Read All The Books!

read-all-the-booksI have decided to put myself through another challenge of sorts – though this one isn’t really time-limited, so I like it more than my other challenges. I got this idea in a rather convoluted way: Quinn mentioned she was doing a challenge hosted by The Herd Presents – and I modified it to suit my needs because the original challenge was too extreme for me (oops).

This is what my challenge is all about: picking an author (or multiple authors) that I loved but only discovered when they were already well into their writing career. Proceed to read all of their published books. That’s it.

Okay, well, maybe not. I won’t be putting novellas or short stories on this list. I’m not that crazy. Also, I probably won’t choose authors if I’ve only read one of their books and they have a massive backlist. This is why the original challenge was too difficult for me: it says I should pick an author who has published 45+ books and read them all. Even assuming this criterion only works for romance authors, who tend to be most prolific (with some other genres like crime coming in as close seconds – but I don’t read those), this is a massive undertaking. To massive for my current reading situation.

I’ll be updating this list/post when I make progress; I may even add new authors to it as I discover them. For now, I’m listing all the unread books I want to read – if it’s not on the list, you can safely assume I’ve read it already. I also added some of their upcoming titles – just so I get to cross them off the list once I get to them.

That said, if there’s anyone out there willing to join me in this very vague challenge, feel free to do your own post, pick your own authors, then drop me a link in the comments so I can add it somewhere in this post. The more, the merrier, eh? :)


Behold, the list:

  • Rainbow RowellLandline
  • Victoria (V. E.) SchwabThe Unbound, A Conjuring of Light (coming in 2017), New Beginnings, Second Chances, Last Wishes
  • Patrick NessMore Than This, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, The Crane Wife
  • Karen HawkinsCatherine and the Pirate, Lois Lane Tells All, Mad for the Plaid (coming in late 2016). I also want to reread some of her work, she’s great, but that’s another topic altogether.
  • Laini TaylorStrange the Dreamer (coming in 2017), Blackbringer, Silksinger
  • Tessa DareDo You Want to Start a Scandal (coming in Sep 2016), Goddess of the Hunt, Three Nights with a Scoundrel, Twice Tempted by a Rogue, Surrender of a Siren, A Lady of Persuasion

I think this is plenty for now – I’m sure new favorites will pop up all the time and I’ll be expanding this list instead of conquering it, as usual.


Are you in the habit of reading your favorite authors’ backlists? 

Who would you add to my list (whose work should I know in its entirety)?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Greg Hill

    Great challenge! I do sometimes like a book so much that I immediately want to explore their backlist- Liane Moriarty comes to mind. Lucy Clarke and Laura Dave too- funny that none of them are fantasy / SF writers even though those are my favorite genres. Hmmm…

    Landline is one I want to read too.

    • Thanks! :) You can join it if you want and keep your goals very vague.

      I want to read backlists of some fantasy authors, too, like Juliet Marillier, whom I’ve only discovered recently, but they have so many books (and massive ones, too), so I thought I’d keep this simple to start. I’ll probably add new authors to the list as time goes by.

  • I REALLY like this idea! I have a number of authors that I’ve had this thought about lately – Ray Bradbury being one (thought the list of books would be immense). I may in fact join you! As long as it stays vague:0).

    • Thanks, Stephanie! :) Yes, join me! Look, this challenge is totally vague, there’s no time limit or anything, I just made it because I like to make lists to keep track of things and to cross them off + it gives me a sort of structure when I’m looking for books to buy (not that I need to buy more books…).

      If you decide to do a post of your own, let me know and I’ll link it here somewhere. And then we can poke each other every six months or so to see if we made any progress. :)

  • Oh, this is an interesting challenge! I am definitely trying to read all backlog of my favourite authors. I was going to post a few examples but whew, I just realised how much that is going to be by checking my list of favourite authors on GR…!

    As for your list, More Than This was amazing, and The Rest of Us Just Live Here was quite fun (and really funny at some points hah). And I definitely want to catch up on Laini Taylor too!

    Good luck :)

    • Thanks, Carola! :)

      Yep, I spent a while on GR when writing this post … and discovered a lot of my favourite authors just have MASSIVE backlists, so I didn’t include them (for now, at any rate).

      I know, I’ll get to Ness soon but I read 2 of his book in very short succession, so I wanted to take a break from his writing so I don’t get fed up with it – I think I’ll like the books better after a break. :)

  • YAY! I’m glad you signed up for this challenge. And that’s awesome that you modified it to fit your needs. Once I finish Bella Andre’s books I’m going to do Tessa Dare. I’m so excited for Do You Want to Start a Scandal!

    • Well, yeah, I’m waaay too lazy to do the full challenge + I don’t know if I could handle so much writing by a single author in a relatively short time … And my budged doesn’t allow for it (especially since I suspect I’d have to buy most of the books because our libraries don’t have them).

      I’m excited about that book as well! Lots of good romances coming this autumn. I wanted to add Jill Shalvis to the list but she has a crazy backlist of minor (pre-Lucky Harbor) titles that seemed a bit overwhelming.

