed to convince my editor that Lynch’s books are a must have, so now I have this mammoth task of translating his work. If you ever get to read them, you’ll understand why I’m panicking a bit right now – his writing is fantastic and I’m just hoping I can do it justice.

      And YES for Strange the Dreamer! I was a bit wary going in because the first couple of chapters were confusing and very flowery with lots of weird names but then the story began and I think it’s going to be marvellous!