Blogging Resolutions 2017

Wow, the beginning of 2017 has been crazy around here, we’ve all gone through a serious combination of illnesses (including pneumonia) but we’re okay now. This is why I’m only posting these today. Better late than never, eh?

My blogging resolutions for 2017

  • Complete my challenges.
  • Comment back more (and keep up to date on my own comments).
  • Not stress as much – this one is a must.
  • Read 3 classics, 3 French books, 3 Slovenian books, and 3 translations.
  • Keep my NetGalley ratio at 80% or higher – I did really well last year and I don’t want to do worse this year.
  • Stick to 3-to-1 rule for buying books and 2-to-1 rule for starting new series.
  • Review ARCs within the week of their publication date.
  • Review all old (read in 2016) books by the end of January (this is going to be hard, so let’s say February 15).
  • Finish at least 7 series.
  • Blog twice a week.
  • Read more diverse books.
  • Have 3 posts written as a buffer at all times – this is hard but takes off so much pressure!
  • Allow myself to DNF more – because life’s too short to read books I don’t like.

And that’s it! 

What are your resolutions for 2017? Do you even make them?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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  • Ah, I remember having my posts written ahead of time. What a different time. I never really worried about my NetGalley ratio. Fact is my whims change and a book that sounds great may later not. I hope it is completely unstressful though, that is a great goal. And book diversity is a great one I am doing my best to join as well.

    • Yeah, I used to have a buffer of posts, too, and I loved it – this is why I’m going to try doing that this year.

      And I’m really trying to request fewer ARCs on NG, I have so many backlist books to read! But yes, I’m a mood reader, too, so it’s usually hard for me to review books on time.

      Stressing about a hobby just seems pointless, reading and blogging is supposed to be fun! :)

  • You have some great goals here — challenging, but still doable, and hopefully not too high-pressure. Also, I’m so sorry that y’all have been sick but I’m glad you’re all doing better now. What a way to start a new year!

    • Yeah, I’m hoping getting sick at the beginning of the year means the rest of it will be much better. :)

      And I’m hoping these goals won’t be stressful, that would be counter productive.

  • I’m a big fan of DNFing books. Well, that’s not exactly the correct word choice, but you know what I mean. There are so many books out there, I do not want to force myself to read something I don’t like.

    • YES, that’s it exactly – I don’t have the time to read books I’m not enjoying. So hopefully I’ll let myself DNF more this year.

  • Maraia

    These are great! Especially the one about not stressing as much. Easier said than done, but I hope you achieve it.

    Reading more diverse books is one of my goals as well. I also want to keep building my Bookstagram account (making connections with people, not gaining followers) and to continue to blog with Sebastian. He signed us up for the discussion challenge, lol.

    • I saw your sign up post for the discussion challenge, I’m so excited about that! And I think you joining him on his blog is the cutest. Like moving in with him in a way. :D

      And yeah, stressing less is good on paper but I’ll have to work hard at it, I think.

      • Thanks! We published our first discussion post last Friday. Only 11 more topics to go… xD And lol, I’m glad you think so! It’s been fun.

        Good luck!

  • Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    heh, I have tried to review ARCs in a narrower time frame, but then there’s these dates with huge numbers of amazing releases that really, really make that hard.

    • I don’t request that many ARCs, so my failing to post reviews on time is mostly connected to laziness, that’s why I’m making this a goal. I hope I’ll do better this year!

  • Greg Hill

    Love that pic of the ocean. And sorry to hear about the pneumonia- yikes. Great resolutions- I allow myself to DNF as well, and having a buffer is so nice. It does take pressure off. I didn’t really do any resolutions but I did add a few challenges, which is new for me- we’ll see how that goes lol. Good luck with these!

    • Haha, it’s not “the ocean”, it’s our tiny Adriatic Sea. ;) (I know you probably meant “the sea” but I do wish I lived next to an ocean. I saw both the Atlantic and the Pacific and I loved the feeling of watching all that water stretching on…)

      Good luck with your challenges, Greg! :)

  • So many great goals for this year, Kaja! I like to blog a lot ahead of schedule and I got to say, it really takes the stress off of my shoulders when I can’t find the time to put something together. Yes, DNFing can be so freeing! I’m pretty good at feeling out books and will know if I’ll enjoy them within the first 20 pages, so I never feel like I’ve wasted a bunch of time on a book I’m not going to like. Hope you meet all of your goals!

