My July


Well, people, we’re halfway through summer already. And I say THANK THE SKIES FOR THAT because I’m freaking melting over here! As I’m writing this, it’s actually cloudy outside and it rained during the night, so it’s not unbearable but these past weeks have been hard on me because 30+ degree heat isn’t all that nice to very pregnant ladies. And I am definitely a very pregnant lady (seriously, my belly is so much bigger this time around, wow).

In personal news: As I said, preggo. I’ve been working a lot, translating what needs to be translated and writing what needs to be written but we managed to get some day trips in on the weekends. We’re taking some time off in August before Baby arrives (I do hope he’ll arrive on time, more or less – but it’s impossible to plan anything from this point onward, really. I have less than a month to go!) and I’m excited for some family time. We won’t be going abroad or anything – I really want to be within driving distance of Ljubljana’s hospital, because it’s very good.

In Kiddo news: he’s amazing. Well, I know all parents say that about their kids but what can I do. He’s finally started using first person when he talks! :D It’s funny to see how he thinks and what kinds of associations he has. Elephants are the new obsession and so are rockets. He has tantrums from time to time but we’ve been told it’s normal, so we’re coping as well as can be expected. Nothing too horrible, though. He still doesn’t really understand what is going on with the Baby – he pets my belly and talks about the baby but then gets kind of distracted when we try to explain how things will change in a month. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m sure there will be some problems but he’s a good kid so I don’t expect a lot of trauma.


In reading news: July was a really good reading month for me. I’ve managed to read some books from my Summer TBR list and I read some others besides. The best read of the month was definitely Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier, which I’ll be reviewing soon, closely followed by The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addisson, which I have already reviewed here, in case you’ve missed it. Other than that, Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty was a pleasant surprise (it was a Kindle deal and I can’t resist a Sherlock retelling), but Worked Up, the new Tessa Bailey book I got to read as an ARC, was a complete disaster. So yeah, a mixed bag! But if I get two great books a month, I count that as an overall success! :)


What I wrote about:

I was very good with planning blog content ahead at the beginning of this month and even had five posts written up ahead – that came and went, of course, and now I’m down to one. I’ll try to write some posts ahead for when Baby comes but if I disappear suddenly, please don’t take it personally. There will be a crying, pooping tiny human present in my life and it’ll take a while for us to get used to each other. :)


Link Love:

  • A bit of motivation for when you’re having one of those days when you don’t feel good enough.
  • Cool vintage pics of beaches and summer.
  • This story about a grandma who wrote polite Google searches because she thought there was an actual person at Goggle HQ who was answering them <3
  • And oh MY has it really only been 10 years since these fashion faux pas? When I look at my parents’ old photos and see what they wore, I always cringe. I’m sure my kids will be cringing about my fashion choices when they’re older, too.


I hope you’re enjoying summer, regardless of where you are! How has July been treating you?

Did you read anything interesting? 

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • I’m glad July has been a good month. And that your baby is doing well. My July was absolutely exhausting. Summer is one of my busiest months at work. Things are starting to slow down a bit, and I’m loving it.

    • Ah, I can imagine summer must be a busy time for you. :) I hope you get to relax and read some good books, too!

  • Maraia

    The kiddo sounds like so much fun! I hope you get a break from the heat soon. And I’m SO HAPPY that Son of the Shadows was the best read of the month! I’m looking forward to your review. :)

    July was the best month ever, as you already know. :P However, I only finished three books, out of which one was extremely short and one was an audiobook. But no regrets!

    • YES Son of the Shadows was fantastic. Review’s coming up next week, it’s already written and I think it’s kind of gushing. :D But the book definitely deserves it! I loved Bran <3 And Liadan is a fantastic heroine! I can't wait to get my hands on Book 3 but I'm pacing myself a little so I don't get overwhelmed.

