My September

my-september16As most of you know by now, my September had a fantastic start as our second son was born on September 1st, which is also Kiddo’s birthday. Seriously, it was kind of odd – both of them were due on August 25th and both were exactly a week late. We didn’t plan it this way – not that you can plan babies with such precision anyway – but here we are. Baby weighed 4615g (that’s just over 10 pounds) and was 55cm long (and I have no idea how to transform this into a logical non-decimal measurement). He was (is) big. I’m okay, though, everything was done and finished in three hours, which is fantastic. We’re both doing great and he’s eating a lot. We’ve gone through our first cold (we all got stuffy noses, it’s amazing how these things spread) but nothing horrible so far (fingers crossed).

Kiddo is taking things in stride – we’ve had some tantrums, of course, but he’s being incredibly sweet to his baby brother. We’re still adjusting to being a family of four, which is to be expected. He has also learned to tell that he’s two years old and enjoyed having us sing Happy Birthday to him over and over (I think he thinks it’s his personal song, so he’ll probably be disappointed when he hears it sung for someone else). He’s in a dinosaur phase right now – that’s A.’s T-Rex chalk drawing up top, he’s great with these things. My dinosaurs are usually pretty sad.

Surprisingly, I’ve had a lot of time to read this month. Kindle is my best friend right now because I can read one-handed (or have it propped on my knee while I’m nursing). Paperbacks – or even hardbacks – are taking a back seat right now. So I’m doing great with my review copies and even tackling some freebie classics, who would have thought?!

The best books I read this month were Iron Cast by Destiny Soria (I’ll be reviewing it next week, stay tuned!) and Pride and Prejudice, which was a re-read, of course, and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (a re-read as well). I also enjoyed Act Like It by Lucy Parker and I’m currently working my way through The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch, which is still fantastic. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh was a huge disappointment for me, especially after all the hype the duology has received in the blogosphere. I also flew through Sarah J. Maas’s Empire of Storms and it will surprise exactly no-one that I’ve written a spoilery review for it. I re-read What Happens in London, a favourite by Julia Quinn, and the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy in preparation for the last book that was just published.

I also meant to follow A Discovery of Witches real time read-along (Lark posted about this) but it’s moving at such a slow pace that I’ve already started reading ahead. If you’re interested, there’s a handy calendar with all the dates for the chapters. This is a re-read for me because I want to continue with the series but I’ve forgotten all about what happened in the first book. If you’ve been thinking about tackling this series, this is a great opportunity.

I’m still watching The Great British Bake Off – A. and I are working through old episodes, actually, while we wait for each week’s instalment of Season 7. Blindspot is also back, I love this show. Jamie Alexander is just so beautiful.


What I wrote about:

Thanks to scheduling posts in advance, I’ve managed to keep on top of my resolution to blog twice a week. And I’ve been meaning to ask you – is this working for you? Or would you rather see more posts? I think that this schedule is one I can maintain without too much stress, which is essential right now.


How was your September? Did you read anything interesting?

What TV shows should I give a go?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Aww, congrats on the baby! I’m so glad everything went well :)

    • Thank you! :)

  • Congrats again on the baby. He’s a big boy! When your sons get older and it gets more difficult to tell age difference, I foresee you guys getting lots of questions about whether or not they are twins, what with the same birthday and all. :)

    • Thanks!
      And I hadn’t even thought of that twin thing! I guess it’ll depend on whether they’ll look alike as well…

  • Maraia

    I still can’t believe both boys have the same birthday. I guess you’ll have to spin it as something fun when they’re older so they don’t resent it. XD And I always enjoy your stories about the Kiddo! (What are you going to call Kiddo #2? :P)

    I’m glad you’re getting in some reading time! I’ve mostly been reading mystery/thrillers these days, so I don’t have much to recommend. I did reread Daugther of the Forest and Son of the Shadows, though! Still amazing.

    Have you seen Call the Midwife? That’s a great one if you don’t want mystery/dark shows. (Do you watch them?)

    My September was okay. I got to spend time with my friend and her kids (they moved back this summer), which was really nice. But I’m looking forward to October much more!