    • I usually give a book about a 100 pages to prove itself but that often seems too much. Or maybe 15% if I’m reading it on Kindle. That should really be enough to hook me.

      Thank you, Alicia! Good luck with your own challenges.

  • I remember you saying you were sick before, I hope you’re feeling better along with the rest of the family.

    I like the sounds of these resolutions. You know how truly awful I’ve been with my spending ban so I hope your 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 plans go well. I don’t have these reservations about starting new series. I probably should but oh well. And I’ve only just gotten my Netgalley ratio back up to 80%. I’m normally so good and then I had an influx of ARCs on there and it all went to pot. It’s so nice seeing that shiny 80% when you go on there, though. I normally have about 2 or 4 posts in my drafts, it definitely helps to keep the pressure off. I hope you manage it but I know how these things go.

    I’ve recently fully embraced DNFing. I just do not have the time to waste reading books I’m not enjoying. Sometimes it means I abandon books I actually expected to like but it means I don’t get bogged down anyway. I’ve noticed when I drag myself through books I don’t like I tend to have a reading slump afterwards and considering I do actually want to reduce my unread book pile I probably shouldn’t keep letting that happen.

    Hopefully you do well with your goals. They sound pretty reasonable to me anyway.

    • Yeah, we’re good now – or maybe getting a cold again, but hopefully nothing serious. I mean, it’s winter. Somebody’s always sniffling this time of year.

      Woo, congrats on your NG ratio. That’s hard to achieve (I know – this was my goal last year and I struggled for a while there). Good job having posts written up in advance, it’s hard but so helpful.

      As much as I want to keep my resolutions, I just made myself finish Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) because it was the second of the series and an ARC, but man did I wish to quit. So why didn’t I? I don’t know. I’ll have to work on this resolution, even if it sounds simple.

      Thanks and good luck with your own goals! :)

      • Yeah, I normally spend the entirety of winter convinced I’m getting a cold just because I’ve got the sniffles so it’s probably nothing. Glad you’re all better anyway.

        I was so pleased. I spent ages confused at how people didn’t stay on top of their NG books and then at the end of 2016 it all went wrong for me. turns out when you request a lot of books you have a lot to review and I never like to post to NG until I’ve got something up on my blog so all those books which aren’t out for another 2 months are getting in the way.

        And don’t tell me that, I’ve got Traitor to the Throne to read and I want to like it. Now I’m wary! That might be good, though. low expectations are always good. But yeah, I definitely struggle most with DNF-ing ARCs, I always struggle on that bit longer just in case and then skim to the end if it doesn’t improve.

  • I’m glad you’re all okay! I’m hoping to cut back on stress too. Much praying, much sleeping and much delegating. :) Those all sound like good goals, but they’ll definitely require some effort and staying on top of things. Best of luck! I know you can do it!

    • Yeah, striving towards a life with less stress is a worthy goal, I think, especially in these times. Ugh.

      And thank you! :) Good luck with your own resolutions.

  • You’re so organized! And these are all great resolutions! 3 posts written as buffer is brilliant and really takes the stress down but I find it more challenging than it should be! I’d be interested in how you approach that? Sit down when you are inspired and just bang out several posts or work on them little by little and squirrel them away so you have a running group of posts you’re ahead on. Also. 7 series. Stress less. Good goals! Good luck!

    • Hahahahah ORGANIZED? I’m glad one of us thinks so. :)

      Well these are my goals but we’ll see how the reality matches them at the end of the year, right?

      When I’m trying to create some buffer posts, I take 2 hours or so and just write until I have 3 or 4 written and scheduled and then I can relax and add more at a slower pace. But that’s hard nowadays, I always seem to be running out of time.

      Thanks and good luck with your own goals! :)

  • Gorgeous photo but wow – so sorry that you all were sick :( I hope you’re all better by now. I actually suck the big one at DNF-ing books. I always worry that it might improve and even if it doesn’t my OCD tendencies make it that I WANT to finish what I start. Sigh. I need to work on that because it’s gotten me into reading slumps before….Best of luck with your resolutions! x

  • Looks like you’ve got a solid list of goals here, Kaja! Good luck with reading more classics – similarly, I’m going to try to read more CanLit since I feel really out of the loop in terms of the Canadian literature scene. Commenting back more and keeping on top of my own comments (why is this so difficult sometimes???) are two big ones for me this year too.

  • My biggest blogging resolution is to be better at commenting back, cause I struggle with that one. Good luck with all your goals!

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