My August


I’m writing this post in advance since I’m trying to lessen my blogging load for the end of August and September. I sincerely hope that Baby has already arrived (I’ll probably be offline but I’ll try to let you know somehow) because by the time you’ll be reading this, a week will have passed since my due date.

*update added on August 31, in the evening* Baby hasn’t arrived yet. *sigh* It seems more and more likely that my kids will share a birthday. I can tell you – I’ve been over due twice now and it’s not fun. Gah.

Today (September 1st) is my first son’s birthday; he turns two today and I’m so incredibly grateful for this experience. He’s a good kid and we’re so, so lucky to have him. We bought him a toy drum for his birthday present, which, now that I think of it, is probably the worst idea ever since we’re about to have a newborn in the house, but he loves instruments and has been talking about drums ever since he got a chance to play one at a festival.

August was a very good month in general. Yes, I spent most of it complaining of various aches and uncomfortable moments that come with the last weeks of pregnancy but my husband had two weeks off and we managed to get in an incredible amount of quality family time, which is exactly what we needed. We didn’t go anywhere far (I really wanted to give birth in Ljubljana) but we went on day trips every day, we spent as much time in nature as possible, and took care that Kiddo was entertained and properly tired each day.

Honestly, it’s been hard thinking of anything but the Baby. I like to think I’m not one of the people who talk about their kids all the time (I really try to make an effort, especially around childless friends, because I am more than a mother) but it’s hard when there’s a little future human constantly poking me from my belly, demanding attention. Plus there are all the preparations to think of, the aches, the anticipation… Well.

I didn’t read a lot, probably due to the fact that I kept starting new books. The best one was No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron, probably my most-anticipated summer release, and also Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine – I never know what I’ll get when I start a new series but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I also got Karen Hawkins’ Mad for the Plaid to read as an ARC, which was most welcome because I’d been meaning to buy it anyway. I was seriously, horrendously disappointed by Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Torn, which prompted me to write a post about reading bad books.

We went to see both Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond (yes, two movie date nights in one month, woop!). I liked both of them but didn’t love them. Ghostbusters is awesome and campy but also ridiculous at times. I loved the fact that there were no unnecessary sexy scenes, the receptionist’s role was just such a caricature that I loved it, and I will never be fed up with watching badass ladies kick ass. I was really glad we’d re-watched the original movie from the 80s before going to see this new one, though, because I would have missed every reference – I think I was about 10 the last time I’d seen it.

As for Star Trek, I really liked the first movie, thought the second was pretty good, but this one was… well, a sequel. I liked the fact that there wasn’t too much romance (Le gasp! I know, I always say I want more romance but it would have made me roll my eyes here.). My friends complained about the shaky camera but I wasn’t too affected by it. I liked the Beasty Boys scene but also thought it was perhaps too simple? The entire plot was a bit simple, in fact, that’s what bothered me the most. Also, don’t watch this one if you haven’t watched the previous two because there’s just so much history between the characters. I’m not sorry we went to see it but it wasn’t revolutionary.


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This month’s post is a bit shorter than usual. Some links may be missing. And if I’m suddenly not responding to anything, I probably have a pink, screaming, adorable excuse.


How was your August? Did you do anything unexpected?

What was the best book you read this month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Oh, I hope for your sake the baby will come soon! My kids were both accommodating and came a week before their due dates – which was great, because by 38 weeks I was READY. I can’t imagine how excited and anxious you are to meet the little guy!

    • Well, he’s here now! :) I was at exactly 41 weeks, and YEAH, I’d been feeling ready for weeks before, so I get what you mean. It’s all well now. :)

  • I hope the new baby comes soon! (Though maybe not on September 1st. Kids like to have their “own” birthdays.) That’s great that you were able to do family stuff and enjoy some day trips. I hope the new little one leaves you a little reading time and that the next movie you see wows you!

    • Thanks for the nice wishes, Kel! The baby arrived on Sep 1st, and now everyone’s asking us whether we planned it. :D Nope.

      I hope you have a good September!

  • I adored the first two Star Trek movies but the third one was lacklustre by comparaison. The change of director was really evident to me…I hope they bring him back somehow. Good luck with all the baby things xxxx

    • Yeah, the third Star Trek movie just didn’t do it for me. I wonder if they’ll continue with the story. I wasn’t a fan of Star Trek before – I didn’t really watch that many series when I was younger and then when I tried to watch the old ST episodes, they seemed so cheesy – but I really liked the first two movies. It would be a shame if this was the end of it.

  • Maraia

    Happy birthday to both of your boys! ;)

    The best books I read this month were Dark Matter (maybe) you’d like it? It’s more scifi than thriller), Every Heart a Doorway (I definitely recommend this), and Papierjunge (a mystery that I wouldn’t recommend to you).

    I’m glad you, A, and the kiddo got to spend some time together before the new baby came. Good luck with the toy drum. :P

    • Thank you! :) We celebrated in the maternity ward with party hats and a small cake with candles. :D The nurses were great about it, too.