    • Yeah, they will definitely have to get two birthday cakes each year. It’ll be a baking fest. And for now, it’s Kiddo and Baby :D I don’t know, lol. I’ve kept their names from the blog so far (and I’m calling my husband “A.” all the time) but we’ll see.

      I haven’t watched Call the Midwife yet but I’ve heard of it! I’ll check it out. And no, I don’t watch dark shows as a rule, I’m trying to stay away from them! :) I like detective/police shows though, as long as they’re not TOO creepy (I liked Criminal Minds, for example, but couldn’t handle all the scary serial killers, ugh).

      What will happen in October that has you excited? :)

      • Maraia

        Hopefully they will have different favorite cakes. :P You call your husband “A,” but you also have a link to his website on your blog, so… xD I’m trying to think of a word comparable to Kiddo, but I’m not coming up with anything.

        It’s great! Hmm. Terriers was a pretty light detective show. Broadchurch is heartbreaking, but I don’t think it’s particularly dark. Have you seen Parenthood already? That’s one of my favorite shows of all time.

        I leave for Germany on Tuesday! I’m already in New York (where I fly out of), visiting my aunt and uncle. :D

  • Welcome to the world, Kiddo #2!

    Also, The Wrath and the Dawn was a disappointment? Gaah. But people hyped it so much!

    • Thanks! :)

      And yeah, I didn’t like The Wrath and the Dawn. But then I seem to be the only one, everyone else loved it, so you should definitely see for yourself!

  • How funny that both of your kids ended up being born on the same day (especially since they were due on the same day a week earlier!). I’m glad you guys are doing well!!

    • Yep, there’s a major coincidence. As soon as we knew the due date, people started asking if we planned it that way, as if babies could be planned with such precision! :D

      • You used that new baby planning app, right? I mean, everything else is online nowadays.Surely there’s an app that lets you choose your child’s exact due date and birthdate. :-)

        • Oh, and I forgot to say that I wasn’t as big of a fan of The Wrath and the Dawn as everyone else seemed to be either (the romance really bugged me), but I did like the second book a lot better.

  • I’m glad you and baby are good and you’ve managed to get through the first cold. They are the worst but at least it was quite tame. FIngers crossed you make it through til the end of the year without being struck by something else.

    I love the sound of A Discovery of Witches readalong. I reread the first two books a while back and still haven’t read the third. They are pretty epic books. I can see how a readalong might not be moving fast enough for you. You get pretty absorbed in it.

    What should you be watching apart from bake off? This Is Us, I’ve seen the first ep of that and it was adorable. Such a sweet show. Not sure where it’s gonna go next, though. I’ve also started watching Pitch because it turns out I not only like sports romance but sports TV shows.

    • No luck with that – Kiddo just ran a fever today. So far he’s doing okay otherwise (no other symptoms) but still. I’m just hoping Baby doesn’t get it, too. I HATE viruses.

      I’m already 3/4 through A Discovery of Witches now, that’s WAY ahead. I can’t help it, really, the story pulls you in. I’ve forgotten some of Matthew’s possessive crap, though, so I’m not as impressed with him this time around. I’ll definitely be reading the other two books.

      And I’ve seen the trailer for This Is Us, it looks absolutely gorgeous, but there’s this thing with the babies and I just CAN’T watch/read anything if there’s a danger of something bad happening to babies right now. I have it saved for when my hormones calm down a bit. I made a mistake of watching Sense8 when Kiddo was a couple of months old – I absolutely loved the show but bawled like crazy when there was this sad part with a baby.

      • Oh no, it’s like we jinxed it! Hopefully it’s past through without much drama then. Viruses are the worst. I am currently struck down with a cough and sore throat which may be a cold (or man flu, because man flu in women is twice as dramatic as men are) and I am fed up with it so I dread to think it would be like with kids.

        And I completely understand, once your hooked with that series you don’t want to stop reading. I did forget how possessive it was but it wasn’t too bad that I got put off by it. Instead it’s frustrating without being off putting. It also is explained well, it may not be justified but I can understand it at least.

