My October + A Break


Hey, everyone, how are you doing? What’s been going on in your life? I’m less tuned-in with other people’s lives now that I’m on maternity leave and I want to know everything that’s happened.

Our October was good. We’ve fallen into a sort of routine with the kids and it takes some pressure off trying to figure out what to do each day. I mean, we still get sleepless nights (mostly because of the older one, he’s growing his last milk teeth and keeps waking up in the middle of the night) but we’re managing so far. It’s great to see how Baby is developing from a newborn to a tiny human who actually smiles and coos and flails with his little limbs.

I think we’re a bit more relaxed with Baby, compared to how worried we were when Kiddo was little. I mean, it’s just that this new-parent anxiety isn’t as horrible as it was the first time around, when we really had no clue about what we were up against. It’s also good that Baby doesn’t have colic (Kiddo did and it was pretty awful for a while, he’d scream for hours each day, the poor thing) and he’s such a calm child. It’s difficult to explain without sounding all esoteric but he has this soothing presence, I don’t even know how to describe it. Anyway, Kiddo is also adjusting pretty well, he’s really kind to Baby and keeps petting him and telling him not to cry (more like ordering him, really). They’re cool kids. :)


In reading news, I’ve been reading lots of romanceShocking, I know. *sigh* I’ve discovered a new author, Lauren Layne, and her Wedding Belles series – the review of To Love and to Cherish is here. I read Half Wild by Sally Green, which was a good sequel. I was really, really impressed by When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore, but the favourite book of the month goes to Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I was so scared it would be one of those hyped-up books that I usually end up disliking (like The Wrath and the Dawn), but I loved it. I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom.

I also have an announcement to make: I’ll be taking most of November off on the blog. I’ll probably come back with my November recap post, though I might post a review or two in the meantime because I have old ARC debts. I just need to schedule some posts in advance for December, because it’s always busy, I want to work on a NaNoWriMo project, and I just need a break to catch up with old comments and regroup. I’ll be back before you know it! ;) 


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How was your October? Do you celebrate Halloween? 

Do you unfollow blogs if they stay silent for too long? :)

I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I definitely think sometimes the parents rub off on the baby. My first was a bit more difficult as well, but then I was also a nervous wreck of a new mom. My youngest is way calmer, but I was also a happier, more relaxed and experience parent the second time around. Could be that there’s some mutual soothing going on there :) Anyway, good luck with NaNo, I’ll probably be sitting out this one for the first time in 5 or 6 years – just way too much going on this November!

    • Yeah, it’s definitely true that the parents’ attitude affects the kids. I see that even with the older one – if we’re nervous and irritated, chances are he’ll act out much more. I also feel like we’re more relaxed now that we at least know we did okay with the first kid.

  • Greg Hill

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Six of Crows. Like literally i don’t think I’ve seen one bad review. Might have to check it out. And that’s awesome about the little one- glad things are so calm, that’s always nice. :)

    My October was good, I didn’t read enough scary stuff but then I don’t necessarily read scary anyway. Suspense or a paranormal thriller, yeah, but not horror usually. But it was a good month all told. I am looking forward to Halloween tomorrow (er tonight I guess!) and other than that not too much happening. Enjoy your break and good luck with your NaNo project!

    • Six of Crows is RIDICULOUSLY good. I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed it yet but it blew my expectations. I was so afraid of it being another one of those over-hyped books that ultimately end up disappointing me but it’s really good.

  • I’m glad to hear that things are going well with the new baby. And I totally know what you mean about a calm baby! My godson was like that for about a year or two. He was so calm, always just smiling and giggling. He’s a little hellion now though haha.
    I hope you enjoy your break and good luck with NaNo!

    • Well, thanks for that, now I’ll be waiting for the calmest baby in the world to turn into a little whirlwind. :D But seriously, this kid is so cool. He gets annoyed if he’s hungry or tired but otherwise, he’s just really chill.

  • I’m so glad you and your family are doing well. I hear from lots of people that they are more relaxed with baby two. I hope you have a nice break from blogging, but I will be glad when you come back.

    • Thank you! :) And yeah, the break is definitely doing me some good, I’ve been reading a lot and catching up on comments.

