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Cookie (and Cake) Time!

lemon-thumbprint1I used to bake quite a lot but now I never seem to find the time. The holidays gave me a great opportunity, however, and I decided to try a new cookie recipe instead of sticking to the old favourites.

I made this recipe for lemony thumbprint cookies with apricot jam and they turned out great! The video accompanying the recipe is very clear and the recipe itself is pretty straightforward.

I only had lemons on hand, so I used them instead of a combination of lemon and lime. I think they’d be just as good if I used some orange zest, for example. There’s a moment when I was mixing the dry ingredients into the buttery mixture when the dough looked all dry and crumbly, but I persisted in mixing it and it all bound together in a silky clump of dough, perfect for rolling into balls (I did that without the ice-cream scoop, I just used my hands).

lemon-thumbprint2They’re really easy to make and they look cute (like a dozen fried eggs – sunny side up), but I think this recipe isn’t really perfect for packaging – the jam stays soft and mushy and it would get everywhere if you tried to stack them. They make for a pretty presentation if you plate them, though. They also taste like summer, which is a welcome taste in the middle of the winter!


cheesecakeI then baked a cheesecake for New Year’s Eve dinner – a trusty old Jamie Oliver recipe that never fails (I’m sure it will be a total flop the next time I try it, now that I’ve written this). It doesn’t require a water bath or any other dangerous, time-consuming methods that make your hair go gray prematurely. We ate it for two days afterward and it was still awesome. I usually make some sort of fruit sauce to go with it (blueberry-ginger-lemon was a favourite of mine).

 * * *

What’s your favourite dessert recipe? Did you bake anything special during the holidays?

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