      And I think putting your reading on the back burner while you went to have your adventure is perfectly understandable! :D Good luck with all of that. *hug*

      • Maraia

        Book 3 isn’t quite as good as the first two, so not reading it right away is probably a good idea. :P

        Thanks! *hugs back* I still need to respond to your message. /o

        • Oh, okay. Well, I’m sure it’s still good. I’ll read it eventually but right now, other books are a priority!

          And don’t worry, take your time, I’m sure you have loads of other things preoccupying you! :)

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed Son of the Shadows, it’s one of my favorite Juliet Marillier books. It should be really interesting to introduce the new baby to your little one. When my sister-in-law had twins (girl and boy), their older brother (who was three at the time), enjoyed them for a bit, but then suggested we throw them away. I hope the final weeks of your pregnancy are as comfortable as possible!

    • I only read the two Marillier books so far but I’m already hooked. So I’ll definitely be reading more of her series in the future.

      I love that nephew story! :D Kids can be so honest at times. I heard this is a possibility: that initially, they accept the new baby well and then discover the baby will be STAYING INDEFINITELY and then the trouble begins. :) But we’ll manage somehow.

      And thanks, I’m hoping so, too! 3 more weeks, eep! :)

  • Good to hear that July was good for you despite the heat! I’m not big on heat…and even less for humidity…so I’m looking forward to milder Fall temperatures :) Glad that July was good reading-wise as well – same for me actually! I reread mostly but I still feel productive numbers-wise so far! Happy August^^ xx

    • I am eagerly awaiting Fall, too. And hoping for a nice, sunny, cool one so we’ll be able to take lots of walks with the new baby.

      I reread a lot in the first half of the year, I just felt like revisiting old favourites. But now I’m tackling my tbr like a pro! ;)

      I wish you a good end of the summer! **

  • I’m glad you’ve had a good July! :)
    And I’m really looking forward to your review of Son of the Shadows! I’m hoping to read it very soon because I loved Daughter of the Forest so much, so I’m really interested to see what you thought of it.

    • Thanks, Laura!

      And YES Son of the Shadows was fantastic, my review is probably going up next week. It’s gushy and enthusiastic, you can be sure of that! :)

  • It completely sucks you’re struggling during the warm weather. I was struggling during the warm weather we had here and I am not in the third trimester of pregnancy. My only excuse is a am pathetic and British and don’t cope well in heat. FIngers crossed the weather cools a bit so you can still go out and enjoy yourself a bit before Baby arrives. I can’t believe it’s so soon, where has the time gone? I’ll keep my fingers crossed he arrives around his due date.

    I’m looking forward to your review for your review of Son of the Shadows because I need your thoughts to help motivate me to buy it (why is it so much harder to talk yourself into buying the second book in series than the first… or is that just me?).

    • Warm weather above 28 degrees is the work of the Devil, I am convinced now. But hey, I just talked to a friend who’s about 3 months pregnant today and she throws up every night at 9pm (that’s “morning sickness” for you) so you know, things could definitely be worse for me! :D

      And I know, I keep reading the first books of series. But then Maraia told me that she liked Son of the Shadows even more than Daughter of the Forest and as she’s the one who recommended the series in the first place, I had to see what that was all about. And it really is very good.

      • There you are, always looking on the bright side. Things could always be worse. I mean, I cannot cope anywhere above 25 degrees if I have to go to work. If I’m lazing around the house I can cope with anything up to 30.

        And really, she liked it more than Daughter of the Forest?!? But that was so good, if there is something better than that I need it in my hands… it may have to wait until September, though. I have a whole lot of review copies to read. I think I’ll deserve a September treat.

  • I’m glad the pregnancy and parenthood are going well for you! Hopefully August and September won’t be too stressful. And thanks for the reading recs! I’ve been meaning to try more Juliet Marillier and Lock & Mori, but I wasn’t sure on the latter. Now I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. Happy almost end of summer!

    • Thanks, Kel! :) August has been good so far, a bit cooler than July and my husband’s had some time off so things are easier and we’re spending more time together, which is always nicce.

      Yep, Son of the Shadows and Lock & Mori were both really good reads and I’m glad I gave them a try!

      Happy August to you, too! :)