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My May

May was pretty good to me. Apart from constant sleep deprivation, we had some great weather and managed to go on some good trips.

In Kiddo news: He’s doing good. Sometimes, he’s jealous of his little brother and also annoyed because he keeps trying to steal his toys (I think this will be a recurring theme for years to come). He talks a lot, he’s mastered complex sentences and it’s really funny to hear him repeat back phrases that we use or read in books. He’s in a Peppa Pig phase, which is cool because that cartoon is awesome. Dinosaurs and tractors (and combine harvesters) are still a thing. He’s also potty trained, which is a relief. :D We planted some beans and cucumbers on our balcony and he’s very diligent with watering them with his yellow watering can.

In Baby news: We had his 9-month check up last week and he’s great. He’s really big for his age and it’s hard to carry him sometimes if he decides to squirm. He still doesn’t understand what we want from him, obviously, so it’s impossible to keep him away from Kiddo’s toys, for example. He’s also very different, personality-wise – he’s very determined and…brave? By which I mean reckless when he wants something and just goes after it, even if it’s out of his reach. Then he dangles from the tabletop or the sink by his tiny fingertips, waiting to be rescued by us. He also started saying mah-mah, which is adorable, of course! He can clap (clumsily) and if asked what sound cows make, he blows out his cheeks and makes a sort of bwuh sound that vaguely resembles “moo”. So that’s a win. ;)

In personal news: I’ve really been enjoying the weather. Being outside and taking day trips is so much easier in the summertime. And I’ve been taking photos of flowers everywhere, they’re gorgeous and early this year. I don’t bake as much bread anymore, though, because it just seems stupid heating the oven to 350°C every other day when it’s 30°C outside… I’ll start baking again in the autumn. I did bake a chocolate cake (with Kiddo’s help, of course) yesterday because my husband and I celebrated our 30th birthdays together (mine was in April and his is in 2 weeks but we invited everyone together).

We went to two medieval fairs these past two weeks – one at Ljubljana Castle, where we witnessed a sword fight demonstration (Kiddo watched, transfixed, and I had to explain to him that the gentlemen hacking at each other weren’t actually trying to hurt their opponents…), and the other at Bled Castle, where we saw a smithy and my husband tried his hand at flinging throwing axes at a battered wooden target (He hit it more than once! And the guy who gave the demonstration reminded me of Jean Tannen so much.).

I’m going to try and post a book haul/recently read post soon because I got so many books this month. I bought some for myself, I got some gift certificates for the bookstore for my birthday, I got a couple as gifts…and it’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Let’s just say that my reading slump still hasn’t gone away completely and I’ve been self-medicating with easy-to-read romance, which isn’t exactly healthy for my book budget. *sigh*

How are you doing? How was your May?

What was the best thing that happened to you last month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)


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My August


I’m writing this post in advance since I’m trying to lessen my blogging load for the end of August and September. I sincerely hope that Baby has already arrived (I’ll probably be offline but I’ll try to let you know somehow) because by the time you’ll be reading this, a week will have passed since my due date.

*update added on August 31, in the evening* Baby hasn’t arrived yet. *sigh* It seems more and more likely that my kids will share a birthday. I can tell you – I’ve been over due twice now and it’s not fun. Gah.

Today (September 1st) is my first son’s birthday; he turns two today and I’m so incredibly grateful for this experience. He’s a good kid and we’re so, so lucky to have him. We bought him a toy drum for his birthday present, which, now that I think of it, is probably the worst idea ever since we’re about to have a newborn in the house, but he loves instruments and has been talking about drums ever since he got a chance to play one at a festival.

August was a very good month in general. Yes, I spent most of it complaining of various aches and uncomfortable moments that come with the last weeks of pregnancy but my husband had two weeks off and we managed to get in an incredible amount of quality family time, which is exactly what we needed. We didn’t go anywhere far (I really wanted to give birth in Ljubljana) but we went on day trips every day, we spent as much time in nature as possible, and took care that Kiddo was entertained and properly tired each day.

Honestly, it’s been hard thinking of anything but the Baby. I like to think I’m not one of the people who talk about their kids all the time (I really try to make an effort, especially around childless friends, because I am more than a mother) but it’s hard when there’s a little future human constantly poking me from my belly, demanding attention. Plus there are all the preparations to think of, the aches, the anticipation… Well.

I didn’t read a lot, probably due to the fact that I kept starting new books. The best one was No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron, probably my most-anticipated summer release, and also Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine – I never know what I’ll get when I start a new series but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I also got Karen Hawkins’ Mad for the Plaid to read as an ARC, which was most welcome because I’d been meaning to buy it anyway. I was seriously, horrendously disappointed by Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Torn, which prompted me to write a post about reading bad books.

