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My name is Kaja. I’m 29 and I’m a translator, a book geek, an amateur home cook, a feminist, and an enthusiastic traveller. I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with my husband, A., who is a computer programmer and reads loads of fantasy. We have two boys – a toddler and a baby.

kaja-ofdragonsandheartsThis blog started as a space for me to have an outlet for stray thoughts and ideas. The “dragons” in the title testify to my love of all things magical (fantasy novels will feature prominently here) and the “hearts” to my allegiance to romance. I blog about both – and about books in general, our trips, and sometimes about my love of nature.

I’m really tall (181 cm / almost 6′). I studied English and French language and literature and got married in 2013. My current dream job is to be a literary translator forever and/or a book editor, but I used to dream of being a reporter for National Geographic. I binge-watch TV series on a regular basis and cry when books and movies are sad/funny/touching/always. A list of random favourites:

  • colour – emerald green
  • food – my mom’s lasagna
  • city – Edinburgh
  • animal – giraffe (or chinchilla) (or nudibranch) (this is a tough one)
  • number – 7
  • vegetable – spinach
  • item of clothing – scarf
  • season – spring
  • flower – peony
  • drink – ginger beer
  • fruit – watermelon.

The art for this blog was created by my brother, and while the blog is powered by WordPress, all the custom coding was done by my husband.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment on the posts!




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