  • It’s good to hear that your whole family is doing well. I’m amazed that you even have the time/energy to read at all, much less blog + do NaNoWriMo! Go on with your badass self :)

    • Thank you, Louise! :)

      Yeah, I felt like I was trying to bite off more than I could chew so I decided to put the blog on hold for a month to take the pressure off. Best decision ever. I will get caught up with comments and plan for the months ahead.

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    That’s so cute, him petting Baby on the head. I can just imagine it. Don’t cry. Don’t cry! I haven’t read Lauren Layne’s Wedding Belles series, but I have liked some of her other reads. I’ll definitely check it out now :)

    Have a great November Kaja!

    • Yeah, Kiddo keeps poking Baby in his cheeks, because he’s really chubby and his cheeks are therapeutic, I swear. I keep cuddling him, obviously.

      And this Lauren Layne obsession is continuing strong! <3

      I hope you're having a great November, too!

  • I definitely don’t unfollow- especially if I love the blogger and am excited for their return ;) You need to do you- take some time and regroup, we’ll be here! Also, I wish I was doing the same thing. NaNo last year almost killed me, and I think I am even MORE behind this year. UGH.

    Glad that things with Baby and Kiddo are settling into such a nice routine for you guys! I was surprised too how the OLDER one was the one depriving me of sleep, not the baby hahha. Also glad that you loved When the Moon was Ours, I want to read that one soon- and Crooked Kingdom, too! Good luck with NaNo, too!

    • Thanks, Shannon, that’s good to hear. I’m not super worried about losing followers because of this break – if people don’t understand that we sometimes need a break from a hobby, that’s their problem, I guess.

      We’re still not sleeping well due to the older one’s teething (how long does it take for four freaking teeth to grow out?!). I shudder to think that we’ll have to go through this again with the younger one!

      I can highly recommend When the Moon Was Ours, it’s beautiful.

  • Maraia

    I’ve witnessed a similar experience with my friend whose kids just turned 1 and 3. I have a feeling that happens with a lot of families. :) I’m glad you’re all doing well and adjusting!

    Wow, I didn’t even realize you were reading Six of Crows. That was one of my most anticipated books last year, and I didn’t enjoy it. /o But I think part of that was timing, and I do plan to reread it at some point, especially now that I know you loved it. I really want to love it. :D

    Yay, good luck on NaNoWriMo! And enjoy your break.

    My October was great! I ended up getting pretty sick during my trip, but it was still amazing. I already miss Germany, etc. I didn’t read much, of course, but we watched a few movies (including two in theater), got through a ton of show episodes, and ate lots of chocolate and pizza. :D

    Ha, not at all. I’m more likely to unfollow a blog if the blogger posts daily. xD

    • Ohhhh I typed half of my answer to this comment of yours and then closed the browser and it disappeared. Ugh.

      Anyway, yeah, we’re doing great, sleep is still scarce but we manage. One thing you learn as a new parent is that humans can get used to anything. Obviously, this is one of those experiences that is hard but also incredibly rewarding, but I can say that I never imagined I’d be able to function on 5 hours of interrupted sleep a day.

      And I really, really liked Six of Crows. I still have to review it, obviously, but it was one of the best books I read in 2016. Definitely top 10. I have to get my hands on Crooked Kingdom soon.I’m sorry you didn’t like it as much! It’s just that way sometimes.

      Your vacation sounds perfect, you have to tell me more about it (in an email?) if you have time. I’m starved for news, anyway. I hope you’re feeling well now!

      Have a good week! :)

      • Maraia

        Ughh, I hate when that happens.

        Haha, yeah, somehow parents must adapt, otherwise we would have died out a long time ago.

        Yes! I owe you an email. It’s on my to-do list. So maybe by the end of the year. xD

  • Kiddo and baby sound like they’ve got the foundations of a great sibling relationship going on! Very cute. I’m glad to hear that you and A. are feeling a bit more relaxed this time around, because all signs point to you two being stellar parents. :)

    Oh, you’re taking part in NaNo? That’s awesome, Kaja! I can’t wait to hear more about your project. Enjoy your break, you’ve been posting like mad for age and you deserve some time off.