We went to see both Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond (yes, two movie date nights in one month, woop!). I liked both of them but didn’t love them. Ghostbusters is awesome and campy but also ridiculous at times. I loved the fact that there were no unnecessary sexy scenes, the receptionist’s role was just such a caricature that I loved it, and I will never be fed up with watching badass ladies kick ass. I was really glad we’d re-watched the original movie from the 80s before going to see this new one, though, because I would have missed every reference – I think I was about 10 the last time I’d seen it.

As for Star Trek, I really liked the first movie, thought the second was pretty good, but this one was… well, a sequel. I liked the fact that there wasn’t too much romance (Le gasp! I know, I always say I want more romance but it would have made me roll my eyes here.). My friends complained about the shaky camera but I wasn’t too affected by it. I liked the Beasty Boys scene but also thought it was perhaps too simple? The entire plot was a bit simple, in fact, that’s what bothered me the most. Also, don’t watch this one if you haven’t watched the previous two because there’s just so much history between the characters. I’m not sorry we went to see it but it wasn’t revolutionary.


What I Wrote + Link Love:

This month’s post is a bit shorter than usual. Some links may be missing. And if I’m suddenly not responding to anything, I probably have a pink, screaming, adorable excuse.


How was your August? Did you do anything unexpected?

What was the best book you read this month?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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My July


Well, people, we’re halfway through summer already. And I say THANK THE SKIES FOR THAT because I’m freaking melting over here! As I’m writing this, it’s actually cloudy outside and it rained during the night, so it’s not unbearable but these past weeks have been hard on me because 30+ degree heat isn’t all that nice to very pregnant ladies. And I am definitely a very pregnant lady (seriously, my belly is so much bigger this time around, wow).

In personal news: As I said, preggo. I’ve been working a lot, translating what needs to be translated and writing what needs to be written but we managed to get some day trips in on the weekends. We’re taking some time off in August before Baby arrives (I do hope he’ll arrive on time, more or less – but it’s impossible to plan anything from this point onward, really. I have less than a month to go!) and I’m excited for some family time. We won’t be going abroad or anything – I really want to be within driving distance of Ljubljana’s hospital, because it’s very good.

In Kiddo news: he’s amazing. Well, I know all parents say that about their kids but what can I do. He’s finally started using first person when he talks! :D It’s funny to see how he thinks and what kinds of associations he has. Elephants are the new obsession and so are rockets. He has tantrums from time to time but we’ve been told it’s normal, so we’re coping as well as can be expected. Nothing too horrible, though. He still doesn’t really understand what is going on with the Baby – he pets my belly and talks about the baby but then gets kind of distracted when we try to explain how things will change in a month. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m sure there will be some problems but he’s a good kid so I don’t expect a lot of trauma.


In reading news: July was a really good reading month for me. I’ve managed to read some books from my Summer TBR list and I read some others besides. The best read of the month was definitely Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier, which I’ll be reviewing soon, closely followed by The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addisson, which I have already reviewed here, in case you’ve missed it. Other than that, Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty was a pleasant surprise (it was a Kindle deal and I can’t resist a Sherlock retelling), but Worked Up, the new Tessa Bailey book I got to read as an ARC, was a complete disaster. So yeah, a mixed bag! But if I get two great books a month, I count that as an overall success! :)


What I wrote about:

I was very good with planning blog content ahead at the beginning of this month and even had five posts written up ahead – that came and went, of course, and now I’m down to one. I’ll try to write some posts ahead for when Baby comes but if I disappear suddenly, please don’t take it personally. There will be a crying, pooping tiny human present in my life and it’ll take a while for us to get used to each other. :)


Link Love:

  • A bit of motivation for when you’re having one of those days when you don’t feel good enough.
  • Cool vintage pics of beaches and summer.
  • This story about a grandma who wrote polite Google searches because she thought there was an actual person at Goggle HQ who was answering them <3
  • And oh MY has it really only been 10 years since these fashion faux pas? When I look at my parents’ old photos and see what they wore, I always cringe. I’m sure my kids will be cringing about my fashion choices when they’re older, too.


I hope you’re enjoying summer, regardless of where you are! How has July been treating you?

Did you read anything interesting? 

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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My June


Hello! The summer has well and truly begun. If you’re students, you’ve probably finished your exams, and if you’re not, I hope your workload is lighter than it was. Everything seems to somehow slow down in the summer when we’re too lazy to cope with the heat. My June was a good month, we had a vacation at the sea, did some day trips (like the one to Bled, featured above), and generally enjoyed the warmer weather that the second half of the month brought along.