  • Sweet challenge Kaja^^ When I read a new author and discover that I ADORE THEM, I will definitely check out all of their backlisted titles! I’m obsessive though so it goes with my personality LOL! I still need to read Landline, Unbound, A Conjuring of Light (obviously haha), Strange the Dreamer and all the rest of Ness (I’ve only read A Monster Calls so far) Good luck with this my friend! xx

    • Thanks! :) I feel like I should always read my favourite authors’ backlists, but then I never do, not in their entirety.

      I really wanted to add Naomi Novik to this list because I LOVED Uprooted, but I think her Temeraire series has 8 published parts so far and it just makes me cringe!

      I actually love “discovering” authors when they’re debuts or nearly so, because I can then follow their work at about one book per year which is manageable.

  • Hmmm, sounds like an excellent idea! I’m already basically doing it with Guy Gavriel Kay’s books.

    • Well, if you decide to do a similar post, link it here somewhere and I’ll add it to the post. :) And good luck with your backlist reading!

  • Love this challenge. I hope you manage to read everything on here. I loved Landline even though I’d seen a few mixed things about it I thought it was fantastic. And I am with you in wanting to read Laini Taylor’s other books (although, did you hear Strange the Dreamer has been pushed back to March 2017!) I seriously need to read more by her.

    This entire challenge is basically what I always do with author’s I love. I slowly work my way through all the books they’ve published ever and rejoice in how much I like their books until I get fed up of seeing their name for a little while (but in a good way).

    • I do read backlists often but not systematically, so now I’m giving myself a bit of a framework. :) And yeah, I worry about getting fed up with an author’s writing – this is why I still haven’t picked up Landline! I want to go in when I’m STARVED for Rowell’s writing (soon, though). :)

  • This sounds like a heck of an ambitious challenge! I actually need to get to The Unbound by Victoria Schwab myself. Have you read The Near Witch by her or have I just inadvertently added to your list? I actually heard somewhere that it was out of print. What about the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness? I only mention it because it’s one of my favs. I’m going to shut up now because I have a feeling I am not helping. Whoops!

    • I KNOW, I always set weird challenges – but this one has no time limit so there isn’t much pressure to read these very fast.

      Yes, I read The Near Witch, it was the first Schwab book I ever read because Laini Taylor recommended it! I have the paperback version. Then I read The Archived, Vicious and so on. So I really only need to read The Unbound and those MG novels.

      And yep, Chaos Walking was what nominated Ness onto this list – I also read The Monster Calls but I liked Chaos Walking better.

      So you’ve done no further damage to my tbr (although “damage” is always a relative term when you’re actually recommending good books). ;)

  • Maraia

    What a good idea! Is it any surprise that I would add Juliet Marillier to the list? :P I went back and read all of her books in 2011, and I’m so glad I did.

    • I thought about adding Marillier but I’d have to put about 15 books on there and I’m not that ambitious just yet. :) I will definitely read this new trilogy (series?) that is only now being published and then I’ll probably go back to her earlier works when I run out of those. But slowly. :D

      • Maraia

        I think it’s a trilogy, but I’m not ready for it to be over so soon. That one is definitely worth reading, and The Bridei Chronicles is the other series I would prioritize.

        • Okay! I’ll put them on GR and chip away at them slowly :)

  • I really like how you modified the challenge, to be honest, the original challenge sounds impossible lol. The only author who I’ve read 45+ books by is Meg Cabot, but that’s mostly because I’ve been reading her novels since I was like, 10.

    I’d love to read more books by Tessa Dare (I’ve only read Castles Ever After s.), Patrick Ness (read A Monster Calls & The Rest of Us… and would like to read everything else he published). I finished The Archived today and can’t wait to read more by Victoria Schwab, because I heard, basically, nothing but good things about her other works.

    Aside from your list, I’d love to read everything by Gillian Flynn (only read Gone Girl), Libba Bray (read Gemma Doyle + The Diviners) and everything by Mindy McGinnis (read A Madness So Discreet).

    An author I discovered last year is Cat Winters, it was actually super easy to read all her works, as she’s pretty much a newbie, with only 4 published books. She’s truly amazing, totally recommended if you like YA Historical Fiction.

    Sorry for the looong comment, and wish you all the luck for the challenge! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    • Yeah, I definitely felt like the original challenge needed modifying. But I think most of the people who participated in that one were romance readers who go through a HUGE number of titles per month so maybe it’s not as overwhelming for them? For me, the cost alone seems prohibitive since I don’t have access to English libraries.

      If you liked Tessa Dare’s Castles Ever After, I’d definitely recommend her Spindle Cove series – my all-time favourite is A Week to be Wicked. :) And yeah, Victoria Schwab is one of my favourite authors of all time!

      And I LOVE long comments, so no worries about that. I haven’t read any of the authors you mentioned – I’ve heard of them, of course, but I’ll have to check them out. And yep, if an author is a newbie, it’s easy to follow along – I started following Schwab when she’d just published Vicious, for example, so it wasn’t hard to read most of what she’s written so far.