        I completely understand, I suppose babies will be a trigger for you for a while. It is so utterly adorable, though. Give it a try when a few more episodes are out maybe? And I love Sense8, it was just so good and I cannot wait for more. I am sat trying to remember what happened with a baby in it, though. I may have to rewatch to remember.

        • Oh I hope you’re feeling better, Becky! Turns out that cold only really hit A., who got a fever and had to stay home for a few days – but Kiddo got a new tooth (the first of the 5th – I don’t know how else to call them, they’re the last of the milk teeth to grow) so that’s why he ran a fever. Who knew.

          As for Sense8: don’t you remember that wintery scene in Iceland, where there’s a car crash and she has the baby in the car and *sob*.

          I tried watching No Tomorrow, it sounds like it might be fun + the “hero” of the story is freaking gorgeous. Seriously. He’s ridiculously handsome. Though the acting isn’t great. But yeah, I’m giving it a try.

          • Thanks, I do mostly just a few sniffles I can’t shift which is a nightmare. And that’s good although I’m sure A may have been as bad as the kids getting sick (or is it just the males in my family who act like they’re dying when they get the exact same cold I had but somehow I still manage?) but it’s good it was another tooth for kiddo but I didn’t know that could lead to a fever. You learn something new don’t you?

            And now you’ve reminded me of that Sense8 scene I remember it. I was a crying mess with that one too. I just blame it on being an easily weepy person.

            I was thinking of watching No Tomorow too I’ve not watched yet but I can get behind watching a show simply for an actors looks.

          • Haven’t you heard of the Man Cold? :) It’s totally a thing. (A. isn’t TOO bad with this, he’s just a bit sad-looking when he has a cold.)

            That scene in Sense8 destroyed me, I cried so much A. actually came by and asked what was wrong and I sobbed through the explanation. It was messy.

            No Tomorrow continues to be silly and gorgeous. We’ll see if it gets too absurd for me. :)

          • We call it man flu and most definitely. It’s like they’re dying isn’t it? I act a bit like that sometimes. It’s when I’m quiet about my illness that you know I feel bad.

            And I completely get it. I am always doing that with sad tv shows and films. When I watched My Sister’s Keeper I sobbed the entire way through and my brother came home and was really concerned. Try explaining to someone it’s just a sad film you’re watching and nothing awful has happened. He didn’t get it.

            And this is good. No Tomorrow will be watched soon and we’ll see how it goes.

  • Congratulations, Kaja! I’m so happy to hear kiddo #2 made it into the world :)
    (And the Great British Bake Off is the greatest. I’m trying to figure out how to watch more episodes. I already watched what was available on Netflix, and I know there are more seasons…)

    • Thanks, Jackie! :)

      Ha, another GBBO fan! I even managed to get my husband to watch it with me – he was reluctant at first but now he’s hooked.

  • Congrats on the baby and I’m happy to hear you are all doing so well :)

    • Thank you, Mel! :)

  • Oh my goodness, congratulations!! I am so, SO happy for you! And that is really crazy about both kids having the same birthday- AND due date! (Also, I converted the 55cm, it’s 21.65 inches which is… big hhaha, but you already knew that!) I am really glad that you are all doing well! It is an adjustment for sure, but I am glad that Kiddo seems to be handling it well. Anyway, SO happy for all of your lovely news- couldn’t really ask for a better month than that :D

    • Thank you, Shannon! :) Yeah, people keep asking us whether we PLANNED to have kids on the same day, like that’s something that can be planned with such precision. :) Yeah, he’s a big boy, he’s growing fast now, too, so I’m happy. Have a nice week!

  • I was just thinking to myself, “self, it’s been a while since you’ve heard any news about Kaja’s family and Baby” when I realized that I somehow missed this post! AHH! Congrats again on Baby’s arrival, and I will echo everyone else by saying how bizarre and cool it is that Baby and Kiddo share a birthday.

    It sounds like Kiddo is adjusting really well! Good for him. I’ve heard some real horror stories, haha. Based on what I see from the kids at the library, the dinosaur phase will never end…never.

    The Great British Bake-off is a show that I seriously need to watch! I love cooking shows and media from the UK, so that means I’ll love it…right?