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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, dear readers! I know I’m a little late for Christmas, but I hope your celebrations were full of great food and good company. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re still relaxing at home, enjoying a good book and a warm/alcoholic drink.

While 2016 will probably go down in history as a really crappy year, it was a good one for me and my family. We got our second son and he’s a great little guy. Kiddo is also healthy and smart, so we have a lot to be grateful for.

We celebrated with both sides of the family already, so I’m looking forward to having a quiet celebration of New Year with just the four of us at home. It’ll be our first year as a four-member family, and though the little ones will probably go to bed like it’s any other ordinary day, we’ll be watching the fireworks and eating a good dinner. We also have a tentative date with The Return of the King, since we’re in the middle of a LOTR re-watch.

Hugs for all and I wish you a calm last week of 2016. How will you be celebrating on New Year’s Eve?

Summer by the Sea


Today, I wanted to share a non-bookish glimpse into my life with you. If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these already – but they are all nicely collected here.

We spent a week in Fažana, which is a small coastal town in Istria, a Croatian peninsula not far from Slovenian border. We visited other places up and down Istrian coast in previous years and we decided to book a place in this auto camp because it had nice, new mobile homes (they’re like tiny apartment houses with a verandah out front). My husband and I are very fond of camping (in a tent) but since I’m seven months pregnant, I really had no desire to sleep on the floor and to have to walk to communal bathrooms twice a night with a headlamp.


The week began with some poor weather, so we took a trip to Pula, which is the largest town of the region (very pretty in its own right, we’ve often visited). But we needed a good entertainment option for Kiddo, so we picked the aquarium. I had no idea it was this large and well-appointed! It also has a sea turtle rescue center where they keep injured sea turtles (the big ones!) until they’re well enough to be released back into the sea.

Kiddo was very, very happy with this choice – especially since we’d just watched Finding Nemo yet again and we found a special tropical tank with Dory, Nemo, and several other fish from the movie. We also saw sharks, which were fascinating to him. For me, the best display was a lit-up tank of jellyfish, which I would be terrified of meeting out in the open sea, but they look so beautiful like this.


We had a very nice lunch at the Fažana marina, where we could watch boats coming and going and some gulls looking for fish. The weather was so hot it was actually a bit tiring for me – pregnancy and heatwaves don’t mix well. But I spent the afternoon in the shade, which was nice. My husband is the best, he takes really good care of me and our kid.


The last evening, I took some time to walk along the beach, listening to an audiobook while A. put Kiddo to bed (we alternate nights). It was still hot but not unbearably so and the sky was cloudless, so it was easy to take a series of slightly clichéd photos of the sunset. :)

Kiddo then stayed on for another week of the holidays with his grandparents (my mom and dad) while we returned home to get some free time. As I’m writing this, he’s still there and I miss him so much already but I’m also looking forward to sleeping in and having some time to really dig into my work.


Are you planning on visiting the beach this year? Does this mean the sea or a lake for you?

What are your favourite ways to relax during the summer?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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Tough Travels: Holidays!

tough travels

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all (both to Tough Travelers and other random visitors to this corner of the blogosphere)!! :)

I’m participating in this week’s Tough Travels meme again – hosted by Nathan of Fantasy Review Barn, this is one great way to explore Fantasyland and create lists, YAY! Don’t forget to go and check out what other participating bloggers have put on their lists – my tbr expands every week because of them! :)

This week, we’re exploring HOLIDAYS: because fantasy festivals and feasts are always fun! I just saw an article about holidays in fantasy fiction over at Fantasy Faction, where they expore holidays from a worldbuilding point of view! It’s really interesting. I decided not to include weddings (because they seem to have a bad reputation since George R. R. Martin). There are probably many New Year’s celebrations and random feasts, but I can’t for the life of me remember more than these:

  1. In Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of The Wind, there’s a week-long holiday in Tarbean called the Winter Pageant, the celebration of the new year. People get their demon masks on and are led through the city streets by the man who dresses up as the demon Encanis. They dance and drink and cause general mayhem, but Encanis is pursued by another man who dresses up as the god Tehlu. On the last day, Encanis gets caught and the new year begins. // Rothfuss also just tweeted that we cannot expect to see Doors of Stone in 2015, so there’s a bummer.
  2. christmas-hogwarts2Christmas in the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling. I know Christmas isn’t a true Fantasyland holiday but it’s intriguing nevertheless to see it celebrated in a world of magic. As far as I know, it’s Christmas of the non-religious sort for Harry and his friends, but I find it interesting that they don’t have a different kind of celebration only for the wizarding world.
  3. The Day of Changes in Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora. I’m totally cheating with this one because it’s listed in the artice. It’s also a day of dancing, celebration, and balls, and the bad guys in the story use that for their nefarious plans. I have to re-read this trilogy (maybe for my re-reads challenge, plus I would really like to review the books on the blog and I can’t do that with such a wonky memory of the plot).
  4. The Warlord’s Ball in Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. It’s a celebration where all the city of Loramendi gathers and dances in the streets (and the second time Madrigal and Akiva meet). The theme of the ball is “come as you aren’t”, meaning that chimaeras with beast aspect don human-faced masks while those of human aspect put on something animal related. Drunken revelry ensues.

* * *

What holidays made it to your list? Who throws the best party in Fantasyland?