In personal news: I am working hard on the translation of The Lies of Locke Lamora, trying very hard to get it done before Baby arrives in late August (if he’s on time). My motivation to work varies, the factor that affects it the most is definitely the amount of sleep I manage to get in during the night. I feel really, really pregnant already, even though I have two months to go, so thinking about how the last month will look like is worrying me a bit. I mean, I still do some prenatal yoga and such, keeping myself in fairly good shape, but I’m definitely feeling pregnant. Baby is also kicking a lot, sometimes painfully (the ribs and the outer wall of my belly are favourite kicking points, it seems). But it’s great to feel him moving around so much, I hope he’ll be a strong one like his brother (who weighed nearly 4 kg when he was born, ha).

In Kiddo news: He’s the best. Some hissy fits aside (a notable one was when we took him out of the water when we were on vacation and he screamed while A. carried him to our house through the campsite – it was too cold for him to stay in the sea, not that he gave a damn about it), he’s a really nice kid. He’s starting to learn some of the songs and nursery rhymes and children’s poetry we’ve been reading/singing to him, which is really cool. He starts mumbling a snatch of a song in this really off-key, deep voice and then expects us to continue with the rest of the song. He’s also grown a bit, I think, he’s really a little boy now, no longer a baby. *sob* I’m looking forward to spending more time with him during the summer.

In reading news: I had a fairly mediocre reading month. I read (and reviewed) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which was possibly the best read of the month. I finally managed to finish my re-read of Red Seas under Red Skies by Scott Lynch for our Bastard Read-Along (our reviews are going live on July 12 if you want to join us!), so I’m looking forward to re-reading The Republic of Thieves soon. I read The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick RothfussI wasn’t a huge fan of this one.

I also read the sampler of Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor I got from a friend who attended Bea. It’s very intriguing, to say the least, I will most definitely be reading the entire thing when it’s published in September. Oh, and I re-read the entire Animal Magnetism series by Jill Shalvis, apparently I needed a good romance binge. If you’re looking for fluffy summer reads, look no further! I also read her Sweet Little Lies, the beginning of the new series, and liked it a lot. I’ll be reviewing it soon.


What I wrote about

I posted less frequently in June and I think this half-assed hiatus was a good thing because I now have a renewed passion for blogging (this is currently the third post I’m writing today, yay!). I’m trying to create a bit of a buffer for the following month (or two?) so you’ll probably be seeing two posts a week or so. Hopefully. :)


Link love

  • Some good recommendations for Beauty & the Beast fans – I might have to look into some of these for my Retelling Challenge (ignore the popups, sorry)!
  • Look, I know some of these are horrible but they also make me laugh when I’m sleep deprived. I love my kid but I *hate* the idealistic approach to parenting – where we should all pretend that we’re fine all the time. Sometimes we’re not fine. And that’s okay. If we can laugh about it, all the better.
  • Also, this. Sometimes, there’s just no reasoning with them. :)
  • Mel listed some of her favourites animated movies – lots of good, old stuff here!


Aaand that’s all from me! How was your June?

Was your reading any more exciting than mine?

Wishing you a hot, carefree July! :)

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My May


Hi, lovely people! It’s the end of May and I’m pretty close to freaking out because the baby will arrive in less than three months and I am nowhere near ready. Okay, now we got that out of the way, how are you? :)

May was a month of sunny walks mixed with trying to come up with rainy-day activities for toddlers. It was also a month for work, which was quite successful. I just handed in my translation of Naomi Novik’s Uprooted to my editor, which is awesome. Now I just have to translate one more massive book and finish writing my PhD dissertation. *rolls around in despair*. But seriously, why do I do this to myself? I added a page for tracking my PhD progress – I need to keep myself accountable.

In Kiddo news: He is currently ill – I’m pretty sure he has hand-foot-mouth disease (harmless but annoying) so he’s home with his grandma. He’s okay but no kindergarten this week, I think. He talks a lot and it’s funny to listen to him. Toddlers have no filter, see, so he says pretty much everything that comes to his mind. Imagine saying all of your thoughts out loud, even the incomplete ones like “I have to wash the dishes – that pigeon looks like – the water is boiling, I have to – this reminds me of that book I read” and so on.

He also scared the crap out of me this morning when he climbed out of his bed and came out of his room on his own (he can open doors now) and basically jumped on my head (he tried to give me a hug, which is super cute, just not at 4.47 am). I was dreaming about something and it took me a moment to calm down. So yeah, I’m having an early morning…

In future Baby news: I just had an exam and he seems to be doing fine! I’m also healthy and eating well so he’s probably happy in there. He kicks a lot, like even Kiddo was very active but this one is all over the place. I wonder what he’ll do once he runs out of turning space. Probably kick my ribs. Other than that, I’m feeling good, especially when I get enough sleep, but I also feel super pregnant already, even though I have almost three months to go.