    What’s new in my life? Hmm…well, I’m graduating from my Master’s program the first week in December. *screams in terror* Things are getting preeeeetty real right now, because I have no plans to pursue a PhD which means it’s job hunting time. I’m actually applying to a really good job in a tiny town in Northern Ontario (11,000 people!) that I want really badly…it’s the first grown-up job that I’ve actually wanted. Ha! Fingers crossed for me!

    • Thanks, Danya, we are doing our best with parenting, and I hope it’s going to be enough. Sometimes, it’s hard, when you’ve had a shitty week of sleeping and Kiddo is teething (STILL OMG) and he’s screaming that he wants the dinosaur he’s actually holding in his hand (true story, happened this afternoon). But then they do something sweet and you forget all about the bad stuff. :)

      My NaNo project… Well, yeah, I guess I’ll need beta readers at some point. :D

      You’re graduating in December?! Wow, lady, you rock! And I hope your job search goes well – anyone you apply to would be lucky to have you. When you say “Northern Ontario” – how far North are we talking? :o Have you had any news considering that job? Good luck in any case! :)

  • I still need to read Six of Crows – and Bardugo period for that matter! *gasp* I keep telling myself to read Shadow and Bone before her newer books though so hopefully soon!

    My October was lovely, mainly because it’s my favorite month of the year and I adore Halloween :D I did lots of hiking, went shopping and had quality cuddle time with my kitties! I’m in a bit of a reading slump though but I’m hoping I’ll shake it off soon. Enjoy your November break! xx

    • I only read the first book of Bardugo’s first trilogy and I wasn’t too impressed – but I’m SO GLAD I decided to give Six of Crows a chance! It’s set in the same universe but I think it could absolutely be read without reading the first trilogy.

      It sounds like you had a perfect October! I really need to go shopping for clothes soon, I haven’t been in ages. I hope your reading slump is over and that November is treating you well! :)

  • I’m so glad you’ve got a new routine with Baby around. I know it’s a nightmare at first but it’s great you’re settled. It’s also good Baby is so calm, you get lucky like that with kids and maybe it’s because you feel more confident about parenting this time around since you’ve done this before. Who knows, but it’s great you’re all so happy and kiddo has taken having a sibling in his stride.

    How will I cope with your blogging break? I mean, you deserve it. I remember being crazy impressed with your organisation in the run up to Baby being born with all the posts you had sorted so really enjoy the break, read some good books and relax. I mean, taking part in NaNo is not relaxing but each to their own with how they spend their free time. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.

    I don’t know if I have any new things to update with you, you see my weekly posts updating people on my very unexciting life. I mean, I didn’t even end up going out for Halloween because plans clashed and it was just easier to stay home! I seriously need to do more exciting things but how do you find the time?

    Anyway, I will totally be lurking about when you post because that is what I do and I’ll provide you with essay length comments because I cannot restrain my words!

    • We’re lucky, yeah, that both our kids have adjusted to the new situation and that they aren’t too complicated. I could do with about 45 hours of sleep but I’ll catch up once kids move out HAHAHA *sob* (No, but seriously, we’re doing okay.)

      Once I finish my NaNo project, I’ll tell you more about it, promise. I may even need a beta reader. If I ever make myself put my writing out into the wild (which is a horrifying thought).

      I am very glad of your weekly update posts, I feel like I’ve fallen behind with most of my friends’ lives and it’s just nice to read what you’re doing. I try to email or text with people I can’t meet as often now I have kids but most aren’t great at writing back, nor are they bloggers, so it’s hard to keep track.

      And you know I’m always happy with your comments, whether they’re essay-length or not! :)

      • I completely understand needing more sleep. I suffer from that need and I’ve not even got children dictating my sleeping pattern. I’m sure you’ll adjust in time and you’ll have a routine that means you won’t miss sleep quite so much.

        *raises hand* I will totally beta read for you. I can offer little help in any kind of grammatical way but I can offer all of the advice about a story. I don’t know if you know this, but I like to read (see what I did there).

        And, honestly, we all struggle to keep in contact sometimes. I have a friend I know will forget to text me back about 50% of the time but even so it’s nice when we do manage to talk. You just keep having to text and email because life can get crazy sometimes.