My May

May was pretty good to me. Apart from constant sleep deprivation, we had some great weather and managed to go on some good trips.

In Kiddo news: He’s doing good. Sometimes, he’s jealous of his little brother and also annoyed because he keeps trying to steal his toys (I think this will be a recurring theme for years to come). He talks a lot, he’s mastered complex sentences and it’s really funny to hear him repeat back phrases that we use or read in books. He’s in a Peppa Pig phase, which is cool because that cartoon is awesome. Dinosaurs and tractors (and combine harvesters) are still a thing. He’s also potty trained, which is a relief. :D We planted some beans and cucumbers on our balcony and he’s very diligent with watering them with his yellow watering can.

In Baby news: We had his 9-month check up last week and he’s great. He’s really big for his age and it’s hard to carry him sometimes if he decides to squirm. He still doesn’t understand what we want from him, obviously, so it’s impossible to keep him away from Kiddo’s toys, for example. He’s also very different, personality-wise – he’s very determined and…brave? By which I mean reckless when he wants something and just goes after it, even if it’s out of his reach. Then he dangles from the tabletop or the sink by his tiny fingertips, waiting to be rescued by us. He also started saying mah-mah, which is adorable, of course! He can clap (clumsily) and if asked what sound cows make, he blows out his cheeks and makes a sort of bwuh sound that vaguely resembles “moo”. So that’s a win. ;)

In personal news: I’ve really been enjoying the weather. Being outside and taking day trips is so much easier in the summertime. And I’ve been taking photos of flowers everywhere, they’re gorgeous and early this year. I don’t bake as much bread anymore, though, because it just seems stupid heating the oven to 350°C every other day when it’s 30°C outside… I’ll start baking again in the autumn. I did bake a chocolate cake (with Kiddo’s help, of course) yesterday because my husband and I celebrated our 30th birthdays together (mine was in April and his is in 2 weeks but we invited everyone together).

We went to two medieval fairs these past two weeks – one at Ljubljana Castle, where we witnessed a sword fight demonstration (Kiddo watched, transfixed, and I had to explain to him that the gentlemen hacking at each other weren’t actually trying to hurt their opponents…), and the other at Bled Castle, where we saw a smithy and my husband tried his hand at flinging throwing axes at a battered wooden target (He hit it more than once! And the guy who gave the demonstration reminded me of Jean Tannen so much.).

I’m going to try and post a book haul/recently read post soon because I got so many books this month. I bought some for myself, I got some gift certificates for the bookstore for my birthday, I got a couple as gifts…and it’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Let’s just say that my reading slump still hasn’t gone away completely and I’ve been self-medicating with easy-to-read romance, which isn’t exactly healthy for my book budget. *sigh*

How are you doing? How was your May?

What was the best thing that happened to you last month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)


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  • Sounds like you had a lovely month! Apart from the sleep deprivation – that sucks! Hope you’ll be able to catch up on some sleep soon.
    Looking forward to the book haul! I’ve started work at a book store last week, and there’s a considerable staff discount, so that’s going to be dangerous :’) Easy-to-read romances are great for book slumps, I think. I’ve been making my way through The Mists of Avalon for weeks now, and I still have 400 pages to go… Can’t wait to read a Jill Mansell or something similar when I’m done!

  • I love when little kids make animal sounds. xD

    I’m so glad you’ve been taking advantage of the weather! Do you guys drive places or take the train? I hope your summer continues this way.

    I can’t wait to see your book haul!

    There were a couple of holidays in Germany in May, which led to some lovely long weekends with great weather. We also had a game night at S’s sisters new apartment with his cousins and their partners, which ended up being a lot of fun! I hope we do it again. But I’d have to say the highlight of the month was all the great cake I ate. There were multiple birthday parties, and Germans really know how to cake. xD

  • Greg Hill

    Glad things are going well! Beautiful pic. It’s finally gotten nice around here too, weather wise. Nice to finally have summer.

    Happy birthday by the way!!

    I love medieval faires and things of that sort. Sounds fun!

  • Warm weather and days out sound like a fab month. I wish I could have gotten out more, we did get a few sunny days but I mostly only ventured as far as my garden with a good book. I did get to the park the one day though and ate an ice cream walking around the pond.

    Glad to hear kiddo and baby are both doing well. It’s great kiddo can talk more and his own personality is coming out more even if jealousy is rearing it’s ugly head. How long until he’s in school? I think having something that is just for him will help when his jealousy happen. And baby sounds brilliant, although stress inducing with his brave reckless behaviour. At least he’s keeping you busy?

    Sorry to hear you’re still in a bit of a slump, nothing wrong with some good old romance binging (I am just trying to end a romance binge and try and catch up with some ARC reading as I have 3 books to review which are being published next week!). Yay for book gifts of all kinds, though. I cannot wait to see what new books you’ve gotten, I know there’ll be some good ones in there.

    Hope you have a good June and fingers crossed the weather stays good for you (I say this because we got about 2 weeks of sun here and then it started raining again, British weather is the worst).

  • May was such a great month for me too. I turned 31 and school for my girls is finally ove rand the weather is hot but nice and I just want to spend a lot of time outdoors. I hope June is just as great :)

  • Sleep deprivation is no good, but the day trips sound great and I’m glad to hear the kids are doing well. The reckless ones are a particular breed of fun, aren’t they? ;)

    May was the end of 2L year and the beginning of my summer internship and my work as publication editor for the law journal. So, lots of work and not much play, as usual. Though I did make it out to a baseball game and a barbecue.

    I hope you’re having lots of fun so far this month!