In personal news: A. and I spent a long weekend visiting Bologna and Ravenna. We had some good food, visited some historical sites and slept for 9 hours straight each night. It was a well-deserved, much-needed vacation, and Kiddo had a blast staying with my parents. Now I’m looking forward to our annual trip to the Croatian seaside at the end of June!

Also, the fact that my life is crazy right now might contribute to me being slower to write posts and to answer comments. If it takes me a while, please be patient. I appreciate and cherish every single conversation I have on this site, you all are amazing. *hug*white-flowersIn book news: My favourite read of the month was This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, which I was fortunate enough to read after getting a finished copy from Titan books!! It was one of my most-anticipated 2016 releases. I will review it soon. I also read A Court of Mist and Fury, which was a major let-down, so there has been some balance in my reading life.

I reread The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle, which I raved about here – it remains one of the best books I read in the last 12 months. And if I haven’t mentioned The Martian, it was a seriously good read. Not bad, all things considered.

I didn’t buy a lot of books, which is great since I’m still trying to hold myself to the 3-to-1 rule. I’m currently reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things, which is… weird. I’m not sure if I like it yet.


What I wrote about this month:


Link Love:


How are YOU? What was the best book you read this month?

Are you planning your summer vacation already?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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My April


Hi people! Well, April has come to an end and for once I can say I really enjoyed the month and actually managed to get quite a bit done so I’m not shrieking “where did the time go” as I usually am when I begin writing these recap posts.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in my life since my last recap.

April was a perfect spring month. If you’re following me on Instagram, you will have seen that everything is blooming here and we’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather and doing lots of short weekend trips. It’s been rainy and cold for the last week and now we also have snow, which is horrible. I hope all the trees and flowers will be okay.

My birthday was on the 24th, so go check out that post if you haven’t already – I’m doing a giveaway! I also made a Powerpuff Kaja, so that’s cool. :) Note: this is probably the first ever gif used on this blog.


In Kiddo news: he got chicken pox! It wasn’t too bad, he hasn’t scratched any of them off so he’ll have no scars or anything. His soft fair skin will soon be back to normal. He’s talking a lot, like full sentences, but I guess most people still have trouble understanding him because he’s abbreviating words or pronouncing them in his own way (as toddlers do). He knows colors now and loves animals, big machines (think excavators and bulldozers) and Legos (well, Duplos).

In future baby news: it’s a boy! :) Yep, we found out this month when I had the big ultrasound checkup. So far, everything seems to be going fine (as far as the doctor could tell, they’re sure to tell you the exam isn’t 100% conclusive). I can feel him kicking every day and it seems like he’s a pretty active little guy. A funny thing I don’t remember from the first pregnancy: he gets low into my side and kicks there and it tickles! From the inside. So weird. I’m really ticklish so this shouldn’t surprise me but who would have thought, right?

In reading news: just finished The Martian, which was my first Sci-Fi novel in a while and I really enjoyed it! It’s the best book I read this month. I’ll be reviewing it soon, so come check back if you want to discuss it with me. No spoilers for others, though! :) Other than that, I liked Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie, it’s a very nice contemporary romance, I re-read Coraline and reviewed it, and I read Maresi, which is a very interesting Finnish feminist fantasy (I read the English translation and I’ll be reviewing it soon). I read a couple of other books but nothing that really stuck with me.

In book buying news: I’m trying so hard to keep my book spending to a minimum! Not because I’m broke but because I own so many unread books. I’m doing… okay, I guess? I got Rogue by Julie Kagawa, which was a Kindle deal and is the second part of the series that I want to finish, then I bought 3 contemporary romances, which were all pretty cheap, but still count. *sigh* I also just pre-ordered A Court of Mist and Fury but that will count as a May expense. :) Let’s say I have some reading to do before I get to order more books, which is a pity because I want to buy SO MANY! I only got one ARC this month (I limited my requests severely): it’s And I Darken by Kiersten White. I read her Illusions of Fate a while ago and I really liked it, so I’m curious about this one.


What I wrote about:

I’m planning on doing a challenge & resolution recap soon but I’m honestly afraid of it because I’m pretty sure I’m failing badly with both. Ugh.


Link love:

Well, this looks like a slow link share month. Have you found anything interesting lately?


How was your April? 

What was the best book you read? Did you buy anything interesting?

I’d love to hear from you! :)

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