      I saw great reviews for Every Heart a Doorway, I’m kind of waiting for the price to drop on the ebook (oops).

      The toy drum is a success. We told him he could play it in his room (which he doesn’t share with the baby yet), so it’s all good. :D And we put it atop a wardrobe each night so he can’t reach it in the morning. :p

      • Maraia

        Aww, I’m glad you still were able to make it special for the kiddo. I’m surprised they let you bring candles into the hospital. XD

        It’s not a full-length novel, so I don’t know why the price is so high.

        Excellent! That was smart thinking. :D Will the boys share a room when the baby is older?

        • I’m not entirely sure the nurses knew about the candles :D We mentioned the cake and the “party” but we just lit the candles for a couple of minutes so he could blow them out.

          And yeah, they’ll share a room for a while at least – until we move into a bigger apartment (we’ll have to at some point). I think they’ll start rooming together as soon as Baby starts sleeping through the night. The sooner, the better, really.

  • Greg Hill

    Happy birthday to your son, and to the little one when he/ she decides to arrive. :) Glad August was good. Nice that you guys got some outside time and to relax. I’ve heard good and bad things about the new Star Trek, and not being a fan of the reboot I’ve generally stayed away, but I may see it. I’ll just go in with my expectations not too high.

    • The little one (another boy) arrived on our first son’s birthday, so they’ll have to share from now on. :)

      I was never a Star Trek fan before the movies – I mean, I just didn’t watch the old series, not that I had anything against it. So the first real experience I had with it was with the new movies and I liked the first two a lot. But yeah, keeping your expectations low might be a good idea for the third one. :/

      • Greg Hill

        Congratulations!! So he came on the same day as your first one? Wow!! How exciting- best wishes to you guys!!!

        I was a fan of the older Trek movies (some of them) and now when I go back and watch some of those they don’t hold up as well- funny how our tastes change! Anyway I will probably see the new one as I’m curious…

        • Thanks, Greg! :) Yeah, we didn’t plan it this way or anything but babies have their own schedule.

          And I know what you mean about watching old favourite movies – it’s a bit like re-reading books. I used to love some movies (mostly comedy/action movies) that I find terrible now.

  • Now, since I am reading this post and no baby arrived safe and sound (and your kids share a birthday) I will just say congrats (again). I will say that the drum gift may be a terrible gift, you’ll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed you won’t be driven up the wall by it. And I hope kiddo #2 is as adorable as expected. Is kiddo #1 very put out by sharing a birthday? Hopefully you can find a way to make it feel their own each year because I know how siblings struggle to share things at times.

    I’ve not seen Star Trek of Ghostbusters yet, although I went off watching Ghostbusters not because of the female cast (I love that idea) but because it is genderswapped remake. I would have wanted to see it so much more if it had been a continuation of the original series with our original Ghostbusters retired and the women picking up where they left off. That’s not to say I won’t watch it, I’m just going to wait for the DVD release. Same goes for Star Trek, I’ve heard a lot of negative things and considering I’m really struggling to remember the second film I don’t have very high hopes for this next one.

    And what did you think of Ink and Bone? It’s sat on my shelf waiting to be read and has been for about a year but for some reason I’ve not started it (mostly because I have so many series unfinished I find it hard to justify starting new ones).

    • Thanks, Becky! :)

      The drum turned out okay, we told him he could play it in his room, and we put it atop a wardrobe he can’t reach each night so he doesn’t surprise us in the morning. :)

      I’m not sure how Kiddo #1 will feel about sharing his birthday. He’s a bit young still to understand what it means for real, I guess we’ll find out next year. But even then, Kiddo #2 won’t know what’s happening… I guess by the time either of them is old enough to get it, they won’t mind? I don’t know, I have no experience with this. :D

      And I understand about Ghostbusters. I didn’t know it would be a remake like that, I kind of expected a bit more out of the story, but okay. It *seemed* like we’re getting a sequel anyway? Not sure though. It might be best to wait for DVDs, I agree. But remember to tell me how you liked them! :)

      Ink and Bone was surprisingly good! I saw really good reviews when it was first published but I still went in with pretty low expectations. I thought the first half was a bit slow but then the second half just HAPPENED and I really enjoyed it. I hope you give it a try! :)

      • That’s great, I’m glad it’s not driving you crazy (and very smart to put it away at night so you’re not shocked awake).

        And this is true, they won’t know any better as they get older. It does mean the other one won’t feel left out on the other’s birthday. I remember my nan used to get me and my brother a present on the other’s birthday so we didn’t feel left out (which was sweet when we were younger). It’ll be a learning curve for you. Just see how it goes as they grow up.

        I’ll let you know about Ghostbusters once the DVDs out. I’m sure I’ll end up raving about it. I am very easy to please, as long as the story isn’t awful I won’t get bored.

        And that’s great, I may have to dust that one off of my shelf then. I will keep my expectations low and see how it goes. The next book is out as well isn’t it? That way if I like it I’ll easily be able to get my hands on a copy.